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  1. I think the "Federal Court" is referring to the 140 - if so that means they want the oil and gas law and 140 discussed first...lets hope!
  2. Ive been trying the same thing since Feb I don't usually have so much trouble....
  3. Ive been emailing for months to get my password reset...
  4. They have "maintained" for 15 years so they don't need a committee to do that...lets hope we see a change in October.
  5. The post ponement req was from last session in June. President of the House urged publicly a couple days ago to implement Art 140, vote on CBI Gov and vote on Oil Gas Law.....Hopefully he gets them to pass all the above
  6. Climber, This article is about implementing Article 140 and there were two different articles yesterday about Parliament voting on the Oil and Gas Law (HCL) and the CBI Governor. They are on this site
  7. In two days we see a push to: - implement Article 140 - vote on the new CBI Governor - pass the HCL WOW!!!
  8. Adam: Do you think the 140 has to be implemented before and value change?
  9. If you go from using 25,000, 50,000 and 100,000 notes to 250, 500 and 1,000 that is reducing 2 zero's - yes?
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