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  1. Been there - very interesting site. At Abrahams house site, only the walls have been rebuilt. Not sure as to their accuracy - doubt the plans are still around. The Brits were there back in the 20-30's , I believe, for archeology digs. You can look down into shafts they dug and see old fireplaces and pottery. We all thought UR looked a lot like Mayan structures. It's pretty complete except for the structure on top supposedly holding the golden harp. Used to be a very lush area until the Euphrates river changed course. The population moved with the river - had to.
  2. Did look it up - 1 Jan looks to be correct. I stand corrected. So - are we waiting for the budget to be completed whenever - or is there a supposed optimum deadline of some sort for the RV to occur?
  3. Don't see how he figures the 160k amount. There sure is a lot of yacking and foot shuffling this close to the supposed 1 Apr fiscal year start. If the RV show isn't on the road by the 1st - I bet the citizens finally do some serious protesting. Al-Kazemi should publish the budget and fiscal votes by the parliament members as well as home addresses so the citizens can pay their respects in person to whomever votes against an RV
  4. Dr Mercola is a person I personally find very interesting, truthful and on the spot due to solid research. He has medical products which are his primary focus. He is also an outspoken critic of covid and how it's been presented to the public. The attached article and especially the video I find exceptionally interesting. Watch it - think about it, and keep it in mind. Very interesting take on how Catherine Austin Fitts (investment banker and former public official who served as managing director of Dillon, Read & Co. and as United States Assistant Secretary of Housi
  5. absolutely inane. there is no pandemic - never has been problem is too few are fighting back. guess we will wait to see how the lawsuits proceed. these governers and other govt morons haven't a clue. just need to imagine ulterior purposes they have in mind - other than to kill the economy and establish group think as a norm. need to face it - most Americans are simply compliant souls who have given up on what past generations fought for.
  6. I have never been a fan of just blindly accepting the word of the govt or a supposed healthcare agency that immunizations is good across the board. Couple years ago a relative got a flue shot and nearly died. Turned out the immunization was for a prior year - different strain of the flu - so wouldn't have helped at all. Nearly died with no possible benefit anyway. Basically you can't trust the govt to have your best interest at heart. Just try to become knowledgeable of agendas they have. When Bill Gates and family go on air and get a verified shot - I will be a tad more likely t
  7. Most of the HATERS couldn't give you accurate reasons why they dislike the President. Group mentality is dangerous and silly. They seem to have issues that most sane people just can't phantom. Lord forbid biden and crew take office. What they have planned will surely ruin our country's values and strengthen the foreign governments President Trump has taken steps to pull in line. His interest in strengthening our economy and take folks off the govt dole will be replaced with a govt run/ rule we may never recover from. So long middle class and free thinking. Good example is mask wearing. Few if
  8. Reckon we all take your chats for granted and forget you have a life outside of the dinar. When you get time for an update - it will just be that more current - so no problem. Hopefully - very soon - you won't have to write for us and instead we will be meeting to discuss investments. Thank you for what you have done, are doing and will do
  9. "Shane Vaughn Teaches - "What Happens If President Trump Does Not Concede The Election"" This is interesting -
  10. Getting back to the topic at hand - I believe Iraq has progressed past the point of needing the US to approve anything. They are involved with too many countries for development purposes at this point to not RV. They have to in order to survive as a country. Granted biden is a buffoon - supposedly viewed as the dumbest member of congress. Was also about the poorest financially when he became VP. Did something wrong - but right for him because he is now a multi millionaire leveraging his influence while VP. We may be stuck with him or his handlers for 4 years - but after
  11. Probably a good idea to make sure you have current bills to prove your address to the bank you use for the RV.
  12. I see VND for sale on e-bay as of 25 June----- Much less than a 1 : 1 rate. Someone pls confirm - 1 - that the current VND currency in use will continue to be used - it's just going to experience a value change 2 - is there a preferred denomination to obtain? 3 - used currency in good shape is OK - we don't have to try to purchase uncirculated bills
  13. I checked - both Safedinar and Xchange of America have dong for sale. You can also see a lot being advertised on ebay. Lead's me to assume it can be found other places as well. Perhaps the VDN will kick off the dinar RV.
  14. I'll ck both safedinar and Xchange of America. Appears the dong may rv basically when the dinar does - if not before
  15. Better make that - VND before all the funny people start chiming in
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