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    Expired Account?

    Trakkr, I received the same "Account Expired" login message a few months ago, and for me it was a result of needing to pay my annual fee of 15,000 IQD. I sent the authorization letter, and a copy of my passport to deduct the fee (at about 10:00 am Iraq time, on a business day) and a few days later it was processed. I did have to send a follow up to receive my new temporary password, and received it in a day or two from Mr. Issa. In all it took about 6-7 days and two emails to resolve the issue. I sent the following email with the authorization letter, and passport copy too these email addresses.,, SUBJECT: Account Expired? Dear Sirs, My E-banking Subscription has expired, but now I wish to be able to view my accounts again; and especially considering that Warka Bank’s latest security measures to access accounts have been so greatly upgraded. I apologize for any inconvenience on your part, but I would greatly appreciate your help in being able to temporarily re-use my expired password so that I might log on again and change to a new password. I now understand that I will then need to renew or change my password at least every three months in order to keep my accounts current and to be in compliance with Warka Bank’s latest account security features. Attached to this transmission, please find my signed Application to Renew my Subscription to Warka Bank’s E-banking Services and also a True Copy of my color ID with which your compliance department can verify my identity. Thank you very much for your help and for your kind attention to my accounts. My Very Best Regards, USD Savings Account # ----/-------/---/----/000 IQD Savings Account # ----/-------/---/----/000 I'm not sure you are in the same situation, but this was my situation when my account was "expired"
  13. Love the rate, but this is ridiculous! Thanks for the entertainment Luigi!

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