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  1. Still haven't received your email in any of my mailboxes.
  2. Haven't received the latest email in either my primary or spam mailboxes, I always used to get your emails in my primary mailbox before.
  3. Good afternoon Debtorprotector I also reside in NZ, so welcome to Dinar Vets.
  4. This message is primarily for members who live in NZ and Australia. i was on the Dinar Banker website looking to order some more Dinar, and once my order showed a NZ address, a message came up advising me to contact the independent dealer in Australia. I contacted him and placed my order, and he quoted me a price which included the package being registered, insured and sent by airpost, so I confirmed and paid for the order,which was to be sent a week ago, and therefore should have been in NZ several days later. He gave me a tracking number, which upon using it came up with "invalid trackin
  5. In the Members tab, I have been trying to locate my own username, but cannot find it, even when I do an advanced search and enter my full username. Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong, as I am a platinum VIP Member.
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