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  1. No the oil law has not passed. 18 years now. And it has been moved to the next session. The real question is...does it need to be passed for an rv?
  2. Lets say the trinity is true. That it is really required for humans to know God. Trinitarians, of course, agree. But they insist that we must have the "true" knowledge of the "three persons-in-one God" (in contrast to the knowledge that God is one person alone, the Father. This would mean, then, if the trinity doctrine were really true, that God's chosen people never worshiped God in truth Jn 4:24. This would mean, of course, that Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, King David, Daniel, Isaiah, Elijah, and all the rest of the inspired prophets of God, inspired writers of scripture, e
  3. Thanks Ron. When will this supposed campaign start?
  4. Well Jeff is posted up there. And I got to thinking how he was selling us an RV at the end of March beginning of april REALLY hard with this 100% facts. Now with the post above and all of april, he says we are years away etc. Started getting mad that as soon as he failed in his predictions, he opens up a patreon and is charging people for his lies now. I saw the number of people paying him. And his phone number is prominently displayed at the top. So I looked up his phone number and lo and behold his last name and address were there. I decided to post them. Another guru that was in sem
  5. Oh p.s. New York Kevin. ALL of the gurus....ALL of them have been doxxed for years on a blogspot which I will not name here but it includes all of their pictures. For years. DD is there, Tlar, TonyTNT, Rayray, Jonny WV and many more. Adam even is on there. So please save us your righteous indignation. And in addition to everything I have already said....Jeffy even put videos of himself and what he looks like for years on youtube. So yeah, he doxxed himself. Phone number, state, name and video evidence.
  6. Forgot to add....So Jeff puts out his real first name, his real state he lives in , and his real phone number.....all out on the net on EVERY ONE of his videos.....But here I am the guy that supposedly doxxes him. Huh?
  7. Well the guy does post his telephone number on all his videos sir. He doxxed himself. The guy is not even a member here. Heck frank puts his telephone out for all to see too. His name is Space Cowboy. They expose themselves. So nothing I did was wrong sir.
  8. Well isnt most information unasked for? News pops up all the time when I scroll through Yahoo that I didnt ask for. So.... No my intention for doing this is two fold. A few weeks ago a member lied about me claiming I was Jeff. I am showing again that I am not. Anyone is free to go to that address to see for themselves Secondly, I hate liars. Despise them. Jeff is a liar. This was not hard at all. HE posts his phone number on all his videos. All I did is go to reverse phone and bam, it spit out all his info. Anyone could have done it. No hacking required.
  9. Jeff Alan Perysian age 45 2910 E Emelita Ave, Mesa, AZ 85204-4712 Now we know who Jeffy is.
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