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  1. College 10 million dinar for sale / $1,000 per million email me:
  2. They have been transferring it -----daily auctions
  3. Nfire….you sound upset but Ive been in this a long time. This is not my only investment so yes I do keep tabs on it. These are only my opinions
  4. Half....the RV is dependent on monetary reform, however the corruption IMO will not allow monetary reform...I hope I am wrong
  5. KristiD....IMO there is so much money at stake I think they will do everything except monetary reform. I also think that's why Iran is pushing so hard because they are receiving some of that money too. I hope I am wrong Ive been in this longer than most
  6. Thanks Kristi IMO we are now a couple years away. Iraq will not approve monetary reform because corruption that is the hold up
  7. This is very bad news..IMO Iran will now be able to take over Iraq and that is the end of any monetary reform.
  8. I have been trying to get mine reset all of 2019
  9. I am not a Guru fan, but Kap is usually very grounded. I do not have this article. 10-30-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni An interesting article...refers to the CBI making a courageous decision to control the movement of funds in February 2020. Could this be referring to accepting IMF Article VIII?
  10. What message and subject did you send?
  11. Screwbal: I have been emailing all those plus more since Feb It has never taken this long but will continue to try
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