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  1. WANTED TO BUY 5M IQD Many of you know me ... I had someone in my group ask for IQD. I'm simply attempting to put seller(s) with her cash. Let me know how much you want to sell & what you want for it, circulated or non-circulated. Serious sellers only. We track what vendors are currently paying & typically offer a bit more. Safe exchange. Thanks Doc31
  2. I'd like the 3M. Please check me out first before you reply by going to my profile. Although I was a contributor for years (most of which has been erased and my rating pulled down) you'll see that I've bought for members of my group periodically ... and always with smiling faces at the end. I've not been on in a while and don't see a way to private message you or I would have. If you'll message me or post an email address I'll contact you directly. Thanks Doc31
  3. I have a group that's interested. Contact me please. Doc31
  4. Thanks again all ... I simply don't have the time to write ... it takes a huge commitment of time to read everything to keep your finger on the pulse of the news to get a feel for what's real and what's bird cage paper. What I meant by getting to the bank to deposit is this. We used to get a cashier's check in the name of the seller. They'd send me the IQD COD FedEx and I'd have the driver witness me opening (all my driver's have IQD) so that if it were garbage I had a witness. The check would go in a return FedEx envelope and they'd have it the next day. Problem was it cost too much ... the last one we did that way cost $126 including insurance. It was smooth but cost prohibitive (it's the way DT used to do it). Well DT switched to send them the IQD ... they'd check it then wire the money to you. My bank charges a bunch for wires and accessibility isn't immediate. We usually pay more than DT so we are attractive buyers ... so, now the seller and I/my group enters into a signed agreement and they send the IQD. Upon receipt, I count and authenticate, and go to their bank (one of the big 4) and deposit cash into their account with a deposit slip that they provided ... the deposit usually takes place within 10-15 minutes of receipt of the IQD. I then send them a picture text of the deposit ticket ... then a picture of the deposit receipt. They can check online and see funds in real time. The funds are also accessible immediately. Easy Peasy So the answer is that since the delivery was a day late it came in on a Saturday when banks have limited hours and delivery times are generally later in the day so it was tough to receive it AND get to the bank before they closed ... but doable this time. I hope that answers your questions Peace Doc31
  5. Ok folks we filled the groups order for this week. Thanks everyone Doc31
  6. Thanks for all the nice words ... my wife really loved the lopster tank reference! Ahwman was 1st rate to deal with ... did everything he was asked to do perfectly including offering to and then praying for my buddy in the hospital. Even though USPS ran into transport troubles which made the package a day late and difficult to deposit into a bank acct on Saturday ... in the long run ... every transaction should be like this ... where when all done both parties should smile and say nice things about each other! Thx again ahwman and peace to all Lopster tank ... priceless Doc31
  7. WTB 4M IQD ... group is buying again. No folks, I don't know anything ... just members of my group wishing to acquire more IQD ... and you know Ill help when asked. Please leave a name and cell number on my profile (it won't show when you hit post). Please indicate whether you text or not as well. I will call and explain how we do it ... safe and easy. I've done this many, many times. If you don't know who I am check the threads and/or ask the moderators Peace Doc31
  8. Got it. Thanks eyeownu Thanks everyone Doc
  9. Got what we need. Thanks eyeownu Thanks everyone Doc
  10. Yep, my group is buying again. Please leave me a name and cell number on my profile (don't worry, it won't show when you hit "post") Safe and easy. I've done this many, many times Check me out via posts and moderators if you don't know who I am Thanks Doc31
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