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  1. Botzwana

    Holy moley! Rv tied into Trump

    Iraq should reinstate before davos because its all about investing into economies and countries making trade deals Jan 22 - 25 meetings will be held. Feb 2 2019 country of Jordan will activate there trade deals and investment deals with Iraq some people are saying that contracts are being paid out at a 1 to 1 rate hopefuly this can be something that can give us the RI if davos does not. Also Iraq has a International Conference and Exhibitionon on Finance and Banking Feb 10 - 11 2019 this is all about countries investing into Iraqs economie and making trade deals this should give the RI if the contracts some peolpe are talking about don't I hope it happens in Jan or by Feb 11 2019 cause this waiting game is becoming insane
  2. When you say who is they....MTN GOAT claims to have an insider in Iraq.
  3. Botzwana

    Adam Montana Weekly 16 January 2019

    I will be exchanging in Mexico! Gonna live here the rest of my days.
  4. my info comes from this article that states it will be above 3 bucks. Show me kaps article where it says there is too much in circulation.
  5. I think our next date is before davos...
  6. Botzwana

    Holy moley! Rv tied into Trump

    Not sure if I believe this now. He mentions the Zim. The zim has been cancelled.
  7. I will tell you this....They are just a group of fellow dinarians much like here that are trying to figure this thing out. We will all find out tomorrow as it is the 13th.
  8. The information Frank shared in his conference call.... explanation all contingent on correspondent banking system in place. Frank, spokesman for his team, said: 1. Iraq is paying on contracts with contractors ... with IQD on a 1 to 1 value with the $. 2. The IQD payment has been deposited in CBI branch banks who then transfer each IQD out of the Iraqi banking system to be held in the correspondent bank... NOT yet released on the other end. Held as IQD. 3. The CBI is/ has established branches in the U.S. that will exchange the IQD for $. 4. So, the payments in IQD, being outside the Iraqi Banking system, A holder of 1 million IQD in the correspondent bank has posession of 1 million digital IQD.... safe from any "haircut" accounting process that will accompany DTZ. So, contracts are fulfilled, but funds not released on the other end (for the new rate) until Iraq announces the lifted international rate. (Like an international Escrow) 5. Frank commented that WE would never see the IQD value at 1-1. That is what these contracts are being paid at, initially, but over the long run, the rate would be higher. 6. Frank states that all the contracts have activation date of Jan 13. ....... that is my understanding of where we are right now...and Sunday the 13th will tell the story. ... If this is all true contracts have been written... contracts have been signed.... they are legal binding documents.. they will not change... they cannot be altered... and it will be the activation date that we have waited on for so long. It is very plausible to me that the corresponding banking system is holding that IQD outside of Iraq .... think of it as in an escrow .....and then once the change happens then it will be released to the other end of the bank and the contractors going to take it out in the new Value in dollars or British pound or Euro or whatever currency they like. KTFA has really stuck their neck out... if not true, they just blew away any credibility... .
  9. Botzwana

    McMahon stabbed in the back.

    And the treason continues. Billy Gunn whom Mcmahon took from nothing, gave him multiple titles, made him a trainer after his inring days were over, and a backstage agent, now does a turncoat and signs with AEW.
  10. Benedict Arnold! Traitor! Lost all respect for this sellout.
  11. He could out pucker Mick Jaggar with those lips!
  12. I told my wifey that I really think it could be Jan. Together with LGD´s thing here and the could be.
  13. Botzwana

    Holy moley! Rv tied into Trump

    Well I will just continue to shine that ole Bat Signal....that I cannot see.
  14. Botzwana

    Holy moley! Rv tied into Trump

    I have watched the Q youtube sometimes...but this is the first time I EVER heard them talk about the RV. They are giving a date before the economic forum in Jan.
  15. Botzwana

    That’s It!!!!

    The speech was not to publically announce a national emergency, but... to justify that announcement when he must make it. It was not a nothing burger. That was a political argument and justification of things to come. It was a warm up to the American people so that when such an executive order of a clear and present danger is issued, it will not have so much shock effect. Then the conspiracy theorist in me says the above...

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