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  1. If you were a real estate investor and you found a good property at a good price and wanted to buy it. You have a million dollars in your account. The house cost $150,000. Would you write a check or would you borrow the money? MYSELF, I am going to borrow the money. Rent the house out. Charge enough for rent that covers your loan payment with 25% in your pocket monthly. I still have $150,000 in my account and I am making money monthly. This is what Iraq is doing but with other resources instead of real estate.
  2. That’s the great thing about Dinarvets. I can respond to any post however I want as long as I am abiding by the rules of the site. I don’t HAVE to give you or anyone else an explanation of why or what I have posted. Not all of us have the same views. If I don’t like your view I will make a comment. If you don’t like my view you will comment. I am not going to get into a big long conversation with anyone on this site about what I believe. It’s not worth my time getting into a big back and fourth on who is right and who is wrong. You could write a book on why Trump should be in office. I could w
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