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  1. I forgot how to operate the TV with out the remote. We just sit there and stare at the TV.
  2. I think this helps explain the taxes.
  3. Dr Steve Pieczenik is an author, psychiatrist and ex-Department of State official.
  4. "You are correct, but the most important part of the member's post is the fact that they didn't get the email. Looking at their profile, I can tell that they are still using an email address here that we have NEVER been able to fix... COX. They are notorious for blocking all kinds of emails, regardless of how many times their customers call to tell them to stop!" I will change my Email address to a Yahoo account. Thanks
  5. I did not receive an email and I'm in the VIP
  6. I'm going to take my stimulus check and fatten my lady up and pay for singing lessons!
  7. I'm holding mine until the fat lady sings! Its been 13 + years, so what's a little more time.
  8. I bought from Xchange of America on several occasions and was pleased with their service. I did see today they had used for sale
  9. 11-4-2019 Intel Guru Delta [via Guru Frank26] ...this was posted on the Warka Bank website. "THE PAR VALUE IS 1.00 IQD" and it was printed in the Saudi Arabian newspaper. It's Warka saying the par value of one Iraqi Dinar is [equal to] ?X?X ...we have a Saudi Arabian newspaper that caught on and said look this is Warka and they're showing the Iraqi Dinar at 1 dinar. To What? The answer is to the American Dollar IMO... COULD THEY BE TALKING THE PRICE OF WARKA BANK STOCK
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