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  1. SD. Not residential but office and apartment buildings. Charging stations for convenience of tenants . Parking at courthouse garages is free for EVs here so law groups use Tesla or Bolt as company cars. They equip several parking spots for them. I can see in the future reserving a charging spot with your hotel/motel overnight. Right now extended range models will go 250 miles and with a quick 1 hour charge during lunch another 150. But EV battery technology is new and there is some promise of increasing at least another 25%. It may be a while to see an electric "toy hauler" but if the
  2. SD, Living in Tesla Land I wonder if you ever did any private charging stations? Reading about what the Arabs were doing to counter the change to electric cars , I wondered how SOON that would be ! Looks like it is happening. I do expect to get one more car and now looks to be electric. 200+ mile range and optional 30 minute fast charge on the road takes the worry about running out of battery power away.
  3. oil volume will PEAK in 2025 and begin a gradual decline. The price will be very unstable. Most of OPEC know this and reducing dependence on oil income. Reason ?: ! in 5 cars or Lt. trucks will be hybrid or full electric. By 2030 it will be 1 in 4 and you may pay more for a gas engine car. The life of an oil well is 7-8 years and Saudis are putting a hold on expansion and are looking at wind and solar projects. The UAE is planning shift to CNG and Hydrogen(?). Al-Kazimi has seen the smoke signals BUT the rest of the GOI cannot or does not want to admit what is coming.
  4. A lot of firms would not take ppp because they feared the paperwork. If all it took was just the future taxes on the forgiven amount I will take that any day. Good luck.l I don't get anything from the second payment because they raised the threshold. Now the Dems want to put thru a big spending plan i.e. a little something for everyone, And they want to pass it before they loose control. If they get everything it would be a $28T debt. You may be right to be concerned about that. T
  5. SD. I don't know what you mean by FAIL???? The USD IS the most stable currency, The world financial market is "pegged " to it in some way if not directly. Most commodities are traded based on the dollar because of it's proved stability. Our governments geo-political status (except for the recent DJT fiasco ) maintains that. If by free money you are referring to the stimulus hand out I will agree it turned out badly. To get people to honker down to contain the virus ( as that was the only defense available ) they needed to do something fast. A lot of people got the money bu
  6. LB. I am the most POSITIVE but PRACTICAL person you will ever find. I seldom believe anything I read or hear until I can check it out. One thing I am specially positive about is my belief that the IQD can not increase in value , at least enough to make a real profit. Anyone with the slimmest amount of banking and accounting knowledge can see that. It cant happen EVER. RVers think they have discovered a secret path to RICHES . The RV rumor has been around over 10 years and every currency trader has heard it many times. This is the most clever CONFIDENCE GAME to show u
  7. If an RV to just one cent were possible . WHY did they go the other way ???? As they explained the CBI was bleeding dollars from the reserves. Another 6 months and the economy would crash. It was a last ditch effort to save the country . If they screw it up and not include the other income producing measures in the budget they will have to hike the rate again to possibly 1650. A death spiral. The CBI reported that the reserves lost $20Bn last year. They say $56 is left but I think some of that amount is in MOF IOUs , not cash.
  8. Unfortunately, Neither of us will be alive .
  9. Economists have to think nationally or globally. Individuals you and i tend to think simply and get burned. Inflation is a global fact and any country that tries to stop it will fall . Accept it and plan accordingly. Another fault is to attempt to achieve full employment , another fault . The FED plans for 6% unemployment and roughly 2% inflation . Anything more or less and they will apply corrections. You cant just SAVE , you must invest and grow your savings . In your business you can't just do the same thing and just increase prices, You must add customers or provid
  10. Modern economic theory says that the right amount of inflation is necessary for a healthy economy. Wages are increasing and if prices increase only as fast as workers can afford to buy ,all is OK. Hyperinflation is when that parity is lost. The FED is NOT devaluing the dollar. All fiat currencies are diluted naturally. The simple fact that there is a expense to produce and maintain a currency (even seashells) erodes the initial value over and over. But contrary to those promoting a return to a precious metal based system the world is better off with a fiat currency. as long as the con
  11. WHY did the CBI devalue the dinar BEFORE year end? It had to or else the 2020 annual report would show it was insolvent! NOT good for a central bank. Now it is important that the budget include an income tax and some amount of salary reduction. This will allow the GOI to gradually restore the reserves. If not I expect another devaluation at the end of 2021.
  12. The MOF has been RAIDING the reserves to cover budget shortfalls for at least the last 4 years. The CBI replaces the dollars taken with GOI DOLLAR BASED BONDS ... So it looks like the reserves are still $70Bn . But $50Bn in cash is gone! It is a piece of financial engineering. The hope until now is that oil would come back and the GOI would gradually redeem the bonds. But to be really honest that is the LAST thing they would do. The real value of the reserves is less than $20Bn, even the gold may have been sold. The consequence of the devaluation is that they will need 20% mor
  13. It is amazing. Iraq could be 6 months from bankruptcy although that only means they will devalue again and they ( RVers) still believe they are going to make money . A second devalue should nail it.
  14. GOLDEN CARROT !! That's a good one.. The froth is off this Gambit. GME should be down to $50 by weekend. Won't go down to a realistic price for a while. Now they are jumping to silver, but that is a well diversified market and there could be some real profit made if you play the derivatives.
  15. Some of these Covid safety rules are a little extreme . But most can spread the costs over a large market. HOW did you find out about GME at $40 ????? That price was well before the big break on Wednesday ! But in my mind even $40 would be a ridiculously high price. Let's see if the price holds over the weekend. I checked the REDDIT website and there still is a lot of hype on the stock. People are in over their heads.
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