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  1. Thanks Dinarock really encouriging and positive you im in this investment around 2005 or ..i have a millón and some thousands more...for last years i've been strugling with a lot thanks God on this last months everything changed for i have a strong feel that a RV will be another blessing from God... im sure He wants Iraq be a democrátic and free the people can live happy and in peace...nothing is imposible for RV is coming ¡
  2. Siemmens and GE signed contracts to build power plants and improve the grid..of course a RV will bring more companies ..and no more power from insanians
  3. Thanks Botswana for so great post really encouriging and appreciated..a lots of great news are coming and for years more than ever i feel that the dinar will be rv...thanks again¡.. "The Commission is determined to make these changes during the next phase "
  4. """"They signed deals to invest in energy as well as increase sales of Iranian gas and electricity to Iraq. ****The big issue being that Iraq will be a major source of dollars for Iran, still needed as it winds down domestic use of our currency.**** . Any kind of you can clarify this part i don't understand please...this part say that after signed agreement beetwen Iraq and insanians will be a major source of dollars for insanians....ok..all i understand according US sanctions all payments Iraq make to insanians should be with Iraquí dinars...where that major source of dollars the article say come from ??...the real intention US has in applying those severe sanctions is to crush insanian economy to receiving those terrorist dollars from banks in every country..thanks all of you for so great posts!
  5. Cursed is he already!..severe sanctions are working..but more are coming...just a little bit more pain and you will see who is cursed..just a little bit more pain..
  6. Ebay is selling 25000 notes ..89.89.....27......29.77.....48.....29.77 .....4x25000 139.90...
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