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  2. I'm not against Obama, I was just saying if Bush was president, this blessing would have happened already! But I'm just blesse to be apart of it... I will not be impatient but right now, it's more than just the Iraqi people that needs this and Iraq will be great by doing the rv/ri
  3. My honest opinion is Maliki needs to go "quick" or no "RV" anytime soon!!! I also believe he does not agree with democracy, he's just trying to please the "world" but his goal is eventually "dictatorship"... But what I really wanted to say was, if Bush was still president there would of been an RV a long time ago!!! Who agrees???
  4. rdb


    his point is, this is not the 1st so its nothing to lose sleep over! No RV, or at least for the next few hours...
  6. Announcement No. (1854) The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 14-MAR-2011. The results were as follows: DETAILS NOTES Number of banks 18 Auction price selling dinar / US$ 1170 Auction price buying dinar / US$ ----- Amount sold at auction price (US$) 163,988,000 Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) ----- Total offers for buying (US$) 163,988,000 Total offers for selling (US$) ----- Exchange rates Dollar's exchange rates / in Baghdad markets WWW.CBI.IQ
  7. They don't "have" to do anything... But it would be beneficial to do so... All speculation, hopes, wishes, desire, whatever you choose to call it... But... What do I know... Just being prayerful... I do believe!
  8. I believe this is our month! "March 2011 to see an RV... Based on all recent confusing news that we read daily, it is consistenly inconsistent but somewhat great!!! I hope that makes sense because thats exactly what it is... Bottom line, progress is being made... I have so much faith and based on my personal research, i'm 95% sure something great is getting ready to happen... Just wait and see!!! I'm not giving a day and i'm definately not giving a rate... Bottom line we won't be disappointed... the blessing is "almost" here!
  9. This was posted yesterday but nobody commented, isnt this the greatest news to be heard in years??? 10-03-2011 | (Voice of Iraq) – Political Bureau of the Community of the new Iraq 3$ per day for each Iraqi citizen and the abolition of the ration card one of the most requested proposals from the public to improve their standard of living is the allocation of the amount of ($ 3) for every Iraqi citizen a day, Maisawi (90) dollars per month, the family consisting of (5) members deserve (450) per month. With the abolition of the ration that drain the state budget in addition to reducing staff
  10. well we do know,,,, no rv today.... still 1170 3-10-11
  11. i've seen this, but some people will ask for a link so u may wanna attach it....
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