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  1. Dunno if this is for real but it's the first time I thought we might be close?
  2. Warren Buffet stands to gain via the fed reserve along w all his buddies off shore that have interest in the fed. What we need to do is end the fed!! Follow where the money trail and audit the system. Find out who is holding the puppets up in washington, it's a shadow government. I'm tired of the lies. Who owns the fed?? Why the secrecy? Cuz, then they would have to show you the books. Warren Buffet, has his money off shore I'm sure making money that isn't taxed here. I bet he made billions if not trillions, with the movement of our jobs that Obama, allowed to be sent to China, thanks
  3. I think 4.20 would be an appropriate price for all the smoke signals lately!
  4. Give possum a break he has been hit by how many okie rv eezzzzzz, but he ain't road kill yet run possum run!
  5. Found this online, input? Is this true?? Saturday, November 12, 2011 <a href="" style="color: rgb(204, 0, 0); ">Dinar --- what its really all about! To Create and Transfer Wealth It is very important to understand how something could be made from nothing. I heard a famous money advisor on the radio this week saying the dinar was a scam, based on the uncertainty of the Iraqi government and the current value of the dinar. Unde
  6. Lol im in Alaska on vacation and it was a fishing charter brief conversation lol these comments are retarded just wanted to share guess was not worthy posting but lol
  7. Lol I don't kiss and tell. Btw, it was the best intel I've gotten period! Lol Reason maybe my questions?
  8. Met this guy who said he was a politician he wouldn't give me his real name last night. He looked familiar to me. I asked him about dinar he wouldn't comment period but I asked about the dong and he smiled and said good move when I told him I had purchased some. I also asked if he had any dinar he again didn't say a word but he had a smirky smile? Just sharing my experience, w this conversation. Gorv!
  9. Alert possum has been seen eating roadkill hit by BIG RV! At least it's a short comic relief!
  10. Possum eats roadkill hit by rv zzzzzzzzzz
  11. I don't care what race the Presdient is. He has spent us onto the brink of Bankruptcy, and the unemployment rate isn't reducing in some areas of the country? Creating jobs should be the focus but he is raising money campaigning, use that money time and energy to help us restart America working again! Obama, has started campaigning and raising money earlier than any other President in history and we are in a crisis! I know soo many people looking for work! If we can't afford programs for these people out of our debt/crisis then that's a real breadline situation! I hope they can meet budget
  12. Obama, has spent more than Bush in 2 terms and did it in less than a year!
  13. Hi GP, I'm far from a Buckeye, that is if you are referring to dddvip. I would never condescend. You are taking my post way too seriously! I was sharing similarities that I had with George. I found it amazing the rate not my dates! I posted on my page my journal with which my predictions were wrong as are sooo many I've read on here. I shared only that god speaks to me through my tarot and didn't push that others should believe this or not. It's soo many peeps look at this as evil and I only shared the God, issue because I truly believe God is talking to me, never meant to sound; con·
  14. I knew I would get bashed but I try my best to connect with God thru my cards. I'm the one that has trouble reading the messages the cards give me. I feel my cards don't lie it's my novice at this that Henders me. I'm getting better at reading and here are my cards, Question: will dinar revalue: 9 wands 9 cups the world Question: when will dinar revalue: wheel of fortune 10th major btw 5 of wands page of cups I did ask more questions and I've more journals, messages, faith, patience and some are personal to me but some cards above repeated themselves with George as the knight swords.
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