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  1. I will since the dates fall on Thursday I figur its a balence on IMF funds But. They still have too record it Ready too move some door stops I have piled up
  2. You can set a auto reply on the data return with a trading platform so that if it hits a pre set number bells and whistles go off too let you know it's at your number ..... That is if there letting it be traded are just recording exchange BY LAW for records but at 10-11 that's droping the 000 even if it's just for the day
  3. It's all good bro just looking thru some auto statements on my tickers called a friend as I have not been wtching the dinar and we are just checking if it's a inter bank rate for return or a open call I will get back with ha we are going too see if it can be done on a auto lock in line for the drop
  4. I been checking the perticulers and its dropi g too 10-11 too 1 several times and held all day Jan 9 ,17 feb 9 March 25 April 25,29 and they held it all day
  5. Iran was always a factor in the RI….aren't you glad you stuck it out …if it could have been done 6 years ago would have ..but things just would not line up …just be thankful you will get too see and be apart of history ..that will last a thousand years …hell this whole site might just get a glass case of its own …..
  6. well i think there just might be some happy people soon and no I would not like too elaborate
  7. so will he look a star from the 70's ....are better than that ...what would you say ...If I could prove he never even was what thay say ....but that one of the others was the ONE remember in 400 ad when this book was wrote was a mans world IT is time ...I will not discount that ...but you guys are real wrong on witch side you are on and what you belive as truth might want too pick up somthing besides the bible like the tora and the koron all three at once and trace the truth to its point of inception ...
  8. This is a 100% true story and is in the works ......and will be implemented very soon ......and the same thing you would go to Jail for .....collecting rain water ....In the near future you will get a credit for selling it back .........This is being Implemented as we speak Its already part of the Continuing Ed. ....For plumbers .....In most states
  9. Ok load this Jacka$$ up and send him over there .......reporting from a damn chair in the stats ant going to cut it anymore And for the record that was his personal house/ forward mission the Two seals where his bodyguards get it right The 1986 United States bombing of Libya, code-named Operation El Dorado Canyon, comprised the joint United States Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps air-strikes against Libyaon April 15, 1986. The attack was carried out in response to the 1986 Berlin discotheque bombing.Theres also a little Mexican in there too Carrello
  10. how about lower the front door price panic.......wail buying with other means ........just a thought
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