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  1. Steve Harvey’s mind tricks do not work on me! Come on RV Baby!!! 😉
  2. I hear yah there paperboy...but let’s take it one step further...”inside or out”? Do you want your stuffing/dressing cooked “inside the bird or outside”? 😳 I was a hardcore “inside the bird guy till my wife wife convinced me with this simple fact...she said...” I can make twice as much stuffing/dressing outside the bird as inside”. Well my momma didn’t raise no fools...serve up that double portion with lots of gravy on top and some sweet potatoes and cranberries on the side! Lawrd I made myself hungry! 😋
  3. And so the celery war has begun! 😆 Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!!! 😉🦃
  4. Adam and your wonderful Mod bout we DVer’s make this years celebration “Sandfly Day”! That way we cover “Thanks”giving and support our military vets at the same time! 😉 Come On RV Baby!!! 😊
  5. Dear Adam and your wonderful Mod Squad....”Are we there yet?”😆 I would love to walk out of work before Black Friday! 😉
  6. Sandfly Adam and your wonderful Mod Squad! Another week but still there is a sort of anticipation in the air that I haven’t noticed in quite a while. So ready or not.... 😉
  7. Sandfly Adam and your Mod Squad! Hoping this unrest leads to pushing that RV button “right quick” (Sorry...I’m still allergic to the dreaded “S” word).
  8. Sandfly Adam and your awesome “Mod Squad”! I believe I’m like many of us here in thinkin’ this thing happening now couldn’t come at a better time! Come On RV Baby!!!
  9. Sandfly Adam and your wonderful Mod Squad! I just have one thing to say...”Bring it”!!! Come On RV Baby! 😉
  10. Sandfly Adam, and Mod Squad for keepin’ us informed and encouraged on this often times wild ride! Thanks for never forgetting, and honoring those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. September would be good, time for the RV, but whatever the date, it’s been a pleasure getting to know some great folks along the way! 😊 Come On RV Baby! 😉
  11. Sandfly, Sandfly, Sandfly! Translation...Thankful, thankful, thankful! Miss you buddy, 🙏🏼 for your safety brother!
  12. Sandfly Adam and your wonderful Mod Squad...”Bring the rain”!!! Links&utm_term= Come On RV Baby!!! 😉
  13. I don’t know why, but I seldom run out of ammo! You know that makes me? 😳 A lean, mean, plus slingin’ machine!!! Like Texas Granny only I’m shootin’ plus’s, hearts and thank you’s!!! 😆
  14. I hear you bro, but was reminded of a simple fact...let’s put it in gardening terms...if you plant corn your gonna harvest corn, not tomatoes, beans or whatever. What we “plant” in our mind is what will grow to harvest! Of course that don’t mean there won’t be some weeding required along the way (such as pulling those ugly doubts and fears out before they take serious roots). I know it’s been a long haul...but I’m with LGD, the “Suddenly” is upon us! 😉 Come On RV Baby!!! 😎
  15. Sandfly Big Cheese and your amazing “Mod Squad” for another “hot update”! 🔥 Soon my friends, the dreams we have nurtured, almost given up on, and now dusted off, will... I believe, become a reality! Our futures are so bright we’re gonna need sun glasses! 😎 Come On RV Baby!!! 😉
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