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  1. Bloomberg reported this ?, surely they would have put Andreas Meletiou, having been named in reports since 2013 and working with Gavin Wishart during the setting up in Iraq. No doubt the "nit picking" comments will follow, but after reading some other BS reports about what was supposed to have been discussed today in Iraq, this just hit a raw nerve.
  2. Media Standards Trust, (Kings College London), journalisted. Hadeel Al Sayegh, she is still listed as working at The National (Dubai) as yet without any Reuters storylines attributed (it takes time)... a conversation by phone, by a young female journalist, to such a person as Zabari is in itself a major step for any Reuters reporter, yet alone one who has a start date 2 months ago and no (Reuters) column inches credited to her name, we will no doubt see the "churnalism" articles appearing in many worldwide publications that (mainly) follow press releases from Government Departments, or indeed
  3. Let us look at a similar (very roughly) situation,.. in Iraq a British patrol was carrying out a normal ground patrol, they were spotted by 2 A10 tankbusters , which despite them having clear visibility, the ground vehicles being clearly marked (Allied markings), Union Jack flags flying, they carried out a strike and destroyed vehicles and killed troops within these vehicles. Just as a comparison, how much was shown on American media, how much responsibility has been accepted by the US, at least the Israeli gov. paid an amount to the USA, but take note... anyone who has served and has had to
  4. I refuse to verbally abuse Richard, but well meaning doesn't mean right. He is a very accomplished writer that uses the individual memories of others who were involved in happenings which he himself did not take part in, and uses (quit subtly) such reminiscences to produce a marketable book/film which incorporates his version/opinion. Again a marketable media product can contain as much or as little of the true account that is best suited to the authors slant on the subject. Peruse the script that is published above and deduce from it what you will, an absolute factual account, or are we
  5. Does the phrase "Weapons of mass destruction" bring back any memories... that was believed? At some point somewhere within Washington, someone signed off on Iraq being capable of standing on their own,... this was decided long before Obama's eyes viewed it, multiple agencies had to be in agreement,.. you know... the ones that "advise" the President, probably advised the last President, and the one before him,.. they keep their jobs much longer than any President is in office, they no doubt have greater experience of finger pointing and buck passing. Golf Course.. Ryder Cup.... Oooop'
  6. "They haven't taken any cities, towns, villages",.. if they get any closer in many places the ground forces opposing them will be calling for F.P.F. Their flags can be seen from the outskirts of Baghdad, all around Mosul. Doesn't any American DV'ers have any relatives still involved in Iraq, no ex military buddies still working "close". Is there some sort of media restrictions in place over there, don't you see/hear what is occurring daily within Iraq. If Isis is such a pushover why is your President requesting the involvement of not just the European Countries, but now th
  7. So I take it that applying logic doesn't apply, eg. .. they (Australia) mine remove (deplete) over this past year, from the above mentioned "ground".. thereby reducing the reserves, which prop up their currency,.. so that should reduce the value of the said currency, right? Or, is it through the sale of these resources worldwide, attracting an influx of "foreign" currency that supports their exchange rates ?. Logic dictates that by this statement above, Australia's currency should have held an even value over the year, but we all know that it fluctuated like the rest, Canada, South
  8. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't "Don in Baghdad" assure us that the dam had never been taken ?.
  9. Deary me... accepted servitude, but we don't fear putting our age or gender on our profile, the Monarchy, well that is our choice, and should the majority of our citizens ask for a change then change would happen, until then... insanely weak on muslim intigration, I completely agree, neither Britain nor France has no go areas for their Police, civil unrest has of course happened but this is why we have the "riot act" (like you would deploy your National Guard). Rational thinking human beings already know and understand how to legaly remove those persons in office who do not comply with the
  10. To use the Daily Mail article as an example of the true feelings of the British population is akin to saying that Al-jazeera is the voice of America. Mr. Farage heads up what exactly as regards a political party, could they win enough seats to win an election, do they have the ability to contest enough seats to even stand a chance to form a coalition should they win those seats ?. We over here have a more pressing situation with the Scottish referendum to split with the rest of the UK, like one in four of your States holding their own vote to annex from the USA, and we see this
  11. More bombs, more deaths, more injured, today. The bodies are still warm, the politicians still can't agree, this whole country is yet again on the verge of civil disruption, and what do we really care ? Keep listening to the c++p that gets circulated through these forums, or wake up and read real news articles, they are out there, you just need the willpower to actualy do something for yourself, find them, read them, form your own opinions, there is still hope for a better future for this country,.. the only questions are when and by whome, all of the ones who's names we all know that
  12. When shutting off a bridge becomes more "newsworthy" than the almost daily bombings, sectarian attacks, that inflict indiscriminate maiming and death, then there is surely something wrong with the media control within Iraq. The US and the UN "if true" should investigate their sources regarding the "fair" democratic voting that really took place in country, because this is totally opposit to reports from areas that are still covered by PSC's and indeed journalists that were inside Iraq during the voting. AS stated above, it will be some time yet before any coalitions are made publ
  13. Might I say that reading your post again still leaves me somewhat baffled as to where you refer to any "rich elite", and I take it that you are claiming direct ancestry to a particular tribe,?. Believe me I have still to benefit from "stealing " your lands, not even any royalties from last of the mohicans lol.
  14. Selective history ? Remember "lend lease", only pay for that which cannot be returned. Selling equipment on deferred terms is not loaning money, and hear this America's biggest earner since WW 1, is armaments, bar none, so could this explain it's role in so many conflicts? The Native Red Indian tribes could say the same to you about theft and fair payment,?.
  15. For stamina insert fortitude Pollution... your opinion differs from mine...that makes you wrong. You must be medically treatable ? Asking someone, who you think has a disorder, who doesn't know his arse from his elbow about the Dinar, to self diagnose his "condition" ... you are joking, yes. All joking aside, we all have our own ideas about Iraq and the Dinar situation, and give some respect for anyone elses opinion, which has stood up to some unnecassary vitriolic comments at times. We see daily on these threads, " No one knows when or what any change will b
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