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  1. that would be 10 times my original investment of $3000 : but here we are still stuck with 1/10 of a penny year after year : so why can't they RV at anything at all ?
  2. my local Wells Fargo bank is 4 blocks down the street : the new sign today said ' no 800 numbers necessary ' and, ' free camping next door '
  3. correct and it applies to my theory : investing $ 3000 in hopes of making millions
  4. top of the page : Adam's 'Cashing -in - Guide '
  5. i doubt if the I.R.S. has any policy regarding cashing in Iraq Dinar : are they going to single out one currency to figure out a ' Special Tax ' ?
  6. i was looking at my Iqd and only have the DeLarue certification from Dinar Trade : will that affect cashing in ?
  7. at this point in time ( 6 years ) : how many people would cash-in for whatever they can get ? a one penny RV would give me $ 30,000 on my original $ 3000 investment
  8. nobody where i live even heard about the IQD, or bought any
  9. exchanging one currency for another one should not even be taxed : in Costa Rica numerous times, nobody said anything : and there is no proof regarding what you paid for your IQD
  10. go to your local bank when or if the RV hits : there are no redemption centers for the IQD
  11. Iraq is producing 4.5. million barrels a day...ranked # 6 in the world : Kuwait is producing 2.9. million barrels a day....ranked # 9 in the world : today's KWD exchange rate is $ 3.04 USD to one KWD : Iraq remains the pathetic 1/10 of a cent
  12. One Penny gets mine : $3000 bucks turns into $30,000
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