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  1. Whoh! This is our year babee!!! Thanks Buti
  2. Yota, Thanks for your relentless news gathering over the years. We truly appreciate all you do...U da Man ☺️
  3. Thanks for the note Adam! Things are moving along nicely 🙄
  4. Awesome news this morning! Thanks Yota and 6ly410. Appreciate all you news hounds ☺️ YJ
  5. Anxious to see how this unfolds ... Maliki is walking on thin ice! Thanks Buti and Yota!
  6. Morning Yota, this sounds really good! Thanks for all the Articles this morning. You are much appreciated. YJ
  7. Hi Thugs! Have missed u & ur humor...Welcome Back!!!!
  8. YukonJohn

    Go Iraq

    GREAT video 6ly410, Thanks! Go Investment Go Reconstruction Go Lock up the corruption Go Increase value Go IRAQ!!!!!
  9. Bravo11 changed to Ovarb11 a few years ago. Always had Good/Great input. I likened him to Laidback, Syn & Chuck. Go Abadi Go Parlimiment Go HCL YJ
  10. Thanks Beauti, and Three in one as well, I appreciate all that you do for us here YJ
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