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  1. The BS is you. You have been batting 7 months....EVERY week you say it. I am surprised it is not everyday. People like you, greedydinar, engline proclaim it often that isnt happening, yet you return to this site to state it all the time.. I dont understand dinar trolls. If you truly thought like you do, why wouldnt you not come back here till march of next year to see? But nope...this coming week you will again say a few more times it isnt happening blah blah. I dont see what you get out of it. Really? Some kind of emotional need you fill by doing so? I think you should see a shrinik myself. Do you do this kind of action in your private life? Call your ex wife to cuss her out weekly perhaps? Have a dartboard at home and you chuck a few at your bosses picture every other day? I will never understand negative people like yourself. See if I hated a movie, I wouldnt go see it every week then try to talk to people in the parking lot or lobby of how terrible it is....THEN go see it the next week and do the same thing. People like you are weird to me.
  2. Oh good. I thought you were gonna let a week go by before you would say it isnt going to happen. Good thing you did. Dont wanna break your record.
  3. Mtn Goat is not telling the truth. Notice she gives no article about what she claims. WHERE does the finance minister say that?
  4. I wonder what Aritech gets out of saying that every week. Go through his comments. I did. It seems every year at least once a week he is bellyaching and complaining like a child about this. I personally think he desperately wants followers.
  5. What Is Civil Asset Forfeiture? - King Law (
  6. No one is asking Kap his opinion. He just continues to tug on that leg dont he?
  7. I dont know why you guys think the hcl is somehow tied to raising the value....Two different things.
  8. Because EVERYTHING has trolls. Heck even mother teresa had trolls. Kap is a troll. Been banned here and many other places that he has to use a new name of nord....I ignore him.
  9. So Jeff has people paying him.....for him to tell them it will lop. And you actually have over 60 idiots paying this guy. Hilarious.
  10. Good! Let me know where to join it. They banned my facebook and twitter pages forever.
  11. !. I thought you grandiosly said you were putting me on ignore. 2. Markinsa told both of us not to respond to each other ever again, which you just broke. @Markinsa 3. Again anyone can check where my ip is from. If it is from Arizona then you have a case that I am zeffy, if not then man up and apologize. Please stop responding to me. What makes a person ignore the mods like you do to have a compulsion to respond to me? The only thing I can think of is that you are ***. Sorry I am not. Go find someone else.
  12. I have no idea why the SAME ones come here to say EVERY SINGLE TIME....sTiLl aLoT of wOrK to DDo. No rv tHiS yEaR Dont they have something better to do with their life? Every single day they come here saying the same caca. What do they get out of complaining all of the time? It must fill some emotional need... Yeah not coming here anymore. You guys are all emotional vampires.
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