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  1. Appears to be Virgo and Leo. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Frank had somebody in Kurdistan talking to a currency exchange office and he was explaining how the dinar went ‘up’ two days earlier but what he was saying is it went to 180,000 to 100 vs the 130000 it’s supposed to be. The same thing we’ve been seeing in articles for months. The guy said this is just in country, which is true because externally we’d buy at official rate of 1300 or whatever. Totally run of the mill info that matches the news but frank in typical fashion misinterpreted this and implied it was some kind of positive in country move which it wasn’t
  3. I believe they are talking about a general war on terror bill which also originated in 03 and is being used in regions like Ukrain now. But bills go house then senate so the Iraq war declaration was revoked just this last spring and is done
  4. It happened last march
  5. Sorry premature post, also began after 911 in 2002.
  6. Hmm, I thought this was old news. Confusing when I googled it. Lots of articles from march saying senate passed a bill to end it then regarding Iraq. Think that’s done already. I think what they’re debating now is the general “war on terror’ bill which Iraq was part of and also began after i11
  7. If the tenth day of Muharram al-Haram is a federal holiday we really need Super Bowl Monday.
  8. Muharram al-Haram Is the first month of the Islamic calendar right? So day off for tenth day of first month?
  9. Remember Kazemi and the white paper to reforms followed by an election and in ordinate amount of time (more than was legal I think) to form a new government. Remember when they finally did form a coalition and told us part of the arrangement was the stuck laws including the hcl will be passed within 6 months? I don’t know what’s binding but here we are…crunch time
  10. Considering these remarks are made at “a workshop on the strategy of joining the wto” I’d say not quite done.
  11. Thanks Yota, interesting read with my going international with a higher rate goggles on.
  12. Every single time they’ve passed a budget there has been an agreement on how oil revenues will be handled since they still don’t have the hcl passed. This one is no different except this one is a three year budget with lots of rebuilding Iraq baked in. We’re yet to see if that’s good enough for them to cement these agreements into law beyond expiring budget laws with the hcl now being voted on. They’re talking a good game which is typical.
  13. It’s literally the president of Kenya talking about a new system there, in Kenya. Of course we’re hopeful this is a global change and our timing in Iraq is similar but you’re not even making sense.
  14. I would add it’s the president of Kenya speaking. He says first that those holding dollars are going to experience losses, I think implying the Kenyan shilling will be increasing in value vs the usd. He also says that Kenyan fuel companies will no longer be buying energy in dollars but instead Kenyan shillings. Now imagine countries no longer need dollars to buy oil from Mideast countries but instead have to deal directly with their currencies. What happens to the value of the usd? We could be in for some very turbulent times but it also may be the of our wait on the dinar
  15. Great stuff. Maybe this multipolar world financial system where the dollar isn’t the universal chit is about to hit with start of the second quarter.
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