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  1. Agreed. Thinking the same thing. This is a completely different number than a 6 months ago.
  2. Yes it is. Your average rep lasts about 8-9 months. I have worked smart and not hard and that is why I have lasted so long.
  3. Yes very interesting. I have been in the credit card processing industry for 10+ years and it makes you think a little.
  4. There is no possible way anyone thought that this was going to be a peaceful protest. Iraqi’s are mad and scared as they should be. I feel for all of them.
  5. Here’s how it went.. “Ok Mr Trump. You give us 5 Billion USD and we will give you 5 Billion IQD. We are going to revalue our currency SOON to a little over $1.00. Your country will make a massive amount of money in this transaction and we are all happy. Ok? Thanks!” 😂
  6. Jaygo

    Go Iraq Part 8

    You said let’s see what next week brings last week. And I believe the week for that! 😂
  7. Where did you read that? You have an article to post? I find that highly unlikely. Hope you are right.
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