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  1. WowLewi


    It's a catch 22... I love that our members are witty and have a sense of humor but I can't stand when a good topic get's completely high jacked when I am trying to get a quick update on things... It is what it is.
  2. WowLewi

    Bank Stories From Stage3Alpha !

    I saw a bunch of SUITS at what I thought was a wedding and then a funeral..... They clearly were pretending because EVERYONE knows when you dress up in a suit it is to have a secret discussion about Dinar! I'm not wearing a suit today so I guess I'm out of the loop... SAD FACE EMO HERE... Oh I found it WowLewi
  3. From another site. Just bringing over the Rumor. 11-20-2013 Intel Guru Delta - The Arabic one (not English) the CBI has implemented a new policy that the banks in Iraq must be within 2% on all profit margins dealing with currency exchange. BASICALLY it means anyone selling their dollars to the bank for dinars would not get “fleeced”…why would they want to sell their dollars? because once Iraq gets put in to article 8 by the IMF, Iraq can only have 1 currency, (Dinar), article 8 means their currency is international!!! This new policy starts DEC 1st and JMO, after DEC 1st…Iraq feel free to raise the value if you like!!! Thoughts?
  4. WowLewi

    RV is imminent

    I needed a quick $1,000 so I cashed one of my 50 Dinar notes at WF for a discount... Oh, but the most exciting news is I followed a rainbow and at the end of it was a Pot filled with Iraqi Dinar. Oh, sorry it was a Leprichaun smoking Pot wrapped in Dinar. Legitimate mistake... My Bad!
  5. A man without testicles... It is the slang spelling of the Greek word "Eunuch".
  6. I.N.T.E.L. Imbecilic Numbskulls Telling Exorbitant Lies
  7. INTEL... I.N.T.E.L. Imbecilic Numbskulls Telling Exorbitant Lies
  8. WowLewi

    Adam's Official Chat 9/12/12

    I was shocked to see that statement by Adam.... I'm on board with you Adlon.. looking forward to your response Adam.
  9. WowLewi

    **Frank26 Rec. CC w/ Delta** notes

    Thanks Easy
  10. WowLewi

    BondLady Quick Chat 4-10-2012

    BondLady.... I know you are perusing DV... You know... that I know . Great info.. Thanks for your diligence. WowLewi
  11. Don't be disappointed... I think this is very positive... It devalued their currency 10% virtually overnight and that is against a week dollar.... They need to get their ducks in a row.. HCL and Chapter 7 and then Shabs can push the button. I may be the eternal optimist but I'm hoping this is the fire under the "Donkey" to get things rolling.
  12. Did you break your arm patting yourself on the back... JK as my kids would say. Actually you are making some valid points and for the most part I agree... That being said I do have a slightly different take. I actually believe that (JMO): Getting out of Chapter 7 is 99% done. The HCL is ready to go and approved in the background - just need to publish it. The GOI is a game that Maliki holds the cards to and can get it done anytime. So... do I believe that there is a bunch to be done? YES, but I also believe this is more strategic (not by accident) and it can all be handled within days of each other. We could make the connection to an RV to explain why most things (That "we believe") that need to be accomplished are just in a holding pattern. WARNING: The next comment is only speculation as I don't want to be one to connect everything to an RV but there is reasoning behind my speculation. Assume many savvy investors (Like You) knew that 3 or 4 things must be checked off in order to RV and then they would make huge profits.... If this is the case and we "Truly" knew this to be a fact then how dumb would the powers in charge be to give us warning signals... Really? OK... ONE...TWO.... (Everybody go out and buy as much Dinar as you can)... and Three WE HAVE AN RRRRRVVVVVVVVV. I believe it is possible (Thanks to the forum we are on and others like it - not to mention really money people) They (Shabibi and Friends) know that we know what to look for. Does my argument have merit? I think so, but then again it is my argument .
  13. WowLewi

    Adam's Official Chat 3/28/12

    Nice to see your positive/informative side today.. I agree with your take. IMO the CBI will do what is best for Iraq and the profitability of the CBI (PERIOD).

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