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  1. They try to get people to send their Dinar to them, super shady people.
  2. My opinion is we have all been scammed for multiple years. Pumpers all making a profit off this huge scam. With that being said I am still hanging on to my Dinar for the same reason I play the lottery, it's fun to dream. Either we will be eating fillet mignon together or top ramen! lol
  3. Update: SNAFU, but then again it's Iraq what did we expect? lol.
  4. Anyone dealt with these guys before or heard of them? I know they hold a lot of other don't promote other sites and always say the end is near the end is near, lol. Just wondering if anyone has had a good experience in dealing with them?
  5. Good thing its the front screen and not the back screen, lol.
  6. So if the Dems get it again you're speculating another 4 years after that best case scenario?
  7. Man you people are hard on ol Luigi for posting what someone else wrote and it was even posted in the rumors section. I thought that is what this thread was for "Rumors". My two cents.
  8. I like coming back to this site a few times a year. Same news just packaged a bit differently year after year. I hope everyone has a great day.
  9. I come back and check these forms usually every three months or so and guess what.......same BS. Gotta love their dedication to misinformation.
  10. I thought Okie had disappeared? Shows you how much I check in on the gurus.....
  11. More guru lies...ppppssshhhh
  12. I remember these articles. Didn't like them at the time, but now they sound great. Would be great to see even a minor change in the rate.
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