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  1. one2one

    What no new Bank Stories?

    true story from last week : standing in line at my local Wells Fargo, there was a display ( about head high ) the brochure said " foreign currency exchange " ? this is a small town, and nobody hardly goes overseas
  2. my Wells Fargo bank is 4 blocks down the street--i can save walking by calling 800 # : actually, how can anybody be so stupid as to cash-in over the phone ?
  3. i got hacked by ransomware by visiting a ' cooking recipe website '-they wanted $180 to update windows i turned the info over to the local cops and filed a report with microsoft--fixed now and paid nothing the tip--turn off computer immediately
  4. one2one


    nobody has mentioned cashing in small amounts--like at the airport--any taxes ? i doubt it : or walking across the mexico border at Laredo and exchange for Pesos--come back and deposit them here ?
  5. one2one


    right now i don't care about taxes or the spread--just cash in and get what i can--adios
  6. one2one


    i doubt if anybody in the I.R.S. has even thought about the IQD ; nobody in my town ever heard of it and bought any--except me
  7. one2one


    i exchanged currency in costa rica countless times---going in and out, nobody said anything. now, if i go to my Wells Fargo bank and exchange millions of IQD, there is obviously a record. i can easily ' sneak ' money into a foreign country to cash-in
  8. this is a mystery to me, today's rate is 1 kwd = 3.29 usd. oil production Iraq # 3---Kuwait # 7 [ 2017 numbers ] IQD remains 1/10 of one cent give me a one penny RV and my original $3000 investment goes to $30,000
  9. not concerned at all about the spread, cash in and get off this ride
  10. people keep talking about the I.R.S., my point is exchanging in a foreign country : i used to have fishing boats in Costa Rica and carried large amounts of cash and certified checks : no problem at all exchanging one for the other
  11. one2one

    Where is our clown?

    probably gave up after year after year of waiting for the RV--5 minutes a day i visit here : some people are on all dinar sites 24/7
  12. there is no proof regarding how much i paid for my IQD, so where is the profit margin ?
  13. exchanging a few at a time at the airport ? what about that -or walk across the mexican border and exchange for pesos, then come back and exchange for dollars--or fly to belize and exchange there
  14. one2one

    Need a conspiracy section. My thought here only

    Mueller ignores congress and impeaches Trump--then Hillarious takes over and seizes all iraq dinar
  15. one2one

    A Very Merry Christmas From Bruce The Goose.

    i need an 800 number, then i don't have to walk 4 blocks to my Wells Fargo Bank--LOL

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