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  1. I trust you are kidding .......... otherwise yours is a pretty weird comment to a somewhat exasperated overview of a lingering litany of setbacks
  2. I hope nobody is holding their breath for any real increase in the dinar anytime in the foreseeable future. This has been a skipping record for a long time and looks to continue for a while. You can speculate how this will affect Iraq - but you will be wrong as they have a knack for pulling off the ridiculous and shooting themselves in the foot at every possible opportunity. I think Amir is a pretty savvy person and this video worth viewing SPECIAL MIDDLE EAST UPDATE - CHAOS IN IRAQ AND LIBYA 130,526 views Streamed live 21 hours ago Behold Israel with Amir Tsarfati SPECIAL MIDDLE EAST UPDATE - CHAOS IN IRAQ AND LIBYA
  3. In the 3rd paragraph - the comment re newly printed currency is of interest/ concern. I have thought/ worried for many years that Iraq might do so in order to invalidate all that Maliki, Iran and others have stolen, cut out all of the foreign investors such as ourselves to reduce the currency out there that they would have to honor. I do hope this isn't a possibility for any number of reasons. Would certainly suck for us all.
  4. So thoughtful and caring of Joe to do this for us. I do however wonder who he needs to thank for setting the reserves aside in the first place - thus providing a way for him to partially un__ck this small portion of what he has done to the country. And when he magnanimously does release the reserves, he will take credit for helping solve a national emergency. The fact he created the emergency won't matter to his lockstep followers.
  5. The dinar saga could very possibly fade away w/o an rv. This is something Adam and others have pointed out over the years. That said - although frustrated with the Iraq CBI and govt, those of us sticking it out believe in the likelihood that they will rv at some point for a number of reasons - unrest within the population, ability to do business internationally, cumbersome nature of handling a devalued currency that requires a wheel barrel full of it to go to the store etc... Each passing day will bring the rv closer. This year is actually looking promising - or likely in my opinion. The stars seem to be aligning well enough. I certainly feel your frustration - we all do. The preparations Adam and crew have made over the years are designed for us to have a thoughtful strategic path forward once the rv occurs. Until then we are all in a holding pattern waiting for something we see as inevitable to occur to finally happen. I pondered selling some dinar - then investing in crypto or lithium - make some money and then reinvest in dinar. If you are fed up with the whole expectation that an rv is coming - perhaps sell off a portion of your holdings - but do keep enough to make it worthwhile having been invested for this long. -
  6. Why they allowed Qaaani in the country baffles me. Granted there is an iranian following in Iraq - but Al-Sadr should be strong enough at this point to ensure at least the high-profile bad guys are kept out. Obviously, there are lower ranking subversives crossing into Iraq daily.
  7. Iraq doesn't need visits from this group - or any others from Iran. They need to get the western and eastern countries in asap. May help make them less susceptible to Iraqi influences. These countries would of course bring along their intel groups (something all countries do) which would make it easier to ferret out the bad guys - once you figure out where the bar is for bad guys in the ME.
  8. Although the US has never had a monopoly on - stupidly wicked people - ours are definitely more accomplished at it
  9. I'm surprised the citizens are putting up with the crooks and delays. Soon, I expect, there will be some serious rioting and with any luck a few of the crooks in govt hauled out into the street to get their posteriors kicked.
  10. My login info hasn't changed - all working. Send Julie a message if you run into anything you can't solve
  11. Been there - very interesting site. At Abrahams house site, only the walls have been rebuilt. Not sure as to their accuracy - doubt the plans are still around. The Brits were there back in the 20-30's , I believe, for archeology digs. You can look down into shafts they dug and see old fireplaces and pottery. We all thought UR looked a lot like Mayan structures. It's pretty complete except for the structure on top supposedly holding the golden harp. Used to be a very lush area until the Euphrates river changed course. The population moved with the river - had to.
  12. Did look it up - 1 Jan looks to be correct. I stand corrected. So - are we waiting for the budget to be completed whenever - or is there a supposed optimum deadline of some sort for the RV to occur?
  13. Don't see how he figures the 160k amount. There sure is a lot of yacking and foot shuffling this close to the supposed 1 Apr fiscal year start. If the RV show isn't on the road by the 1st - I bet the citizens finally do some serious protesting. Al-Kazemi should publish the budget and fiscal votes by the parliament members as well as home addresses so the citizens can pay their respects in person to whomever votes against an RV
  14. Dr Mercola is a person I personally find very interesting, truthful and on the spot due to solid research. He has medical products which are his primary focus. He is also an outspoken critic of covid and how it's been presented to the public. The attached article and especially the video I find exceptionally interesting. Watch it - think about it, and keep it in mind. Very interesting take on how Catherine Austin Fitts (investment banker and former public official who served as managing director of Dillon, Read & Co. and as United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development) sees the behind the scene manipulations. The Plan for a Global System of Slavery (
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