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  1. Thanks Adam, Go HCL! Ready for the Avalanche!
  2. I hope you are right! Let's Go!
  3. I'm going to email him tomorrow morning, I'll update with any response I get
  4. Sounds good to me... Might as well go BIG and make it 3:1
  5. I think it will be 1:1, but it sure would be nice if it was on par with the Kuwaiti Dinar at $3.28
  6. Bro’s & Sisters, I agree with msdee.... It’s Aug 12, what has been reported to be a potential big news day in this thread. I open up the forum hoping for some good news and I see bickering about what Trump did or didn’t do. C’mon man! Take that to the Opinion section. This is the GO IRAQ! Section... let’s keep it that way and keep the positive news flowing! go RV!
  7. Not sure why you got a ruby for your post, Luigi is just the messenger and brings may of the posts to the rumor section. Like them or not, without his posts content would be very limited here. Have you a greenie to even you out
  8. This individual could use some increased purchasing power!
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