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  1. Must be a fake article. Especially with that false comment about the dinar dropping 3 zeros in 2015.
  2. Because of horrific hyperinflation they switched to the dollar in 2009 but kept running out of them. Since they couldn't do an RV they have started introducing this new currency RTGS equal to 2.5X the dollar. We'll see how it goes.
  3. Zimbabwe introduces RTGS dollar to solve currency problem 26 February 2019
  4. Sounds like another banker story. Can't reveal anything but trust me.
  5. Those Amazon prices are crazy. Bet they are not selling many at those inflated numbers.
  6. Well said. Total agreement. MAGA
  7. I got the feeling Scooter, with all his crazy elaborate graphs and conf calls was being paid by Dinartrade. Once the law suits started he stopped pumping then disappeared.
  8. Makes no difference how long you've been here and whether those know you. That woman's death was tragic and in my opinion no sarcasm was appropriate. The dog that killed her should be hunted down and given an appropriate ending.
  9. You made me throw up in my mouth after reading what you said. You must not mean that. If I could I would hunt that dog down and put him threw a wood chipper. Slowly.
  10. It's not what I believe it's a matter of record. Iraq's annual oil revenue is approx $100B dollars. It varies with the price of oil of course but it's in that neighborhood. It's not $100B dinar. That's nothing.
  11. Nope, dollars not dinar. Their annual oil revenue is aprox $100B dollars, not dinar. So again, a $1000/yr a family would not be insignificant.
  12. If total oil revenue is $100B/yr and there are 10M adults then $10B(10%) divided by 10M people is $1000/yr. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that would be significant for each family.
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