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  1. You never know there could be GPS tracking systems on their new toys leading us right to them.... At least that is what I would have done...
  2. :lmao: Dude that was sofa king awesome you had me!!!!!
  3. Brilliant mind comedic genius talented actor yet a tormented soul... Depression, mental illness and addiction should never be stigmatized , people should never be afraid to ask for help you just never know who this effects....
  4. Here is today's currency auction. I am a little confused by this maybe someone can explain since I am not up to speed on banking policy and procedure. They have one dated 24/7/2014. Ho can that be when it is still 23/7/2014 both here and in Iraq.. Typo maybe?? I had to attach as a document for some reason I could not paste the link..... cbi.rtf
  5. Ya momma so ugly stick her face in dough and make camel cookies!!! This is why I have not gotten overly excited about this. I got a feeling this is the smoke before the RV... maybe I am wrong to think this way but this whole ISIS think just seems fishy IMHO....
  6. Sorry boys and girls but I have had my attention else where and have not been following the bouncing dinar ball. (1970 cartoon reference there). Is there a reason the CBI has not updated in a week. I know it meant nothing in the past if there were delayed updates. But I do not recall no updates for an entire week. So what is going on Enquiring minds want to know!
  7. Hey folks what part of CURRENT buy sell rate did you NOT understand? .1166 sell .1164buy.. So an other words if I want to cash out at that rate they could do that. The Iraq dinar is no longer on their exotic currency list and trade able through them when the time comes. I thought that was pretty good news. But since everyone seems to think I am full of it I put the bank and location for you to verify if you so desire. Come on folks I thought you were better than that...
  8. I was at Florida Community Bank today their Brooksville office. We were talking about the dinar. I asked the teller since Chapter 7 is lifted can you now cash out dinar or are they still an exotic currency. Her reply was yes she can cash me out now. I would get the current buy sell rate.... Has anyone else asked their local bank if they could do this... I was pretty excited
  9. All this talk I heard over the weekend of Countries reset their currencies. The Fed Reserve was or is suppose to be holding its policy making meeting.... Did the reset actually happen? I do realize the reset wasn't about Iraq...
  10. If I remember correctly they can auction and then turn around and RV right after... So the auction really doesn't mean the wont RV same day.... If I am wrong please correct me....
  11. is going to be very interesting exciting and could be the most anticipate chat EVER! Just sayin......
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