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  1. They try to get people to send their Dinar to them, super shady people.
  2. My opinion is we have all been scammed for multiple years. Pumpers all making a profit off this huge scam. With that being said I am still hanging on to my Dinar for the same reason I play the lottery, it's fun to dream. Either we will be eating fillet mignon together or top ramen! lol
  3. Update: SNAFU, but then again it's Iraq what did we expect? lol.
  4. Anyone dealt with these guys before or heard of them? I know they hold a lot of other don't promote other sites and always say the end is near the end is near, lol. Just wondering if anyone has had a good experience in dealing with them?
  5. Good thing its the front screen and not the back screen, lol.
  6. So if the Dems get it again you're speculating another 4 years after that best case scenario?
  7. Man you people are hard on ol Luigi for posting what someone else wrote and it was even posted in the rumors section. I thought that is what this thread was for "Rumors". My two cents.
  8. I like coming back to this site a few times a year. Same news just packaged a bit differently year after year. I hope everyone has a great day.
  9. I come back and check these forms usually every three months or so and guess what.......same BS. Gotta love their dedication to misinformation.
  10. I thought Okie had disappeared? Shows you how much I check in on the gurus.....
  11. More guru lies...ppppssshhhh
  12. I remember these articles. Didn't like them at the time, but now they sound great. Would be great to see even a minor change in the rate.
  13. Selling 2.5 Million dinar. All bought from Bank of Oklahoma and Dinar Trade. $850 per million or $2,125 for all. Prefer to meet in person, I am from the Oklahoma City area. Will send COD certified funds if someone wants to buy that doesn't live close.
  14. I wish him well and am thankful he is alright. I am also thankful he has no internet connection to spread any more pumper lies at the present time.
  15. Shouldn't the caption read " sandals on the ground" ....anyways. If he had anything interesting to say I am sure it would have been said already. Okies cousin i'm sure of it.....
  16. Why would they trade in their dollars for dinar if it was not stronger? This has been my point for awhile. I am sure they are tired of getting screwed over by there Government and the only constant in their lives has been the good old green backs. Have to give them a reason to exchange!
  17. Didn't see this posted so I brought it over from JH. Expected Council Action The funding for the activities of the High-level Coordinator who advises the Council on the Iraq-Kuwait missing persons and property issue, is due to expire in mid-June. The Council is expected to receive a report on the issue, pursuant to paragraph 14 of resolution 1284, and a briefing in consultations by the coordinator, Gennady Tarasov. The Council is likely to issue a press statement on the coordinator’s activities and supporting the extension of the coordinator’s funding. The Council is also expecting the second report of the Secretary-General, pursuant to paragraph 6 of resolution 1956, on the post-Development Fund for Iraq (DFI) mechanism. At press time it was not clear if the Council would consider the report in June. The mandate of the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) expires on 28 July. Key Recent Developments On 10 April, Martin Kobler, head of UNAMI, last briefed the Council. Kobler stated that “Iraq’s political situation is heightening communal tensions in the country.” However, he commended “the Kuwaiti and Iraqi Governments for their efforts to improve bilateral relations.” In other significant Iraq-Kuwait related developments, Nasser Hussain Bandar, head of Iraq’s civil aviation authority, said on 5 April that Iraq had agreed to the request of Kuwait’s Jazeera Airways to operate flights to Iraq, more than 20 years after direct flights between the two countries were halted. On 16 and 17 April in Kuwait, a delegation from the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs transmitted Kuwaiti currency, documents, keys for safes belonging to the Central Bank of Kuwait, and 15 microfilm cassettes containing the archives of Al Anba newspaper, to the Kuwaiti authorities. On 20 May in Baghdad, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari met Tarasov and highlighted these developments. According to the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website, Zebari also highlighted Iraq’s “serious efforts to find the remains of the Kuwaiti Missing in Action” and his country’s keenness to getting out of Chapter VII. On 29 April, Sabah al-Khalid al-Hamad al-Sabah, Kuwait’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, attended the second meeting of the joint Iraq-Kuwait Committee, in Baghdad. Following the meeting, Zebari told reporters that the two sides had reached important agreement on cooperation. In other developments regarding the compensation, on 26 April, the UN Compensation Commission (UNCC) made a payment of $1.02 billion to six claimants. (The Geneva based UNCC was established through Council resolution 692 in 1991, to process claims and pay compensation for losses resulting from Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990.) In a 4 May letter to the President of the Council, the President of the Governing Council of the UNCC highlighted Iraq’s contribution to the Compensation Fund stating that “the outstanding balance of $16 billion could be paid in full as early as April 2015.” Furthermore, the letter noted “satisfaction with the continued transfer of 5 per cent of Iraqi oil revenues to the [Compensation] Fund since the transfer of the oversight over Iraqi oil revenues to the Committee of Financial Experts.”
  18. I think my idea of Very Very soon and yours are a bit different.
  19. The straight scoop, yeah dig!!! Nuff Said!!
  20. I am interested, look at my profile and email me.
  21. Where is OKIE I need the straigth scoop......
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