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  1. Haven’t seen a post from Yota in a while. Come back Yota I need my news!!! 😭
  2. CBD is legal across the US. I use Nature’s Plus. You can get it at most Green Acres markets.
  3. I also take Aminos along with a fist full of supplements daily. Many don’t know this but many diseases are composed of what you are putting in your body. Much of what we put in causes inflammation. Stop the inflammation stop the disease.
  4. I was diagnosed with MS IN 1999. I have tried every drug the neurologist wanted to put me on. None of them are effective. After doing much research in MS I found out diet and exercise were the way to go. I have started taking CBD about 2 years ago and haven’t had a flare up since. CBD works.
  5. I’m calling RV this month. They need it and have to have it. Watch the numbers and what they are doing. It is happening now right in front of us.
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