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  1. What about an article in the military Stars and Stripes news about an exchange of visits for the leaders of Kuwait and Iraq. We Kuwait stating that they would establish a city on the Iraqi Kuwaiti border where there can be a free trade zone. China is not the only players in the game.
  2. Adam, you need a vacation! That is all I am going to say about this DVRV post!
  3. Thanks, Adam Whatever happens you have laid out the three most highly, logical reasonable situations that can happen in Iraq with the Dinar. In it to win it since 2004! GO RV!
  4. Only thing is this was announced a few weeks ago. What's NEW!!! Not some regurgitated news with a few exclamation points!!!!!!!!! Dinars since 2004!!!!
  5. Anyone thoughts on the rumor that Saudi Arabia says it will produce as much oil as it wants to. What do you think that will do for the RV?
  6. I’ll be waiting to see if and when this 80% of the GOI is in place and seated! Then perhaps we might see some real economic movement for Iraq and for those of us that are holding the dinar. Sincerely a dinar holder since 2004!
  7. Finally some great news and still greater forward movement. Let’s pray it’s on the RV!!!!! Thanks Adam!
  8. The sitting PM is a great bet! Let’s hope others have the common sense to let him move Iraq forward into the growth of the entire country and the RV! Go Abadi!
  9. Thanks, Adam. It’s been quite a while. I just wanted give Dinar land a shout out on this Memorial Day!
  10. If what 30% or so of our refineries are down in Texas. How will this influence world oil prices, especially in Iraq/Kurdish relations...HCL?
  11. Thanks, for the reply. I am in to the end win, lose or draw, baby!
  12. I am a little confused. Adam you said, something to the effect of having some contacts in the highest places, correct? Yet they didn't tell you that the CBI (new/ site test) was a real test or not or at the very least give you a heads up. I would have thought they would have gotten their own intel as to a site/test like this was out there. I am not trying to be an "donkey". I have had dinars since 2004. I am just saying.
  13. I am from Missouri.... "The Show Me State" since 2004. GO RV!
  14. I tried to copy and paste this entire article I just read on MNS website. Any thoughts??? I guess we can see why we haven't had a RV yet!!!! I still have my dinars from 2004 Ar Ramadi and Baghdad. I am going to hang inn there, however; just read this article.
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