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  1. Jaygo

    Go Iraq Part 6

    I also feel that is really the only option. Just wait.
  2. Curious to know what Adam thinks about all this garbage.
  3. Please go away. Your negative comments are bringing down my rumor section high!!! 😂
  4. Jaygo

    Go Iraq Part 5

    Not many around here even hold Rial. I could give 2 _____ s what they do!
  5. Jaygo

    Go Iraq Part 5

    You can’t buy it because you can’t find it!!!
  6. Oh hell Im always down with a gamble. I dropped some money on IQD 12+ years ago when everyone told me not to. May as well get a little nibble of the Rial also!! 😬 I don’t even know where to go to buy it!! Several sites don’t even sell it.
  7. You are in the rumors section so anything goes. You are also very new so I believe it would be a good idea not to bash one the loved senior members or there is a good chance you will get banned. Nice having! Come back soon!! 😭
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