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  1. Wow! Considering, lobster sells for $16.99 per pound, here, I don't blame the Lobstermen....Someone is making money and it's definitely not them.
  2. Happy Birthday! Hope your day was beautiful, just like you!
  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I watched a documentary on albino animals in the wild and fell in love with a white male lion. It was ghostly and majestic at the same time. Beautiful animal.
  4. Duplicate post. This post, posted by Yota at 6:46 am on Thursday, April 20th, 2012. Closing this thread.
  5. Hmmm....this humor is VAGUELY, familiar. And "Black Swan" is no misnomer!
  6. JayLee, it's how you said it. It sounds ugly and arrogant. Oh, and believe me....someone with a "wealthy-mindset" wouldn't have bought at $10k per million, either. AND...if they did, they would be on here whining just like the "poor-minded" (you dubbed) people.
  7. Okane, never mind JayLee. Just remember, those who are last in this world, are first in HIS kingdom.
  8. Thank you! whatsthis! Even rebels have rules to live by!
  9. Umbertino is a gem! He has excellent taste in music and has a romantic flare when traveling! Hmmm....a girl could dream!
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