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  1. Jaygo

    XE chart today

    I was thinking the same, but haven’t we seen this before and the next day or within hours it went back to the original rate?
  2. Last year a bought a house to flip for $67,000. I could have taken it out of one of my accounts, but instead borrowed from a private investor. If I don’t have to use my own money I am not going to. Most all investors would do the same thing. Iraq is no different. Why use their own reserves if they know someone will loan it to them? I call it smart investing.
  3. In country will be different than what what we will cash out for.
  4. Debbie downer!!! Boooooooooo!!! 😭😬
  5. Nobody wants to play ball with you anymore Maliki.... bye bye!!! 👋
  6. Jaygo

    CBI News 09/04/2018

    Stop the auctions. Problem solved!
  7. Ummmm.. English please?

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