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  1. Really CBI has bought back most of this ?? , Can you please show me a link where it says they have removed most of this money
  2. Who said this?? It is also said that their currency must be revalued in order to make that payment feasible
  3. I tell ya i like this news i mean why would they be doing this if they didn't think they would benefit from it ?? "The reports come just days after Iraq’s Central Bank announced that it would redenominate its currency"
  4. This is very cool but the only thing i see strange out of this is the 50 is different than the ones i hold , Unless they plan to do away with them too who knows OK that explains it
  5. I have to agree with you , I will hold on to my Dinar until something happens , If we sold it without some kind of outcome well them we wouldn't be investors now would we A lot of investors get rich i mean if these people like me and you didn't take a chance well then we wouldn't never see the outcome of anything Wealthy people= Taking chances in life
  6. I will do a little math , So this guy is trying to say that they will completely deplete their oil reserves and other resources to cover a possible 1 to 1 RV cause the 14 trillion doesn't cover the 27trillion dinar and if you have 27 trillion dinar it becomes 27 trillion dollars don't think so sorry HAHA I wish the numbers did lie !!!!
  7. If i could give you 150 +s i would THANK YOU
  8. Hi one thing to keep in mind is that a lot of advertisers will run ads this way just to get you to click the ad then your redirected to a dinar dealer , Remember its just the ad its not always whats behind it
  9. This is got to be one of the funnest threads i have read in a long time
  11. Hey 1 to 1 would be great but what everyone keeps forgetting is you cant have 27 trillion dinar and make it 27 trillion dollars you cant do it and it wont happen..... now you can take 27 billion and do a 1 to 1 but i think we know what has to happen first If you bash this then you need a math lesson
  12. Med says to (17:39:57): I AM TOTALLY SURE OF IT AND WE HAVE NOT BEEN WRONG :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink:
  13. Have a look at the 2 links at the bottom of the pdf one is dated 2007 and the other is dated 2006 they are just complaints where someone was scamming it has nothing to do with risk, Wells Fargo is a good bank , This could be a good sign that they want you to think its a scam
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