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  1. The problem with electric cars is how they produce the electricity. It isn’t all “clean energy”...but as long as people only see the plug-in they think it’s clean and environmentally friendly! In some cases that couldn’t be farther from the truth! 😳
  2. Headin’ in the right direction! 😉 Sandfly Adam and your Mod this investment approaches fruition I have to reflect on all the monkey business (Sorry Thug...but Joe got busted by the Mod’s! 😆), and all the shenanigans y’all have put up with over the years...must be like herding cats! 🥴 Come On Baby RV!!! 😎
  3. Maybe it’s time to give the camel jockeys a little motivation! 😆
  4. I hear you Engine1...the wait has seemed to take forever, but now that I look at the most resent pieces falling into place I wonder how I ever got excited about the whole thing without those pieces in place, but then ...hind sight is 20-20! 🤔 🤓 As for the Vikings, it reminds me of a story I heard about Okie (of Sven and Olie)...he died one day (poor soul), and found himself waking up in a very hot place! 😳 When the devil came and asked him what he thoyof his new home, particular the warm climate, he said “this feels like and average day of baling hay in South Dakota! Mad, the devil when back to the boiler room and told em to crank up the heat seven times hotter than ever before! The next day he asked Olie what he now thought of the “weather”? Olie replies...”oh boy, it duz remind of stackin’ hay in dah hay mownd ov dah barn”! Furious now, the devil is not sure what to do, and out of desperation takes drastic measures! He orders all the furnaces shut down completely! The next morning he smuggly asks Olie what he now thinks of “the weather “? Olie just stares off into space and finally mutters...vell I can’t believz dun finally huppened!!! What, asks the devil? With a tear in his eye Olie says...dah Viking’s huv vun dah Sooper Boel!!! 🏈 Wait for it..............cus hell frooz ober!!! 🙄😉
  5. That may be so...but did they have things ironed out with the Kurds then, or the technology set in place to sustain the banking end of things? Did they have a PM who appears to be a unifying force for the country, and was all the other hurdles taken care of at the time? IMHO we are close my friend...very close to seeing this ride over with! 🤪 Sandfly Adam and your wonderful Mod Squad...nobody does it better! 😉 Come On RV Baby!!! 😎
  6. He’ll be comin’ around the mountain when he comes, when he comes! 😉
  7. Things are certainly lookin’ good! Sandfly for keepin’ it real and upbeat Adam! You and your Mod Squad have certainly earned a few rounds of beverages of your choice when this thing pops! Come On RV Baby! 😎
  8. Waitin’ for the “Suddenly” when everything will be new! 😉
  9. Always amazed by your “slick” humor Thug... you always manage to keep the wheels turnin’ and lubricated around here bro! 😆 Sandfly Adam and your Mod Squad! Even when your batteries running low you always manage to bring “energy” to the room! 😉
  10. Speakin’ of “Boom”...I kid you not, we have been having some interesting weather today here in NC, and as soon as I read the “Boom” in Adams chat a giant thunder boomer cut’s loose in the sky! Yup...thunder and lightning in February! So Adam, I guess my question is...does that count? Just sayin’!!! Sandfly as always! Come On RV Baby! 😎
  11. He popped in quite a while back but haven’t heard anything lately. Miss his drive-by’s!
  12. Sandfly Adam and your Awesome “Mod Squad” for all the years of keepin’ us informed and level headed! 😊 The Mrs. and I have always lived very frugally but with imo a huge milestone coming up...our 40th Wedding Anniversary (I got married when I was 12😆) we felt we needed to do something special. We’ve never splurged on a cruise before and just planning it challenges that ol’ can we justify the cost, there are plenty of other things that money could go for, etc. Im “justifying it” by realizing my Sweetie is worth it #1, and #2, I feel it’s time for a shift in our thinkin’! If we always think like we always thought we will keep gettin’ what we always got! So I don’t know about y’all but I think it’s time for a shift in our mindset...I believe we are here not just to enjoy this life (which we do) but to make an impact on those around us! So crazy as that sounds...I’m thinkin’ it’s time to “expect” a different outcome than the last 10+ yrs.! If there is anybody who has grown tired of the “S” word it’s been me this past few year’s or so! But let’s keep our minds open to the possibilities, and believe that this could finally be Iraq’s time, and our time! Good things come to those who wait, and Lord knows we’ve logged the miles in this waiting process! I really think things are lining up and our loooong awaited “Suddenly “ is coming! Can’t wait to meet a lot of y’all! Cheers! 🥂
  13. Lol...I’ve tried to no avail to get Adam to clean up his language of that dreaded 4 letter word that begins with an “S” but to no avail! I suppose after his text we will just have to forgive him of such vulgarity! 😉🤣 Come On RV Baby!!! 😎
  14. Happy Birthday a seat at the bar for the Mrs. and I and we will celebrate with you! 🍻 Sandfly Adam and your Mod Squad for the great news... Is it too early to put in my notice at work? 😆 Go ahead though, text anytime, I’ll forgive you! 🤣 Come On RV Baby!!! 😎
  15. Sandfly Adam and your Mod Squad, keepin’ it real and gettin’ everything ready for the big day! 😉 Come On RV Baby!!! 🤪
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