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  1. I love the car analogy. Wonder what kind of car Shabibi drives
  2. I can't believe someone gave you a negative on that. I cancelled it out with a positive. Your statement is positive. stay that way.
  3. I read this and though, it could be a pumper. I also have a personal reletionship and had encounters with God. Now, if you do not know God and the power He has, than be careful not to mock Him. If you do know Him, then you may have read this with hope that this may happen real soon. The spirit world is very real. God does answer prayers and He can make this happen. He loves each and every one of us and wishes that we all have relationship with Him. Don't refuse his salvation gift. His Son, Jesus the Christ. This is not at all true. We are all God's creation, but we are not all son's and dau
  4. I wonder why we never hear of a psychic winning the lottery.
  5. Here is the only thing I found about The World Bank today. It's about Africa.
  6. Dreams are good. (For God may speak in one way or in another, yet man does not perceive it, in a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, while slumbering on their beds, then He opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction.) (Job 33:14-16 NKJV)
  7. Why are people saying Doc is leaving? He wrote the article and had no time to elaborate. He didn't even read any responses to this post. WOW!
  8. I believe Doc was asking you to dazzel us with your input. I haven't seen any input yet.
  9. You are so right. I noticed that most people that have been here for a while are smarter and at least have validity about their comments, like a link or something to show a reason for their negative comments.
  10. Let me help you... Say: Honey? YOU WERE WRONG!!!
  11. FMCC


    is Iijaith for the Iraqi people. We always knew it would re denominate. That is not a lop pal. I had this argument over a year ago in 09 The redenomination is for the iraqis and will happen after the revalue or reinstatement. Yes, I read it and that is what I got from it.
  12. FMCC


    Deletion of zeros does NOT mean LOP. It simply means that they will revalue and that is one way to do it. Could be the zeros off the .00086 or the currency. Either way, we will be blessed. Do you know how many countries invested trillions in this? Including USA and China. Do you think they will invest in a worthless speculation? They will be buying oil to feed their countries when this currency revalues. We, as speculators will be blessed. And yes, I am staying positive. Speaking as a speaking spirit, We have the power to speak things into exhistance. We need to combat the negative. God bless.
  13. This page says 1178 per usd. oh well
  14. Thanks TexasGranny. I see what you mean.
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