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  1. something to think about.... I do know that our God is a God of order. His handiwork is constantly on display as a testament to His awesomeness. Step back, look at the big picture of God's precision and creation. Ask yourself this question. Why does the rest of the observable universe display spherical stars, planets, and moons, along with their orbits and relationship to each other, but the Earth would break from this overarching theme? I have never read any scripture that plainly states the Earth is flat or spherical... It is not
  2. How many articles on the notepad would only really cause confusion?😉
  3. For those without faith, using the Bible or faith to validate itself is circular reasoning. Just a few things to look into and reasearch on your own- -The Bible has a unified message. The Bible contains 66 books, written by about 40 authors, over 1500 years, on three different continents, in three different languages and yet has unity on multiple controversial subjects. -The Bible has accurate transmission. The Bible has been copied over and over and over again with unrivaled care and accuracy. There is more evide
  4. Thanks everyone for sharing! I don't know what the running ink represents, but 19 seems pretty clear! No matter what I'm thankful to Jesus and my salvation through faith in Him. Regardless of when or how much we are blessed with it still comes down to , "Lord, what do you have for me today? Wherever my foot falls, that is my mission field." But man, how exciting it will be when financial resources will abound. Come on August in 2019! Yall have a great day
  5. Thanks for the reminder Keylime. I was actually thinking about this a few weeks ago when all the July 4th RV talk was happening. I thought, we are only a few weeks away from August! (remembering what the Lord said to you) I pray that this is the year as well. I rest in the fact that His timing is perfect, even if this is not the year. (although I have a bigger sense of excitement, yet a comforting peace about this year) We will find out ...soon.😀 Thanks again for sharing what the Lord shared with you.
  6. I pray that this is the August! But, if not, I will always have joy and peace through Jesus Christ and rest in the knowledge that His timing is perfect.
  7. Thank you Adam for the discount on VIP!!!! Your generosity is appreciated! Go dinar! Go crypto! Go August!!!
  8. Hey Adam, Any chance of a VIP discount to celebrate the finishing up of the total tallying of the complete compilation of the final vote count to form the new government in Iraq? Have a good day, Thanks you for this site
  9. A few more weeks and we might see both crypto and dinar get real exciting! Thanks
  10. Thanks. Let's see what the next few weeks bring. ... in regards to dinar and cryptos. I appreciate your time.
  11. If you are on the edge of your seat.... I'd say we are all in a pretty good place. Thanks for the update.
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