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  1. The council of ministers passes laws when they think they’re ready for parliament. Then parliament votes, argues, votes again, argues and then votes a third time where it becomes law. The hcl has been to parliament but is always too contentious to make it to the third vote.
  2. mally2

    Go Iraq Part 5

    They come to a half-assed patchwork agreement every year and write it into the budget law for the year. We dont want that kind of agreement, we want the hcl which will be more permanent and legally binding...wont have to be debated every consequent budget year.
  3. mally2

    Go Iraq Part 5

    Shots fired in the bro-down trade war...
  4. mally2

    Go Iraq Part 4

    I believe this is the key sentence "should remain in effect until the implementation of its provisions," I think the supreme court is saying keep the doing what we've been doing until you are ready to implement new provisions to article 140 which have been voted on. I don't think it's a big or important ruling, I think the important thing is they agree on what the long term borders are going to be within the country. Bro.
  5. I don’t get why people who have been on this ride for years are jumping at this? It’s normal for them to use . Like we use , they always have?? Exciting they’re talking about international use though.
  6. The picture comes from a 2018 article and has the following caption under it in the article ‘A man holds up preserved specimens of Ten Iraqi Dinar banknotes, during a historical relic auction at the Moudallal cafe, Arabic for "pampered", in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.’ doesn’t say the year but this is some past 10 dinar note
  7. I guess the 1 trillion dollar 104 acre one we built in the green zone isnt close enough, whats another 600 million.
  8. If they are going to rv of course some unique things may happen but they say that bit about the possibility to come back for an extraordinary session to pass the broken laws every time they go on recess. Its empty pablum
  9. Interesting DWS. Maybe they want to show the lower denoms that have been withdrawn because they are about to introduce new lower denoms.
  10. And now they are gone from the schedule. Geez, its like its the UN's turn to mess with dinarland.
  11. Looks like they moved Iraq back a few spots. Check that schedule again.
  12. If you go to the UN twitter page they had a live stream up. Im at work but about 20 minutes ago Ghana was on stage so still quite a few away from Iraq's slot if they are indeed on the list.
  13. Hmmm, interesting. And its says its Abadi speaking, did he sneak off to NY this morning?
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