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  1. Not yet, sent my email 4 different times. This is the longest it’s ever taken to get a response. Still trying, and will update when (if) I get a response.
  2. common sense....The least common of all the senses!
  3. "The banker got a call at 8:00 am"... Those aren't bankers hours 😜
  4. Nice one DT! “no change” 😂
  5. Strong stuff indeed. When Guru Judy predicts the RV everyday, she will be right one of these days....The funny thing is once it happens, nobody is going to care one bit who called It, or even talk about it. When it hits, all this chat will end except for the “could’ve, would’ve, should’ve “ crowd, and of course the “elated beyond words” crown in the VIP section!
  6. My guess is that he meant XE, as in the currency site where you can check rates between different currencies.
  7. Thanks Adam, Go HCL! Ready for the Avalanche!
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