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  1. Pay me 60 bucks and I'll remove the ads. Oy vey. PT Barnum was right. Good bye Mr Montana.. Sleep well tonight. You'll make more money tomorrow.
  2. Adam, I was not stirring the pot as you say. I was simply looking for info which is why I'm on this site in the first place. You are a head strong man and I appreciate that. However, whenever someone questions your methods or mindset, you immediately get your back up and allow your ego to rule the day. True leaders have thicker skin and can take constructive criticism in a way that allows them to grow and become a better person. Please don'r take my quest for knowledge as a personnal attack. It is not. Just understand that you put out a quality product. If you back it up with quality personal comments it will only help your cedibility, boost sales and promote the site. Anything less is sabatoge and this site deserves better.
  3. Your arrogance comes as quite a shock. I had thought you were more professional than that. I'm sorry if have offended you by my post. I was simply trying to get my point across in a mature, non threatening manner. I'm sorry I did not get the same in return. I have three young children and you have a viewer base that is heavily religious. Neither of those things meshes well with half naked dating ads. I in fact had been a VIP member and was considering re-joining. However since you have made it clear that you are not concerned about my concern I think I should be more selective where I spend my money. Success in most areas of business lays heavily with customer service. Maybe it's time to revisit the basics. I wish you well.
  4. Appreciate your feedback but I have never solicited Russian, Asian or Phillipino love matches and that seems to be what comes up. It seems to me that Adam or any web site owner should have some control over what is connected to their website. Peace
  5. Adam, Not sure I agree with your advertising campaigns. Is it all about the money or can you be a bit more selective with the companies you do business with. Every advertisement seems to be for a dating service with half naked women. I had thought DV was a bit more professional than that but you seem to be "jumping the shark". Just a concerned fan trying to make sense of things. Peace
  6. The month has been long. The waiting intense. Morale is wanning. Hopes are fading. What is left??? The dawn of a new tomorrow? The desire for greater things to come? The need to keep dreaming? In a word...........YES! As long as we believe, the dream is ALWAYS within our reach. Peace
  7. Papster. Good to hear from you my friend. Hope all is well Peace
  8. Even kap isn't looking at and fully understanding the articles that Iraq is under and what they entail. Look at the BIG picture, understand ALL the moving parts and this article only confirms what "The Plan" was from the beginning. Hang in folks. It's all good. Peace
  9. You're screaming ignorance. Steadfast and heart strong. I assure you all is well. Peace
  10. Keep, stop squinting because it is keeping you from seeing the whole picture. You're not fully understanding all of the ins and outs of the sanctions and articles that Iraq is currently under. Open your eyes wide, look at ALL of the pieces of the puzzle and appreciate the fact that an initial LOP can still allow us all to make an incredible fortune on this investment. You are a smart cookie, open your mind, look deep and put the puzzle together. Once you put the pieces in the proper order, it will all make perfect sense. I hate to be so cryptic but I can not go into it any further at this time. Just understand that a LOP is not the end of the road, Peace
  11. Bond Lady, I'm 6'3" 225 lbs. I enjoy long walks on the beach, riding horses, and bailing people out of jail. Perhaps someday we could get together and share an ice cream sundae and a fugitive. HAHA....I love ya bond lady,,, Keep on Keepin on!!!!! Peace
  12. Jim, You are always respectful to all, so I will be no different. just understand that this blessing will come in TWO steps. The first will make us feel we have lost it all. The second, for those who don't fall into the first trap, will realize the full potential of what this investment is all about. I will not go into it further than that. Just understand that a lop, or what may appear as one, is not the end of the road. Be steadfast and heart strong. We're gonna win in the end. Peace
  13. Even the Cliff Notes are 100 pages long. If I had that long of an attention span I would be a successful lawyer and wouldn't need the dinar. Peace
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