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  1. U.N. Security Council votes to end several Hussein-era sanctions against Iraq By Colum Lynch Washington Post Staff Writer Wednesday, December 15, 2010; 4:06 PM UNITED NATIONS - More than two decades after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, the U.N. Security Council on Wednesday lifted a raft of sanctions designed to contain Iraq and prevent it from developing weapons of mass destruction. The 15-nation council voted to end restrictions on Iraqi's rights to develop a civilian nuclear program, agreed to restore Iraqi control of its oil revenues within six months and brought an end to the vestiges of the controversial $64 billion oil-for-food program, which allowed Hussein's government to export billions of dollars worth of oil to purchase goods. Vice President Biden presided over the session, which provided the Obama administration with an opportunity to highlight progress in the long, hard political transition in Iraq. Speaking on behalf of the council, Biden said Wednesday's action marked an important recognition of how far Iraq has come in improving its relations with the rest of the world. The passage of the resolutions "brings an end to the burdensome remnants of the dark era of Saddam Hussein," he said. The vote followed years of debate within the council over how to settle the matter of sanctions that had been imposed on the former Iraqi regime but that often seemed irrelevant under a government that had wide backing from the U.N. membership. The council's action will leave several issues outstanding, including a provision that requires Iraq to pay 5 percent of oil revenues to compensate Kuwaiti companies and individuals who suffered losses during the invasion. "My government appreciates the recognition of success we have achieved [and which] lifts another burden on Iraq's recovery, " said Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari. "The adoption of these important resolutions marks the beginning of the end of the sanctions regime and restriction on Iraq's sovereignty, independence and recovery." Although all members of the council credited Iraq with making major strides in normalizing its relations with the outside world, they expressed concern about the delay in the formation of a government and continuing sectarian violence and attacks on ethnic minorities. Zebari assured the council that a new government would be formed "very, very soon." Biden also recognized the difficulties facing Iraq, but he insisted that Iraq was on the way to putting those behind it. "We're particularly concerned about recent attempts to target innocents because of their faith, including both Christians and Muslims,"he said: But he added:"The Iraqi people have emerged from the depths of sectarian violence and they have flatly rejected the grim future offered by extremists and they have earned themselves a chance for much better days ahead."
  2. Regarding you receiving the lower denoms ... could be they were out of the higher amounts. Personally, I wouldn't care as I think (believe, hope) it won't matter to us. regarding the smaller denoms coming out ... we've had lots of info seemingly "confirming" this is true, at least on the bases ... and, yes, if that is fact then it could point to an RV/RI soon. chapter 7 lifted ... much of that could depend on Kuwait .. what are they willing to "forgive" and allow to remain unfulfilled ... returning bodies, artifacts, the money owed, etc., or how much will they negotiate to be done ... we just saw an announcement that the UNSC is going to continue to hold Iraq's money for Kuwait (or oil money, I think) ... .. so, that might indicate that UNSC will still "monitor" those payments even if ch 7 is lifted ... but ... until it is done and I have USD in my hands instead of dinars ... it is all speculation ... but one of the best adventures I've ever been on and hopefully the most lucrative ... and I pray that the iraqi people will see the great improvements they have been promised and that Iraqi individuals will benefit from whatever happens. luckylucy Yes ... maybe, for those who have accounts ... remember, many hold their currency on their bodies or in their homes. Perhaps even if they have bank accounts. Regardless, surely they have some notes in their pockets they would want to exchange for the smaller denoms ... otherwise, what's the point. And, at the same time, getting an appreciated value. What a deal if it is true.
  3. Thanks for posting your observation! ... see, doesn't it feel nice to get a thank you! that's why some post ... many know each other and are just offering support. Some, though, could be posting just to get their "count" up ... I don't know why ... but that is important to some. As long as they are posting nice stuff rather than bashing that's not a bad thing. have a great weekend! ... love the pic! luckylucy
  4. I think the quantity or # of dinars in the order often dictates what they require before shipping a COD.
  5. yep ... I read that in some doc. somewhere ... just can't recall where....
  6. Welcome to DV Scooby Doo .... thanks for your post, but it is probably not wise to post the amount of dinars you own or to ask others to reveal what they have. Just a safety issue. luckylucy
  7. I agree with your comments; and I, too, say Amen to igraham.
  8. On this, we agree, doc. I gave you a point too! keepmwlkn ... !
  9. This was posted so many times that one MOD put some in the "Trash Can" ... I think I've found all the posts you made on this topic, and they are merged here in this thread and placed in LOP Sectoin. By the way ... if you ever need to find your posts or threads again, just go to your profile and in left column under your name (first section) click on "Posts" or "Threads" and you can see all posts and threads (threads are the ones you start) ... and see where they are, etc. If you ever see anything in the trash can, it could be because of an unusually high number of duplicate posts ... or .. could be because member bashing got so bad, we closed and "trashed" it .. but, we never delete a post. Trash Can is kind of like an active archive. Hope this helps ... luckylucy
  10. Yep, I've heard the same. Good suggestion. In fact, I don't think the traders will buy from you if you can't prove a good, legal source.... but ask the traders and bankers. If someone purchases stolen or smuggled dinars (or from any other illegal source), then that person could end up with no dinars and no money. The traders and bankers are in the same position .. they need to know that they have legally purchased or legally obtained dinars.
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