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  1. No Access to the online banking site...
  2. It's frustrating to keep getting account expired messages when passwords are supposed to be active. If anyone has a clue to why this happens, I'm all ears...
  3. Using Firefox here on iMac....My issue seems to have resolved itself, must've been a problem on the Warka side.
  4. Anyone else getting this message logging into online banking? Been like this all week for me.
  5. Note terminology, Profit Payout versus interest payments and "smoothing" as if cash flow expectations from customers could be disruptive. Heck, they can keep my principal as long as they will be reliable with interest payments. This is the most encouraging thing re: the banking system I have seen in a long time.
  6. Their security certificate has expired and you just need to accept it as an untrusted certificate and use a browser that can access the site. I just discovered that Safari would not connect at all after having worked for years. I tried again using Firefox and clicked thru the "accept certificate" prompts and was finally successful getting in. Give it a try and report back in here with the browsers you are using to connect.
  7. Yes, logging into the existing URL using Safari, I'm getting the same warning and telling me to enter at my own risk. I'm going to lay low for a bit. Maybe, we send the e-banking team and email and let them know what is going on?
  8. Some years ago, after some issues with Warka and my comcast.net email address, Mr I. sent me a note telling me that mail from certain ISP's do not not come through on Warka's end. He also said that the problematic ISP's were at one time posted on their website, but had since been removed. I started using an email addy that I have at work and that resolved the problem. I really need to stop using using the work email addy and want to find something else proven. Can we take a poll on what ISP's do and don't work? Do gmail accounts work? hotmail? What other ISP's do you guys use for email
  9. same issues here too...had access earlier this month w no problem. must be a recent IT problem.
  10. Excellent synopsis phlip. If we are fortunate enough to survive the change in value with all of our zeros intact, my main concern is will Warka be in good enough shape, soon enough to allow withdrawals? We'll have to cover US federal taxes on the interest paid. Now, I'm covering that myself, but it's immaterial on my return....Would love to just leave it there and pull interest once a year. Anyone have any thoughts on this subject?
  11. Does anyone actually know when & where Shabs said that he would RV over a weekend? The guy doesn't say much...
  12. Still no luck with the password expiration issue for online access. I have sent now two memos with an attached signed online consent form to this department (e-bank@warka-bank-iq.com) requesting a renewal of my online access. I have also copied Mr I and c.services and c.accounts. Been working on this since December with no response from Mr I or any department. Very frustrating. Just sent another memo to e-bank with return receipt requested; will see what happens. Any ideas?
  13. I'm getting "password expired" messages when I try and access my Warka account online. I haven't tried to look at it in a while and I was not given an option online to change it from old to new. Just a message saying to contact customer service. I have emailed Mr. I twice in January, but haven't received a response. I have since emailed e-bank@warka... and c.services@warka... and will see where that goes. Anyone have any experience with this issue?
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