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  1. I don't understand their motivations for this long term. Oh, I do see what they are trying to do.. Oh well. The actual good vs evil thing is clearly in play on Earth, again. All of this has happened before.. I doubt it will have to or even be allowed to happen again after this cycle is played out. Evil fails.. It doesn't triumph ultimately. It can't. The universe is against that, so is life itself.. And the Spirit of Humanity. Don't they know their pathetic games and systems will fail? They won't be leaving the solar system at the very least.. They are just wanting control of an empire of dirt.. Too short sighted to see that there is far more to life and what actually comes after it to see their plans, their schemes, their masters' schemes are finite and mortal. Amounting to nothing in the legitimate grand scheme of the ever expanding and incomprehensibly enormous universe. Not even a blink. Ignorant primitives lol. I think that is a description befitting these pathetic excuses for supposedly sentient sapient life. This link, hope this works, is the final speech from the Charley Chaplin film 'The Great Dictator' and I think it's one of the greatest speeches ever to be made.. If my link doesn't work google it. Totally worthwhile to listen.
  2. Cool.. Maybe by next quarter something a bit better will be listed
  3. Brblock, This Is Some Fascinating Stuff. I Believe In Bigfoot.. Way Too Many People Have Seen Or Heard From Them. Have You Ever Heard Of This; In Western Ky, Specifically The LBL Area, There Are Long Standging Stories Of A Wolf Man/Monster.. My Dad Saw One In Broad Daylight Run Across The Road In Cronf Of His Truck. I Havent Seen One.. But I Heard The Howl One Night. Much Like A Wolf, But Not Quite Right. Lower, Longer, Louder.. Supposedly One Of These Things Wiped Out A Family In The Lbl Park Area In The 80s. You Can Google That One. The Lady That Wrote It Used To Deliver My Parents Mail. Also.. Whatever This Entity Is, Its Thrown Boulders A People In Lbl, Chased A NeiHbor Of MinE Who Was Probably Up To No Good. And Threw A Rock At A Buddy Of Mine While We Were Teenagers CampNg One Night. Neat Stuff. Sorry About The Caps.. My Phone Wont Let Me Change It.
  4. There is only one race; The Human Race. Any other claim is false. All the peoples of the Earth need to get over themselves. They are all One in actuality.
  5. My generation and the next will suffer the most. And what you ask is nearly Impossible. But.. Still doable. And fighting fear and ignorance will be a large enough battle. Should be fun.
  6. Wondered this also..
  7. ...It is a dream... Let's Bring It Home!!
  8. Ive been reading about this happening for quite a while.. Its one thing to read about, another to finally see it happen. Good luck Iraq; Time to graduate from baby steps..
  9. Thanks pluMmet, now this is truly fascinating.. I feel precious metal holders/ traders will be doing better than dinar holders.. What do you think will happen next?
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