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  1. Frankly, you shouldn't accuse someone of not being legit, if you have no clue what your talking about. Yes, after many years of providing what I consider to be a very valuable interpretation of the news we get from Iraq (FOR FREE) several members of his site convinced him that the site should go private. He didn't make that decision on his own. I know this because I was one of the ones who said he should. Just because it is a private site does not give you or anyone else the right to say he is not legit.. I know the man personally, and he is no Guru, doesn't claim to be, and hates to be called one. On this site, I AM a LIFETIME VIP member, so I don't mind paying for value. You on the other hand; Not so much. If this get's me booted I guess that's the price I pay, but I at least I stand up for my friends when they are being unjustly put down.
  2. (I posted my thoughts on this elsewhere a few day's ago when this article first surfaced. Hope you don't mind me voicing my opinion here. This is simply my personal belief with no intel whatsoever to back it up. We all know, you can't really pin Iraq down on anything, nor can you place much if anything they say at face value. My opinion is however the same now as when I first wrote it. It is however, jmo). RSS I love this article! If memory serves me correctly, years ago China stated they would never revalue the yuan. Heck they even put that statement in an American newspaper ( I think it was the New York Times). They revalued the next day. Not a huge revalue, mind you,but a revalue non the less. JMO, but this could very well be ( and personally, I think it is) the same type of tactic.Not saying it will revalue Tomorrow, but the method of operation appears to be similar. I believe Kuwait also pulled a similar shenanigan when they stated that their currency value wasn't about to increase. Even though it was not an actual revaluation, increase it did. It went back to it's pre-war value. Also the very next day. Again, I'm not saying tomorrow. Just passing along food for thought.Lets be real here. They would NEVER come out and say; "Oh by the way, we intend to raise the value of our currency in the immediate future. Speculators ( and I don't mean us; I'm talking about the BIG BOYS with deep pockets, even countries) would have a field day! Personally, this is one of the most exciting articles I've seen in some time. At least to me anyway. I haven't seen any articles that hinted that they were thinking of raising the value, so why make this statement now? Doesn't make sense. Unless of course that could possibly be exactly what they intend to do. I mean C'mon; They wouldn't put out false information on purpose would they? LOL.
  3. Wow! I never ( and I mean NEVER ) post here anymore, but the old timers on here know me, and they know I don't post junk. That being said allow me to say that you murd11 need to take a SERIOUS chill pill.
  4. Great article. The original event actually happened on 12-14-2014
  5. Not so fast. If in fact this article is true (I have my doubts), then the 15 day ratification provision of the budget has not started. Article 73 of the Constitution of Iraq states the powers of the President. Article 73 says: Section three: Third: To ratify and issue the laws enacted by the Council of Representatives. Such laws are considered ratified after fifteen days from the date of receipt by the President. Thus, if the article being discussed here were true, and the President of the Republic has indeed not received it, then the 15 days has not even begun ( JMO) RSS
  6. Hello folks! I rarely post here anymore but would like to weigh in on this one. I most definitely agree that this is exciting news: Something that we have spent years waiting on. The problem is...We are still waiting, but not for long I don't think. The Federal budget for 2015 included provisions of agreements between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad, which should indeed bring on the HCL in quick fashion. My point is try to stay grounded. I know that isn't easy. I have been in this so long and seen so many highs and lows, and the news is so awesome right now, that I am having a hard time staying calm. Remember though, barring a special session of Parliament the HCL, although looking very promising won't be enacted till Parliament reconvenes on February 10th. They must vote it into law. Who knows, they may even kick it around a bit first, although with the new Government, I kind of doubt it. The day's of Maliki are over ( thank God), and the new government are definitely " Go- Getters". I think we are closer than we have ever been. (Lol, " Closer than we have ever been"; Don't you just hate it when people say that)? In this case however, I think it applies. My friends, just have a bit more patience, not much, just a little. It's coming. I too believe we are on the cusp of what we all dream of. Just don't be up and down over a very few more days. Parliamentary procedure, ya know. These are just my own thoughts. Thanks for letting me voice what is nothing more than "just my opinion" which may or may not be correct. Also, hello to all my old friends over here! You know who you are. rsskelton
  7. While I agree with your premise that our notes will be fine, I would have to disagree with your "reprint" statement. I have a couple of notes...None of mine has Kurdish language, and if any of you have one with it, I'd love to see a pic of that note.
  8. I don't post much here anymore, but would like to weigh in my opinon on this one if I may. Granted, what you stated about the process is true. President names PM designate. PM designate has 30 days to form and name his cabinet and submit the names of each, as well as his platform. Each member of the cabinet must be voted on individually, with approval requiring an absolute majority ( half plus one). IMO, with all the talk of a unified non sectarian govt, of which I truly believe Abbadi is indeed attempting to form, the only point we may disagree on is the ease of which this will be accomplished. Abbadi will pull this off with very little difficulty, ( again, IMO ) at which point he will be officially sworn in as the new PM of Iraq. Maliki will finally fade into the woodwork. I understand that there are differences of opinon in this regard. This one is mine.
  9. As I stated above, this news source is out of Jordan. The site seems legit, however no one else is reporting it. 24 hours have passed, and news this major, if true, would have been picked up by MULTIPLE news sources by now. I think it is merely one writers opinion to grab a headline.
  10. Absolutely no confirmation of this. One article from Jordan means squat without confirmation. If this were a fact, it would be on MULTIPLE Arabic sites. I haven't found it anywhere.
  11. The agenda of the session (1) Tuesday (12) August 2014 July 7, 2014 First: A Wyatt read from the Koran. Second: the resumption of the first session of the meeting by the President (Head of age). Third, sworn for ladies and gentlemen deputies parliamentary session third of those who never had it. Fourth: the election of the President of the House of Representatives and his deputies. Session start time: eleven in the morning.
  12. Hmmmm. No longer being reported by one source. I am surprised. Hope it isn't going down this way, but not looking good. Not ready to concede what I said earlier just yet, but if I'm wrong, unlike the Gurus, I won't spin it. I'll just say I was wrong.......again. Thanks Thug!
  13. Thanks to paythatman ( another forum) Baqir al-Zubaidi expects the Federal Court to ratify the election results during the next three days 15/06/2014 14:04:00 BAGHDAD / NINA / LINK: The head of the citizen bloc, Baqir al-Zubaidi called the Federal Court to expedite the ratification of the election results, expected to be approved during the two or three days ahead. He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / today that "speeding up the ratification of the election results is important and necessary to hold the first session of the new parliament to elect a president and its two deputies and speed up the election of the President and his deputy, and go to elect Prime Minister and members of the government to end the constitutional vacuum, which the country suffers from ". He added that "the first session of the Council will be held under the chairmanship of the older MP, who is / Adnan al-Janabi / from Watania coalition in order to call the House of Representatives to elect a president and two deputies, and then continue the sessions."/ End
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