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  1. I believe most there is a pile of money available to exchange for IQD just waiting for the CBI to set the RV rate ! And the FOREX will follow. WELL that's not the case. The International rate for a currency exchange is set by supply and demand PERIOD. The FOREX is just a reporting service it doesnt set a rate. When someone DEMANDS a currency a deal is made at some price and that price is reported on the FOREX ticker. If there is NO demand there will not be a sale .. AND there will not be a rate on FOREX. Even IF there was a single trade at some price that trade will only setup the next OFFER to sell , and we need to see continued DEMAND . IT IS A BUYERS MARKET. The CBI could set a 10 cent rate but that would only be valid in IRAQ. IT cant force that rate on the outside world UNLESS it also was willing to BUY at that rate on the outside. BUT WHY would it give up any of its hard money reserves to buy its own currency when it could just print more? Here is the kicker ... The central bank is usually the buyer of last resort for its currency...BUT usually at a ridiculously low price .
  2. I see a few are beginning to question WHO has the button ? Most think it is the gov of the CBI. Well about this time last year there was a court ruling that the MOF controls the CBI and would play a part in the change of rate. Most of you missed that because it was buried in the news and didnt show up in rumors or gooru poo. Shortly after that ruling the CBI loaned the MOF $20Bn to balance the 2018 budget !!!!! I havent seen any report this year but guess that they loaned another 20 this year. SO $40 Bn of the reserves are actually GOI dollar bonds! Ordinarily a central bank wouldnt do that but Iraq was not able to sell the bonds at a reasonable rate to anyone else. NOW the MOFs biggest problem is getting enough dinar to meet the monthly payroll. It only has a limited amount of oil dollars to put into the auctions. That being the case Would the MOF accept a new rate that would result in FEWER dinar per dollar than the 1190 they get today??? I dont think so. They would like a higher rate like 1300 but that would put more people below the poverty line. If the last $20 BN goes the same way next year the GOI is at the wall !
  3. Caz , You dealer shills can really get nasty.
  4. Lopsters are not permitted to post on other forums.. Although we can read them. Before I was banished to the tank I did ask AM where the banks would find the dollars to buy your dinar ., His answer was to read the cash-in guide .. I did ,again, and did not find anywhere that explained where. The assumption was that the RV would attract a lot of new buyers . By this time the RV story is well known in investor circles. If any one EVER believed in the possibility of an increase in value they would already be IN. Investors goal is to make a profit with reasonable odds. If the dinar was to increase in value after this 15 year ride , how long would it be for the next increase??? The fact is that a bank will buy the dinar FOR A CLIENT after a request to purchase is made NOT BEFORE. It is not going to buy some and WAIT . That is not normal bank practice. The 800#s and call centers are GOORU POO.
  5. Help me out CAZ. If there were to be a 10 cent RV that would make your 1 mil IQD worth $100000 . WHY would a savvy investor pay that ? There is no pile of dollars that will become available just because the CBI decides to change the rate. The CBI is not going to dip into its reserves and send the money out of Iraq . The people who now own IQD will be stuck with it regardless of what the rate is . At least they can stick it back to the dealers and take a small loss. But if they wait and they DO RD , it will be worthless for sure. This is a well organized CON GAME..
  6. I just checked CBI site and they show M0 = 62T and M1 = 74T. couldnt find M2 but do remember it was in 80 T area. Also your data shows Employment ? rate at 28.6% I think that would likely be UNEmployment rate. P.S. Our power co here is trying something , Instead of putting solar on your home they plan to get people to buy (somehow) a share in some large arrays and get credit against their power bill.
  7. SOCAL ! Where did you find those numbers? M0 71T M1 77T M2 94.8T !!!! With reserves only $62 Bn Blows a hole in the exchange rate ! would be .000654
  8. The last M2 number I saw was North of 80T. Monies in deposit accounts and short term notes must also be counted against the reserves. They tend to "cherry pick " the numbers and factors to get an exchange rate they want to see. Also a few like to add the gold reserve to the published dollar reserves BUT really that was already included. They probably made a tidy profit with the last runup in gold prices.
  9. THINK.... The call centers/880#s myth ! THE gurus want you to think the cash out process will be easy so you wont have do a lot of work and you will buy a lot of dinar ,,, An RV would have to be an unpredictable event why would a bank plan to set up these centers years in advance , waste a lot of time and money. They haven't and they would not until needed .. Then there is the advice " dont let your dinar out of sight " AND the expectation to just take dinar in and walk out with dollars ! RUBBISH ! Like a foreign check you would make a DEPOSIT and there would be a HOLD until the bank gets the cash! Banks really dont like to process physical currency and unless you are an established customer they will refuse to do it.. Just more Guru POOOO. Be prepared to do a lot of leg work . Next is the expectation that if the CBI raises the rate ( IN COUNTRY ) that trading over FOREX will follow . THAT is not a given. The FOREX is a supply/demand trading operation. It will happen ONLY if there is adequate DEMAND AND enough traders think it is worth the risk.
  10. Every central bank has has two important objectives .. First , keep the exchange rate ( and the effect on domestic prices ) as stable as possible . Given that WHY would it have any plan to increase or decrease the rate SUDDENLY. Prices would become unstable. Second , to keep the country's confidence in it's banking system. THINK , HOW Is the CBI going to explain why it suddenly chose to bump up the rate by a large amount OVERNIGHT. OH WE made a mistake or we just decided to do it because we thought it would BE NICE. Plus there would be no way to do it without maybe half of the citizens getting SCREWED ! Certainly would be a loss of confidence. I don't know why it isn't clear. There IS NO plan by the CBI to RV the dinar, PERIOD. The RV myth is promoted by the GURU's who are at least indirectly supported by the dealers to make money. It is obvious to me that to believe in the TV myth people must NOT have any understanding of money markets and currency systems. AND they dont want to because it will kill the dream of becoming wealthy. So they are easy prey to any cock and bull line the Guru's put out.
  11. THe UST issues t-bills , notes and bonds when it produces the extra dollars . When those are sold the buyer remits USD back to the treasury so that the US Gov can pay its bills . But it assumes the debt. Unfortunately the only income the US gov has is mainly taxes. The Iraq situation is a little different, because it is in the oil business. They could issue dinar bonds and if they could sell them they could finance more projects.
  12. I thought that Ca. was going to require new construction to have solar ! Doesnt make sense not to guarantee the PS co would buy excess. Here in Florida there are dozens of start-ups pushing home solar . So far I have only seen them on commercial buildings.
  13. I am Shure Mr. Tortoise is protected and might enjoy the shade. Did you ever think of adding solar panel installation to your line of business??
  14. What I am trying to get at here is that you cant have the best of both worlds. Stay on a peg for stability and to increase the rate they MUST add to the reserves , but they cant afford to. Go off the peg and float they loose control of the rate , generally it will go down in value. Iraq will stay on the peg ... The CBIs main revenue comes from commissions from the "auctions" which right now are minimal due to the low price of oil.
  15. The real question is will we be as dependent on oil as before . There will be more people and that means we will need more energy from some source. The trend is for renewable and cleaner sources. There will always be a need for petroleum derivatives but if we can we should eliminate the harmful ones.
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