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  1. The recovery of the dinar and the window of buying and selling the dollar 3/18/2017 0:00 Samir Nasiri in sight at the new indications that the dinar is moving towards gradual recovery for several reasons , notably the central bank since January last application of anew system for window buying and selling the currency and the abolition of the role of intermediaries and fine control over the movement and circulation of foreign currency, as well as making sure
  2. To / licensed banks all ( permits Kmarkip )30/01/2017 To / government and private banks all circuits Bank and all sections associated Bamahafezah ( cycle Econometrics ( using an application Eviews ) ) 01/30/2017
  3. The focus of an active international exchange of price transparency 06/09/2015 06:56 Communicate with the world carries in all his steps economic feasibility of the country, especially that Iraq moved away from the world during the past decades and got many developments in economic performance and the work that can be diagnosed through the follow-up to the global stock market, which has become accessible possible through its branch in Bgdad.alkhbayr size in the global stock market in Baghdad Osama Mahmoud said that the stock market a new axis to achieve real economic feasibility of Iraq thr
  4. Hi Yota master you missed this one To / all licensed banks and money transfer companies approved all and all licensed exchange companies (to suspend trading in dollars) 03/09/2015
  5. To / all ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry all (Bank Melli Iran) 08/27/2015 To / global financial Prairie convertible company / managing director (Log currency auction) 08/27/2015
  6. attempts and measures taken by private banks to sell the fifty dollar price of 1193 Is this the rate?
  7. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh: the banking system in Iraq and the problems need to be amendedWednesday, March 11 / March 2015 08:10 [baghdad where] Said Advisor to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that the banking system in Iraq needs to be adjusted and new legislation to him. Said Saleh told all of Iraq [where], that "the failure of the banking system, problems and suspicions of corruption and needs to be revised in the legislation." He pointed out that "Islamic banking is still without law." He also called for government banks to unif
  8. 02/20/2015 13:01 Parliamentary Finance: central reservations on the deletion of zeros BAGHDAD / obelisk confirmed the parliamentary finance committee member Masood Haider, on Friday, the central bank kept the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency, noting that the Commission did not require the bank manager Ottnaakec officials in this regard. Haider said in a press interview I followed "obelisk", "it was a lot of studies on the subject of deletion of zeros from the currency," noting that "the Central Bank has reservations about this topic a little bit, and we did not we recall the
  9. 02/07/2015 15:16 Claims to delete the zeros through 2015 BAGHDAD / Obelisk: new number of experts and MPs specialists in financial and economic affairs requiring them to begin proceedings preliminary implementation of the project to delete the three zeroes from the currency this year, because of its great importance to the Iraqi economy and the currency of the local, as well as to reduce the large digital accounts burden treasurers, and facilitate Accountants work in the transfer count numbers. He says the parliamentary finance committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed, said the project
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