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  1. Nice article. Yes Iraq, lets see the new economy asap.
  2. It’s less now, this is from article yesterday on previous page. The Iraqi government intends to pay the last batch of compensation for the Kuwait war, before the end of this year, after depositing, the day before yesterday (Tuesday), more than 207 million US dollars, in the compensation account with the US Federal Reserve, to end the compensation file completely.
  3. As anyone who has been on this ride for several years can attest, we've all thought this was it before. Im feeling that again, great news in this article and thread. Thx Yota
  4. Saudi riyal is 1/100 currency. Iraqi dinar is 1/1000 currency. One unit of a riyal is a qirsh 1/100, one unit of a dinar is a fil 1/1000. I'd think the plan involves a dinar worth quite a bit more than the riyal but theres various ways to get there, hoping for the best.
  5. The leader of the Sadrist movement pledged that "from now on, the government or the parties will not have control over the money and bounties, but rather it is for the people, and the people's oil is for the people, and we will work to raise the level of the Iraqi dinar to be in the ranks of global currencies gradually."
  6. This is just my opinion. This is not the HCL, that is a stand alone piece of legislation but if and when we ever see the hcl it involves profit sharing for all Iraqi citizens to get paid based on oil sales. Just like all people in Alaska get a small check for oil sales. IMO this law is more closely related to and linked to the hcl than the budget law which gets celebrated as being the hcl dozens of times a year in dinarland every time a new one is negotiated and worked on. This law reads to me like they are getting things in order to profit share with the citizens from oil sales...thus we might be close to them legislating the hydrocarbon law. I believe this can will continue to be kicked until we see reforms involving their currency.
  7. Sounds good, thx yota. All part of the hcl sharing the oil revenues. Seems to me currency reform will take place before or around the same time.
  8. Has anyone seen a date for this Arab summit coming up? I’ve only skimmed the articles and seen ‘By Months end’? Might be a good time for announcements ?
  9. Interesting to emphasize this now. Maybe a change in the dinar status to being more internationally convertible would cause concerns about their liabilities and legal protections.
  10. Even after a decade plus of reading the Iraqi news I cant recall if this is normal. From what I can tell from google this holiday is technically only Monday and Tuesday next week so why are they shutting down for the whole week?
  11. The mere fact that they used a unit of 1000 fils still for the new Iraqi currency vs a denomination unit of 100 like the Saudis despite the fact that the new dinar was going to be worth a fraction of a penny tells you the long term plan is to have it worth well over a buck again some day. Doesn't mean our current denominations will be but thats where the "speculation" aspect comes in.
  12. Yota and Luigi, our hard hitting news hounds 😆
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