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    Lookin' at the NC mountain's from my porch. :o)
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    Enjoying the view with a morning cup of coffee and my honey on the porch... or watchin' the sunset over the mountains... I didn't realize how much I missed em!!! :o)

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  1. RodandStaff

    Adam Montana Weekly 16 January 2019

    Thug...welcome back brother, you were missed! What can I say cept “nobody does it better”! Sandfly Adam...waitin’ for this thing to finally take off!
  2. RodandStaff

    Silly Smiles II

    From the manger to... No wonder why the religious leaders didn’t like him! 😉 Merry Christmas Y’all!!! 🎄
  3. RodandStaff

    Silly Smiles II

    Athletic Steroid use strikes again! 😵😆
  4. RodandStaff

    Silly Smiles II

    Wait a minute...I copy righted that photo from an Artic Adventure...that’s actually a Polar Bear in a blizzard! 😳😆😉
  5. RodandStaff

    Adam Montana 19 December 2018

    Finally a Yule Gibson’s (sp?) moment...I have never forgotten his Grape Nuts commercial where he asked...”ever eat a pine tree?” To which I would always respond “...if you did, you’ld Be sorry”! But Shabbs buddy, I think I could handle that tree!!! 😆 As always...Sandfly Adam and your whole Mod Squad for such a wonderful job over the years! Merry Christmas one and all!!! 🎄 As for the RV...”bring it on”!!! 😉
  6. RodandStaff

    Silly Smiles II

    Deal!!! 😉
  7. RodandStaff

    11 foot 8 inch evil bridge

    Looks like a fair share were rentals or recreational vehicles. But it just shows that even full time drivers have to pay better attention! I was the D.D. at my older brothers wedding when I was very young. His best man got his dad to loan us his really nice RV for me to chauffeur a very inebriated wedding party. When I dropped the Bride and groom off at their hotel I stopped well short of the entrance. The best man (whose dad owned the rig) told me in a very slurred voice...”why the heyall are yu stoppin’ waaaay back here”? I said “because we won’t clear the overhang”. He said no which I said you better go check then! And even in his drunken stupor he declared...”I’m glad one of us is sober!!!” Now if I, as a young man who is driving this rig for the first time can figure that out...there’s not a lot a whole lot of excuses for these drivers! 😳 I will say this though...sometimes roads are repaved and the highway crew forget to change the height on the sign...but with this many accidents I don’t think that’s the case here! 🙄
  8. RodandStaff

    Silly Smiles II

    There’s always room around my campfire buddy...besides, I have pizza and beer! 😉
  9. RodandStaff

    Silly Smiles II

    I remember twice surviving -60 (w/o windchill) and weeks on end at -20...that’s not exactly a fond memory for me...more like a nightmare! 😳 I do miss ice fishing, but I would like a cozy warm ice shack if’n I ever get the chance to do it again!
  10. RodandStaff

    Silly Smiles II

    Will do Gals! 😉
  11. RodandStaff

    Silly Smiles II

    Breaking news.... Southerners don’t know how to drive in this white stuff! Yup...that’s a Charlotte, NC snow plow! They don’t have enough plows as it is! 🙄 I’ll give em a break though, that’s a lot of snow! 😳
  12. RodandStaff

    Good morning dv

    Nice “butt” your Mooseness!!! 😆 How’s life treatin’ you buddy?
  13. RodandStaff

    Adam Montana Weekly 28 November 2018

    Sandfly the meantime we will keep ourselves busy being entertained by photogenic guests to my trail cam! 😆
  14. RodandStaff

    Adam Montana 7 November 2018

    Sandfly Adam and your Mod Squad for all y’all do! This has been a mighty long ride, but ever journey has an ending! 😉
  15. RodandStaff

    Adam Montana 24 October 2018

    “Yoga” buddy...dang spell check Yoda...or has you taken up a new excercise routine buddy! 😉 Either way the force isn’t too happy me messing that one up!

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