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  1. Hi, Just received an e-mail from Buyer/Seller of dinar telling me that his buying price has increased from $750 to $800 per million, does this mean that something is about to happen😀
  2. I have had my dinar since 2004 and from what I read every day I feel that it will be a long long time before this miracle occurs, hold ups after hold ups, this excuse, that reason, I can’t understand why they just don’t go ahead and do it.
  3. Hi you offering $2,600, where are you?.
  4. Hi, I am based in the U.K. and have 3;551,000 dinar to sell all uncirculated, any offers.
  5. Ali mentions in his chat that the court has ratified someone as P.M. and it is for the government to announce it. It is unusual for Ali to make such positive statements. I cannot see that mentioned in the news anywhere and would be interested as to where his information came from.
  6. Here in the U.K. we had an election last Thursday the counts were complete by midday on the Friday and by the end of Friday we knew the result ( a hung parliament) exactly the same as Iraq and here we are by the following week a coalisation government of the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. Iraq had their election in the first week of March and by mid May they still have not sorted things out and have still not completed the count. By this rate you can forget about a R.V. of the currency for at least another couple of years, in fact I would not mind betting that we will have the 2012 Olympics before it happens. Why does everything take such a long time to happen over there are they totally incapable of making any decisions????
  7. I am somewhat confused about the smaller denoms only just being delivered to the banks when we have been told many times that they have been at the banks for quite some time ????
  8. Hi gman, Have only just read this section for the first time could you let me know what your investment opp was??
  9. Yes that article appeared in todays Daily Mail here in the U.K The thing that stands out to me is that a few months ago this deal would not have happened, If I remember correctly a lot of the Oil companies refused to accept deals on the basis that the profit margins were to low and here we are with a profit of $1,9 per barrel????.
  10. What do you define as a long time, days, weeks, months, years? Do you not think that joining the WTO or the GCC come into the equasion. They cannot become a member of either of these without a R.V.
  11. I take on board all those points, my only question I would have thought when the Dinar rvs it will openly float on the foreign exchange and then it finds its own rate, is that not so.
  12. Hi I am Mike, I have been an invester in the dinar since 2004. I have been invited over here by Adam after having been banned at Dinarspeculator. All I did was ask for some facts with regard to some of the rumours over there. Received message banned never to be rescinded and no reason I have asked an explanation but I doubt whether I will receive an answer. I does put doubt in my mind as to an validity in anything that is posted on that site. Well my question is are we any where near seeing an RV/RI happening in the near future. Also can anyone confirm the following is Iraq aboiut to receive a loan from the IMF is dedollarisation about to happen and are they due to pay China any money.
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