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  1. Tell me how we get a card? Its impossible just to get a password reset Well aware of that... since the topic is post RV, I’m hoping they will get everything sorted out then. In the past the transfer withdrawal limit was 10k a day, and after 10 + years or so of interest it would still take many in the DV community years to withdraw their $ if the 10k limit is still in place post RV. ( with a 1-1 RV or higher). I am counting on other options to withdraw or transfer to be available in the future, but If not the credit/ debit card will likely be a good option. I know all Warka investors are fed up and many have lost hope. I haven’t been able to get my password info for 8 months! This was a risky speculation from the start, and whats done is done. I’m still optimistic...Now we just have to wait and see how this plays out in the future. You never know what can happen when Iraq finally turns it self around!
  2. I hope I can get a card will have a large limit, so I can use it at the Lamborghini dealer!
  3. Thanks Adam! Agree with dumping the rubies. As far as Uncle Joe’s VP goes, I believe it will be Stacy Abrams. I just hope the President can get Americans out of the house and back to work quickly. If the economy is bad for the remainder of the year he will really need to work some magic to get re- elected. Maybe an RV?
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