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  1. Bannon discusses the china sanctions in this. He said it is WAY smarter to do sanctions than intervention with military. I am sure he still has Trumps ear.
  2. Of course reds dont concern you. You are a mod. You Will never be banned for having too many reds. It is like a rich man not caring about paying more for a sándwich than a poor person. Reds do not affect you because they cant. When I said WE feel...I meant Navira, 6, and myself. Wasnt talking about the entire fórum. I think that was obvious no? By all means lets get back on topic though.
  3. Again wasnt talking to you. Geez…. Wow. So you support the giving of reds to people that dont think like you? And you say you are not a liberal? Dont liberals want to silence those that do not disagree with them? Hmm…. None of us that predicted a date. WE just say the news is looking great and soon it is time to pop the champagne etc. NEVER seen Navira do a date and rate. Never seen 6 either. I didnt know you were so controlling.
  4. Actually I wasnt talking about you at all. If I was, I would type your name. I was talking about the reds. ASUMama- Yes Yota provides a ton of news. But I also noticed you did not credit 6 who is equally hitting it out of the park with news.
  5. This is not putting down LGD at all. This is simply pointing out the inherit biasness around here. He predicts an RV in thirty days which is fine by me! But notice not one single thumbs down. If Navira, myself, or 6 would do it, we would get reds.
  6. I dont think the IQD RV has anything to do with China anymore. Personally I believe Iraq was given the green light on 05/14 and they have up to 60 days to get ur done or they won't be a full member of the WTO. I feel very comfortable that the China deal is no longer a part of this or holdup. WTO Ascension is just that. It means the end of the process has started. The clock is ticking and they will finish during the restriction period or they wont become a member. I see it as green lit on the 14th of May or why start the ascension? These things are not done by happenstance. In order to finish the process, they have to have a tradable currency worth a minimum of 1 US dollar.
  7. Botzwana

    Go Iraq

    Look, the CBI building they're constructing tells you they expect to be a ME economic power and they're not keeping their currency at a tenth of a cent. We know it's going to happen we just don't know when
  8. Botzwana

    Go Iraq

    I worked with a coworker like this once. All the waiters were happy with their pay at the end of the day. But there was ALWAYS one negative guy that always complained about it to us. Well we didnt get this or we didnt get that. No one liked this guy after awhile. I just dont see how anyone could complain about this investment. No one guaranteed them anything. It is a hope it Will go up. They decided when to invest in this after weighing the facts. Then complain every day when it doesnt show. Glad I do not know these people in real life. A drag. They are energy vampires.
  9. And on the other hand….the constant weak crybabies after they read an article about this rv, then they cry and decry this Will never happen until this is done stuff is EQUALLY misleading. No one knows WHAT Will trigger it. I would like to see you, Yota equally call out people for their negativity too. In the past year, Navira and 6 have not EVER set a date as to when this Will happen. That is a prediction. Just saying oh this looks good and popping champagne is just being positive.
  10. I am looking for the possibility of a revaluation anyday now…….Botsy
  11. Botzwana

    Go Iraq

    But they moved the CONCRETE barriers so.....
  12. Botzwana

    Go Iraq

    Wasnt the latest news though was this next Thursday the FML would be voted on right?
  13. Botzwana

    Go Iraq

    Saying it once is fine. Saying it everyday is a psychosis. A mental illness. Weak if you Will. If you TRULY thought it would be months away you would go find something else to do with your time. But nope. You are here day after day because you think it Will be soon no? The charácter flaw is yours as I have just outlined.
  14. Botzwana

    Go Iraq

    I find people like that to be weak minded. Very weak. As Trump says low energy people. They read one article that says 2 months away for something NOT even related to Dinar, and they go with it then if you say you disagree with them...they red you down and say you are attacking them. Then they have the temerity to say they are not liberals. Sorry, being weak minded and being liberal go in the same vein. One guy I respected here long ago was named Keepmewalkingfunny or something like that. He decided it was going to lop. He argued with people a Little while but it finally dawned on him that people dont want to be bummed out. So he had the COURAGE to leave. He has not visited here since 2015. A man of his Word. Not like others that like to sit around and try to make life miserable for others. Perhaps I need to put them on ignore too. Just...unhappy people and me do not get along.
  15. Botzwana

    Go Iraq

    No not at all. No just some guys that the dinar machine tried to turn into gurus whenever they spoke that they got SICK of. So they went underground in an email group. They use different names now etc. They just study this thing as we all do to try to figure it out. No private exchanges or anything like that.
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