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  1. Yes I understand that this is not an issue of the actual Dinarvets website itself. Coming from a Web Development background, I can say with absolute certainity that this virus is coming from an advertiser's advertisement on this website. Please address this issue by removing the advertisement that contains the infecting maleware. Until this is done, I won't be visiting this site again. Please notify me via email once this is done, Thank you. It is a Maleware virus which is coming from an avertiser's advert currently beong displayed on the Dinarvets website. You must be using Avast antivirus, if you are not, its the best out there. I guess you need to change your antivirus protection if I were you, I will be very worried if I were you. Really are you serious??? I don't see why you are making fun of me for uncovering a virus that is infecting this website. Again, I really don't understand why you are making fun of for reporting a serious issue nut just affecting the Dinarvets website but also the actual users that generate this site money. Oh don't be silly, really?? With all due respect, you demonstrate your ignorance of how viruses work and how they work with antivirus protection systems.
  2. Click on the actual picture and you should be able to read it, if you are on a smartphone, then simply expand it with finger gestures. The virus is maleware from an advertiser's advert.
  3. Dinarvets is infected with a malware virus, I have attached an image of the actual virus, can this virus please be removed, thankyou.
  4. The book of revelation is a book of fantasy and totally too far fetched even if it were true. Did you know that Christianity is actually hidden worship of the Sun and stars..........ever wonder why every picture of Jesus there is a sun behind hid head? Did you know the 12 disciples of Jesus represent the 12 constellations? I used to be a born again christian but no longer no more since my eyes were really open not just about Christianity but also every single religion that is out there. As I said it is all about politics, money power, control and blood shed.............relegion is the biggest business in the world and wouldn't exsist without people making donations of money to fill the leaders pockets. Also it makes me absolutely knowing that the God of the Bible requires the blood of sacrificed animals and humans to forgive sins. Oh, did you that "Sin" is the name of a Greek god that exsisted before Jesus? There is just too much to talk about here. Religion and personal relationships with God doesn't do the world any good and actually hinders a persons true abilities, talent and full potential in life.
  5. I'm not talking about the one world government mentioned in the book of Revelation, I'm talking about the need for a one world government so that any person anywhere on this earth and whatever religion they believe in are protected and kept safe and are free to do what they want, think what they want ans say what they want. For example an American being able to live freely in Afghanistan like he does in the west. Some people believe in a God but that is a bout it.....who that God is.......they don't know.
  6. All religion is the same but just in different forms............people say Muslims worship the moon and people say Christians worship the sun just they don't relize it! All religion on earth these days has been hijacked Judism, Christianity, Islam, Buddism, Hinduism, Seekism and so on. All religion, beliefs, ways of life, systems, ideologies, personal relationships with God on earth these days are full of politics, power, money and ultimately bloodshed! This is why we need a one world government! It's just rediculous!
  7. A majority of countries that have had international sanctions placed on them, their currency has plumpeted to all time lows and quite often worthless. Look at countries like Vietnam, Iran, North Korea and Iraq. Since the international sanctions that was previously placed and recently lifted of Iraq, formed CH7.........and CH7 was what made the Iraqi dinar fall to an all time low to a worthless value which is current. So I would have to disagree with the article being interpreted as saying that there is no relation between international sactions and the exchange rate.
  8. I personally think that the Iraqi dinar will be revalued to no less than one USD dollar. If the Iraqi dinar was revalued to just only $0.10, then thousands of people would exchange their old Iraqi dinar for USD then they would purchase the new Iraqi dinar at $0.10 and wait for it to rise to a much higher value against the USD dollar. If this happens, then this will cause the supply of new Iraqi dinar to dry up. So logically, the new rate has to be a higher rate rather than a lower rate to avoid the new Iraqi dinar being dried up.
  9. Exactly, hard to believe anything with these conflicting reports ---------> here they have an agreement,
  10. Come on guys, you don't take a site down to update information. I know this because I do Web and Application development. A site mainly goes down due to technical problems of running the site and this can often apply to too traffic (visitors) hitting the site all at once due to the website server not having enough bandwidth and many other possible related problems.
  11. Iraq is no longer under chapter seven, end of story. All you need to do is check the UN website.
  12. I can't exactly remember now but I just need to confirm whether a few weeks or a few months ago that it was annouced that there was plans for the currency denominations to be issued and released in July. How true is that exactly? Thanks guys, looking forward to your comments!
  13. You mean at his age now or in his younger years? I would tend to agree if you mean his younger years but not now since he was born in 66 and me 85.
  14. That is what I meant by what I just said, I'm sorry if I didn't explain myself too well.
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