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  1. far-far away land, you know where Shrek lives
  2. Would they be offering them $3 milion dinars or 3 million usd,if Christians were displaced that means they possibly have ways to convert dinars into USD.. Would the Iraqi Gov. Do that?
  3. That may have been the day i called ? my name is Jay, Did you notice how quick he made sure i didnt reveal how much dinars i had ? i thought it was because he didnt want his listeners to get any good ideas about investing.... Once again, are these personal opinions ? If so where is he getting his Intel ?
  4. When RV happens will there be fireworks, will page have RV all over it ? What will we see when it happens
  5. Thats whats so puzzling,you would think these types of guys would have this type of info? are they that much out of the loop ?
  6. Great " News1st" type Info ! Thanks for the post , now thats why I joined DinarVets
  7. Did anyone hear me ask The Clark Howard Radio Show? He said was a scam, what info do they have different from most Dinarvet's members? Or is this what the media has been told to say. I like to joke an say that it's so that so many people won't run out and buy and effect the rv. Wishful thinking maybe .... If anyone heard that radio show please tell me if you heard between the lines too?
  8. RV is going to happen when RV(recreational Vehical) Season comes
  9. whoever posted that they were selling dinars is full of sh!7 ! they had enough money to invest $3-4,000 , but now they want to sell ,for what, to get a few thousand back , whether it RV's or not.... doesnt make since... unless they stole them. I think its just to get a rise out of everyone
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