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  1. sq2

    Go Iraq Part 2

    Chuck; Which Adam VIP post are you referring to?
  2. I believe you are correct LB! Seems like a few years ago the census was a big deal that needed to happen to enact some laws that pertained to HCL and 140!
  3. Israel can solve there water problems, so any ME country with water shortages will be looking them up IMO!
  4. I read that Putin kicked them out of Russia's Central Bank. If true, he's a smart man IMO!
  5. Jaybake They have to dedollarize to be a sovereign country with an international currency. The way for them to do this is make the dinar "on par" with the dollar so Iraqi's will use it over the dollar. Plus from past articles it used to be a matter of national pride to return the dinar back to it's former glory. Hope this helps! Sq2
  6. 1204 IQD per dollar, that sounds like the current market rate in Iraq.
  7. The Rothschild family will assassinate him just like Abraham Lincoln. Andrew Jackson, and JFK. Prayers can protect him though!
  8. Are americans able to purchase this stock? And if so what e-trade company would you recommend? Thanks; SQ2
  9. Did Adam ever send the VIP email on the 4th? Thank You; Sq2
  10. I feel the same way, the GOP is a joke! They are empty rhetoric with no action. Donald Trump cant tear us apart any faster than the establishment has been lately! We The People!
  11. From the heart of Texas! 2,16,25,52,56, PB1 Good Luck All!
  12. I just hope Trump isn't trying to derail the GOP to help the Clinton's.
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