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  1. I'll believe it once it posts to the CBI website or I get an email from Adam! thx for the post though.
  2. Well the good thing is they didn't says it's a scam...just that the return is based on speculation and just like any investment if u can afford it don't invest! It seem like nobody ( news, bank, ect) are saying stay away it's a scam anymore.... Which is encouraging! Thx for the post
  3. And this Pink Piggy went Rvee vee vee all the way home
  4. MrDarkCloud


    Spelling Bee....Classic!
  5. "NEGATIVE NELLY'S"....I am so insulted and couldn't read anymore. I don’t appreciate the use of the vulgar language
  6. Without all the squiggly lines (EITI) Complement the steps of fixed and courage initiated by Iraq since the beginning of 2010 to apply for nominations for membership of the international initiative for transparency in the extractive industries and in the words of Mr. Prime Minister Mr. Nouri al-Maliki and despite a lot of tugging here and there and the political movement, popular, and the length of the country and presented, Iraq is working silently and at a slow pace and steady to provide the prerequisites for gaining full membership in the International Initiative (EITI) (DFI) And walk on
  7. Aug 2nd 2011 is when the US will default if the debit ceiling is not lifted
  8. copied this from Franks website and brought it over in case some wanted to read it: Thank you HOOTY for transcribing the CC for us! Frank opened with a song and a prayer Roy Strong discussed investments post RV. Frank: Back in February, Titus said that nothing would happen with our blessing until July 14. He then left the site and has returned to share some information with the family. Titus you and I have been friends for a while and in March you called me and asked “did you move”? I said yeah kind of, sort of, why? You said I can’t find you. You came and joined us and you were quiet and
  9. From 7-8-2011 Delta Iraq is saying they’re out of Chapter 7. To go cannot have recognized currency until you change the value of the currency... trying to hook up all the computers systems to be 100% linked inside and outside of Iraq...was one of the delays...Today’s announcement about 20 banks...started the new ACH system...looks like they’re ready to do it...The value has to go up...Time for Shabibi to do it. We don’t know the date or the rate but there’s a good chance that they might do that before the 14th. 7-8-2011 Okie_Oil_Man As of yesterday Kuw
  10. I think this guy was trying to send a package through FedEx and the rate he's talking about was the postage due. Lamo, u want to look on forex next time not FedEx!
  11. jpandlef3... not sure who he/she is but I thought it was good info so I posted it here from another site
  12. The primary effect of EO 13303 is the legal protection of US oil companies. EO 13303 is part of a broader endeavor by the Bush administration to exert control over Iraqi oil revenues. Implications: While I do not know all the implications of this, it is certain that it is positive for Iraq. It will allow Iraq to emerge from chapter vii sanctions without being immediately hit with foreign lawsuits. Tomorrow is the day that Iraq is supposed to get back its sovereignty after the time was extended from last December. There are many conflicting reports, so it is difficult to sort out everything
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