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  1. I bought my first Dinar in July of 2005. I had read an add in my Legion magazine, about the advantages of buying the Iraq Dinar. One statement stated that the then President Bush, said the Iraq engagement would not cost the US citizens one cent. Another statement, related to the Iraq invasion of Kuwait, which occurred years earlier. At that time Kuwait's Dinar was Approx $3.22 to the Kuwait Dinar. It fell to .22 cents with the invasion. After Iraq was driven back the rate returned to its previous level $3.22 per Dinar. President Bush was voted out office Bill Clinton was voted in. President Clinton Balance the U.S. Budget two years in a row. It has never been balanced since. WHERE DID ALL OF THIS EXTRA MONEY COME FROM??? From the Kuwait Dinar President Bush received from the Kuwait Government for extracting Iraq from Kuwait. The younger President Bush was responsible for getting rid of Sadduam Hueisan, I believe the younger Bush has a say as when the Iraq Dinar will revalue. The younger President Bush did not want to see the same effect on the budget of the US with a Democrat in the White House. This falls election of a GOP president will bring about the revaluing of the Iraq dinar and a balanced budget. The younger President Bush did not foresee a Democrat winning the White House two terms in a row. Minden34
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