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    Enjoying the view with a morning cup of coffee and my honey on the porch... or watchin' the sunset over the mountains... I didn't realize how much I missed em!!! :o)

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  1. Sandfly Adam and your Mod Squad! Hoping this unrest leads to pushing that RV button “right quick” (Sorry...I’m still allergic to the dreaded “S” word).
  2. Sandfly Adam and your awesome “Mod Squad”! I believe I’m like many of us here in thinkin’ this thing happening now couldn’t come at a better time! Come On RV Baby!!!
  3. Sandfly Adam and your wonderful Mod Squad! I just have one thing to say...”Bring it”!!! Come On RV Baby! 😉
  4. Sandfly Adam, and Mod Squad for keepin’ us informed and encouraged on this often times wild ride! Thanks for never forgetting, and honoring those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. September would be good, time for the RV, but whatever the date, it’s been a pleasure getting to know some great folks along the way! 😊 Come On RV Baby! 😉
  5. Sandfly, Sandfly, Sandfly! Translation...Thankful, thankful, thankful! Miss you buddy, 🙏🏼 for your safety brother!
  6. Sandfly Adam and your wonderful Mod Squad...”Bring the rain”!!! Links&utm_term= Come On RV Baby!!! 😉
  7. I don’t know why, but I seldom run out of ammo! You know that makes me? 😳 A lean, mean, plus slingin’ machine!!! Like Texas Granny only I’m shootin’ plus’s, hearts and thank you’s!!! 😆
  8. I hear you bro, but was reminded of a simple fact...let’s put it in gardening terms...if you plant corn your gonna harvest corn, not tomatoes, beans or whatever. What we “plant” in our mind is what will grow to harvest! Of course that don’t mean there won’t be some weeding required along the way (such as pulling those ugly doubts and fears out before they take serious roots). I know it’s been a long haul...but I’m with LGD, the “Suddenly” is upon us! 😉 Come On RV Baby!!! 😎
  9. Sandfly Big Cheese and your amazing “Mod Squad” for another “hot update”! 🔥 Soon my friends, the dreams we have nurtured, almost given up on, and now dusted off, will... I believe, become a reality! Our futures are so bright we’re gonna need sun glasses! 😎 Come On RV Baby!!! 😉
  10. I luv a good steak...but not that much! 🤢
  11. Sandfly for the positive updates Sr. Cheese Head, and your most auspicious Mod Squad! Let’s make a deal...if we are on the verge of the long awaited glorious celebration y’all in Cheeseland can bring the cheese curds and other cheese delectables, and little ol’ Rod will bring the amazing local wines and craft beers from my adopted state of NC to Belize! (you can’t have a celebration without first class cheese and spirits!). Deal or no deal? Come On RV Baby!!!
  12. Me too! In fact some days I don’t remember my own name! 🙄
  13. That reminds me of the guy who died and went to Heaven LGD. When he was ushered thru the Pearly gates and met by Saint Peter, Peter noticed the man was carrying what appeared to be a very heavy suitcase. St. Peter then said we have everything you’ll ever need here so why did you bring a suitcase? The man responded... well I came prepared with my savings portfolio. Peter then looked inside the case and noticed it was full of bright shiny gold bars. St. Peter then looked dumbfounded and asked...”why did you bring pavement “??? 😳
  14. I’m sure this bulletproof model would save some “painful” moments! 😆
  15. GTA...been there buddy, but no matter how hard things got (and they got hard, very hard at times) I just hung on in faith that it would all work out and this investment would pay off “someday”. Well I think that “someday” is upon our good truckin’ buddy would say...” suddenly”! “Trust it’s gonna work out”...that’s the best currency you can build your life on, the rest is just icing on the cake! I’m lookin’ for some cake-n-ice cream soon... and plenty of celebratory adult beverages, and some grilled pizza, lots and lots of grilled pizza! 😆 Sandfly Adam and your wonderful Mod have always leveled with us and gave us hope. Cheers! 🍻
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