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  1. DB LOL... you are funny Mark It has been a nice thread till CNN news come in.. so we kinda off the radar for a few minutes
  2. TBomb Thank you. Well.. I guess they got the contract like everyone else they have to compete and win
  3. Deb I am sorry about it.. you should not not be treated that way and you should not go away because of her. I have tasted her forked tongue. Even though there is a rift between her and I, I tried not to take it publicly here nor i. But seems she is out there to so called "expose" me and has been stalking this thread and of course since she can't make comment here.. the thread is brought to D. Daily and she could say what she wants and she has small audience there. I have been nothing but a friend to her. I have worked on the mods here to get her off the mod review and I had to help watch her and she took out her forked tongue and got banned for life. She knew what was the conditions of her being off the mod review and she understood it and promised me she wouldn't do it.. but yet when I was alerted, she was mad why I knew about it. I didn't babysit her, she is an adult and I thought pretty smart As you can see from the thread that I didn't respond to her.
  4. I am working on it. If I am in this for myself.. I would have shut my mouth and not share with you. I feel for all of us. Anyway I can help, I do it even though it costs me money and time. I will see what I can do. If you are interested.. I will let you know
  5. Mrparrot Nevada ? that is dessert.. I have a better place Glad you bring it the more the merrier How much rumor you want to sitr up about the news..? because if I open up another can of worm, there will be some people mad here for what they are called The more I think about this, Thuzzie... I am not giving her any satisfaction.. let her steam because she ain't worth my time Thank you for your help though.. I appreciate it
  6. So, to save everyone time to read the thread brought by Dinar Thug, here is what I got to say Yes, someone said a couple weeks ago I am a scammer and a pumper. I am not a pumper nor I am a scammer. I am not paid by any dinar dealer to write Nadita File.. I want to do it to help and bring some facts to the dinar world because I have been there once hanging on to every word gurus said. You can cross check reference Nadita File and it's all in the news and facts. You might not know me well here but if you go to DV and ask about me a lot of them can tell you their opinion about me. I don't need to be here because my main site is dinar vets.. but I am here because I like Ponee. She gave us a place to meet while dinar vets's site was down and I am grateful. So, I started to birng Nadita File here and she gave me my own forum and I am thankful. Ponee knows me and it might not be on personal level but she knows who I am. I am like you started as dinarians but along the way, I have met friends and we share information, just happened one of the friends through business deal met someone who is connected that made the connection for us to make it happen. This has been a work for the last three months. Why I can speak..? because I am not under NDA and it's straight currency exchange not even asking for SSN. Without connection, you cannot exchange period but it's happening right now. If I could take a shot of this, China is getting paid for the US bonds in the form of oil credits by getting dinar. I am sharing because I know a lot of dinarians are hanging by the thread and I am hoping to share something. I am going to do humanitarian funds for dinarians who want to be helped and if they don't.. I am not twisting anybody's hands Because of the comments here, I might be selective in whom I help. All I want to do is help but I also understand, it has to be based on trust.. if you don't trust me, I will not want to help you because even the slightest mistake will be big. Think what you want to think about me, bash me anyway you want, call me anything you want but there are a few dinarians like yourself being helped. Oh.. one more thing.. I am not paid by Adam Montana at DV to pump his site.. in fact, I paid him a lot of money to be in his VIP and OSI group since then, I have decided to abort the plan and I am not huffing and puffing for the money I spent because I consider it education. I am not arguing about all of this.. I am trying to share information.. take it or leave it.. up to you
  7. Thuzzie You go around searching for your news.. Glad you bring it in to DV because I don't need to explain myself again Thank you very much To add to my comment above.. there are just some people not worth my time and one of them is your friend GG There is always someone trying to make your life miserable and I am wise enough to just roll it off my back and let them steam
  8. I didn't mention an rv rate.. I said the rate is good and I didn't say how much, did I..? To be honest with you.. what I said doesn't make sense and sound fishy and have been said many times in dinar world and I have heard them all too. You are entitled whether you want to believe it or not because some of my friends don't believe it too... but some brave ones believe and go in and now some that don't believe, wish they got in the boat. I have heard many bank stories too and I have gone and asked my personal banker and got a response from her a year ago but never really pursued where I bugged her all the time. I thought they would laugh at our face if we were to tell them where the money comes from, we were taken by surprise. DB You make me cry lol thank you I know what I got myself into it.. in fact I got another bank story from another friend but I have to ask him if it's okay to tell his story lol In fact, I share more in your group than anywhere else.. you hear it word by word as I receive it and some of you who know me outside of DV, also get the same thing
  9. I hear you about an rv and I am looking forward to the rv too but sorry to rub it in you.. my waiting will be sweeter
  10. Tuck Thank you.. the fact I have not spun Nadita File is that because there is no more news and I can't make up stories to continue Nadita File. All I heard it's done and why it's rv yet.. we scratch our head and yet we know why. I have been on to this for the last three months and it's coming together and I am trying to find a way to help other dinarians who want to be helped.. I guess I have to be selective now lol Thank you, Deb
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