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  1. Thanks Beauti, and Three in one as well, I appreciate all that you do for us here YJ
  2. This has got to be a bogus article! Davis, I know you want to be prez...can you do Prime Minister?
  3. YukonJohn

    Adam Montana Weekly 30 May 2018

    That was GREAT!!!! Thanks Adam!
  4. Thanks for the post Pitcher, Appreciate your hard work! You're on a roll, keep them coming! YJ
  5. YukonJohn

    Put Your IQD Away...No RV Until After Elections.

    I know the feeling Star, year after year the anticipation produces nothing. With all the advances Iraq has made in the last year or two I would suggest holding on through May. It may well be worth the wait. Fingers crossed. YJ
  6. YukonJohn

    The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    Thanks Thug! The fat lady is wanting to step on stage me thinks!
  7. Golf claps and butt cheek claps in harmony...what a beautiful thing. You guys are funny!
  8. Who's Bravo 11 ??? Bravo 11 posted frequently many moons ago. I always looked forward to reading his post as I do presently with so may knowledgeable members out there such as yourself, Master Yota, Chuck, Synopsis, LGD, Buti, SW Florida Guy...don't know where to stop.What a tremendous group we have here that shares their insights and with everyone. Later on Bravo 11, I believe, posted as 11 Ovarb. A very articulate individual who posted very well thought out comments. YJ
  9. Thanks Newbie... I miss Foghorn Leghorn! One of my all-time favorites!
  10. Ya, what the sleepy guy said. Lots of weaknesses we know ! Go Abadi, you can fix this!
  11. YukonJohn

    CBI News 12/03/2017

    Of the two options available, I selected upload photo I believe it was. Then I positioned the driver's license at a slight angle with a stick of chapstick underneath it facing natural daylight and put my tablet on a 2-second delay so I could get it very steady with no shadow. Front, rear and then a selfie after which it began processing. The 2-3 minute processing actually took overnight and the next morning there was an email that said "Success, your ID has been verified ". I was extremely relieved as it was very trying on my patience at that point. I wish you the best of luck YJ
  12. YukonJohn

    CBI News 12/03/2017

    Me as well Gg11, I had a birthday about a month ago and realized my driver's license was expired, a temporary DL was not acceptable and I went three weeks with your same feeling about not getting identity verified. My new drivers license showed up in the mail the other day and with my first front and rear photographs + a selfie it was approved. A great deal of frustration for sure so I totally understand your situation. I am waiting for funds to be landed and then I can start making purchases... I feel like I missed a window of opportunity. Your not alone, coinbase has been imploded with business no doubt. A great sign of relief came today as I stepped back and thought we're still on the forefront of this crypto mania. Have patience and persevere. Lots of great mentors in this group to lead us along our journey. YJ

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