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  1. Thanks 6yl for your post.. this very patriotic senator point very interesting view and real situación that affect international RV ********************************************** "A US businessman can get a multi-entry visa to Erbil “pretty quickly,” Duckworth said, but a visa to Baghdad takes three months, and then it is a single-entry visa. Of course, no foreign business can operate under such circumstances. Moreover, Iraq’s financial sector needs to be brought up to international standards. "
  2. Yes Sir ...never killing innocent civilians has been or will be considered beautiful fanatism ..ignorance ...supersticion ..evil ,etc ..brain washed people do terrible things waiting to go heaven to enjoy virgins forever with allah ...
  3. Ok iraqi economists ..follow this guy and make a change on the dinar : 1 = 1 usd
  4. That's really good idea Pitcher¡¡ ..first a warning ..if they don't understand then let's say a nice remainder ...LOL¡¡
  5. Thank you LB ..Theseus and others.. yep your're right...till govertment be formed we can't anticipate anything...going to delete from my neuronal hard disk data that says RV tomorrow..that's no realistic...ok time for a deep breath...and be positive about next opportunity window...damned rollercoaster ..sometimes I don't know when Í cross the line between good judgment and insanity ...he he ¡ ..have a good time everybody
  6. Yes Sir ..the best part "Activate the reforms and launch that toilet paper currency onto the Global Stage....1=1
  7. Thsnk you yota for your time posting so good news+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Affordable containers where insanians can storage the oil they can't sell.
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