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  1. The recovery of the dinar and the window of buying and selling the dollar 3/18/2017 0:00 Samir Nasiri in sight at the new indications that the dinar is moving towards gradual recovery for several reasons , notably the central bank since January last application of anew system for window buying and selling the currency and the abolition of the role of intermediaries and fine control over the movement and circulation of foreign currency, as well as making sure they arrive to the last beneficiary Add Strict adherence to the banks and their cooperation with the central system in the new application. The recent instructions issued by the special adoption of new mechanisms central to facilitate the previous procedures routine in the use of foreign currency for the purpose of coverage of imports and the emphasis on the identification of the last beneficiary in order to maintain Iraq 's money from the misuse, where he announced Iraqi Central Bank Governor Ali Mohsen Keywords during frequent meetings with leaders the central bank will adopt in 2017 a new vision applications monetary policy for the purpose of achieving the goals set out in the law No. 56 of 2004. The most important of these goals to maintain the dinar 's exchange value and hedged foreign currency rate through the construction of foreign cash reserves in accordance with international standards in the calculation of the cash reserve to cover the dinar and coverage of imports entering Iraq. Also , the main objective the other is to maintain foreign from the use of non -economic and developmental its purpose currency, so the central work of the past two years steps deliberate and sequenced and coordinated with the government agencies concerned with maintaining the independence contained in the law where procedural and organizational and structural policy and issued a Strutijeth years (2016 --2 020) and select targets to achieve financial stability and development of the banking work technically and structurally and organizationally in order to reach financial inclusion , where he was in 2016 in the preparation and development of appropriate financial and technical foundations of the reality of the Iraqi economy and mechanisms of the banking business. What the form of a solid base - wide home and abroad and led to the transfer of the case of the Iraqi economy , basic Bhlqath, most notably the financial sector, the follow - up phase to the gray stage based on the report of the competent international financial organizations. All this has led the central bank to begin a new phase in the year 2017 based on the four pillars of the first of is work and dealing with banks with new mechanisms raise about the pressures of the previous instruction militant and granting flexibilities and allowances and the many facilities in order to achieve the central goal of economic reform and the banking relies transparency and disclosure. The second pillar is to deal with the banks on the basis of Matkdmh of new services and high - level banking products and restore the public banking sector confidence, in addition to the financial results and the extent of its commitment to implementing the monetary policy of the Central Bank of trends and its impact on the actual contribution to the GDP and its contribution to sustainable development and the transition from the role of banking to the developmental role. The third is to deal with the banks, according to the standards of classification adopted by the Central as of 2017 and actually appeared to deal with the banks and accordingly, fourth pillar is the issuance of central bank in the fifteenth of January last new mechanisms to regulate the mediation of banks between the importers and the World Bank relies facilitate procedures and controls and adopt transparency the disclosure of the ultimate beneficiary in order to achieve thegoal of the bank to maintain the exchange rate and ensure the use of foreign currency in order to meet the needs of the economy and market development ,and .not directed
  2. To / licensed banks all ( permits Kmarkip )30/01/2017 To / government and private banks all circuits Bank and all sections associated Bamahafezah ( cycle Econometrics ( using an application Eviews ) ) 01/30/2017
  3. The focus of an active international exchange of price transparency 06/09/2015 06:56 Communicate with the world carries in all his steps economic feasibility of the country, especially that Iraq moved away from the world during the past decades and got many developments in economic performance and the work that can be diagnosed through the follow-up to the global stock market, which has become accessible possible through its branch in Bgdad.alkhbayr size in the global stock market in Baghdad Osama Mahmoud said that the stock market a new axis to achieve real economic feasibility of Iraq through access to world prices for various goods that are displayed in the global markets, especially There needs necessary for Iraq belong to the ministries of commerce and industry such as grain and strategic requirements of the ration card which can be employed to serve the stock market activities. He pointed out that Mahmoud global stock indexes for prices ministries sing about a lot of costs required by the process of bringing presentations over the deputations, and limit the corrupt deals that may take place during this direct contact with parties dealing in different countries. He pointed out the possibility of the international exchange office in Baghdad set up specialized courses for their employees to deal with what displays in the world and change Note Alasarlhzh moment, and so can the ministries and institutions to check out the world's activities closely through access to reality. Mahmoud said that the stock market work is widespread in the region for many decades has been the adoption of this experiment in Iraq after 2003 with the opening of It's her first branch in Arbil words From the port of Dubai Stock Exchange, but Businessmen, professionals began to the opening of a branch in Baghdad associated at the headquarters of the international exchange in London the President, pointing out that the beginning was cautious for fear of money laundering operations and the risk of another but those fears dissipated after touching everyone the importance of this activity and how to deal with him. And investment activity Mahmoud pointed to the possibility of investing in more than economic side, pointing out that the oil sector, for example, is witnessing an investment movement and this leads to a desire to speculate in this aspect, indicating that realized by the investor and speculator of the profits raise the degree of interest in it. He said that raising awareness and educating the public in the activity of the global stock market action is adopted by many countries of the world to its importance in the economic life, pointing out that they are the Bank of information and can stock availability ministries across Sensors global prices specialized screens and economic indicators. He pointed out that access to global prices and economic activity, directly and without intermediary to achieve great economic feasibility, as a substitute for going to the sources of prices in the world and the concomitant cost and transactions may not be a sound and show the suspicions of corruption, noting that this stock market service availability Large national economy.
  4. Hi Yota master you missed this one To / all licensed banks and money transfer companies approved all and all licensed exchange companies (to suspend trading in dollars) 03/09/2015
  5. To / all ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry all (Bank Melli Iran) 08/27/2015 To / global financial Prairie convertible company / managing director (Log currency auction) 08/27/2015
  6. attempts and measures taken by private banks to sell the fifty dollar price of 1193 Is this the rate?
  7. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh: the banking system in Iraq and the problems need to be amendedWednesday, March 11 / March 2015 08:10 [baghdad where] Said Advisor to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that the banking system in Iraq needs to be adjusted and new legislation to him. Said Saleh told all of Iraq [where], that "the failure of the banking system, problems and suspicions of corruption and needs to be revised in the legislation." He pointed out that "Islamic banking is still without law." He also called for government banks to unify the law depends on the banking governance properly, adding that "the government is taking this issue into account, in addition to have a package of legislation to amend the banking system." The central bank has begun to apply the new system of remittances and sell the currency. According to a source familiar with the bank's [where] that "the coverage needed banking offices, banks and civil government of currencies will be through money orders only," adding that "this decision is not contrary to what was stated by the budget bill for 2015 identifying the auction amounts to $ 75 million ". The source indicated that "the move is part of the Bank's policy to maintain the stability of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar has been preceded by a step to reduce the volume of sales in the auction." The Central Bank of Iraq sells in previous years, sums up to billions of dollars a month, but decreased significantly in the past few weeks where he sold more than $ 2.8 billion in the month of January last. It is said that the bank was selling the dollar on the price of 1166 Iraqi dinars to the dollar, which is sold in markets and banking offices at about 1220 dinars a difference of 54 dinars. It was expected by the bank's decision to drop the sales of the dollar in the auction for this year, according to the law of the state budget, which began in Parliament on 29 January last, and ratified by the Presidency of the Republic in 10 of this February. The Act provided that "the central bank is committed to identifying sales of hard currency [dollar] in the daily auction ceiling does not exceed $ 75 million a day with the exercise of justice in the sales process, and calls for the participant bank in the auction provide goods enter documents and statements of tax settling accounts and input Alkmarki within 30 days of the date of purchase of the amount and otherwise apply to the bank penalties stipulated in the Central Bank Act or regulations issued it, and use other banking tools to maintain the strength of the dinar against the Atar.anthy 2
  8. 02/20/2015 13:01 Parliamentary Finance: central reservations on the deletion of zeros BAGHDAD / obelisk confirmed the parliamentary finance committee member Masood Haider, on Friday, the central bank kept the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency, noting that the Commission did not require the bank manager Ottnaakec officials in this regard. Haider said in a press interview I followed "obelisk", "it was a lot of studies on the subject of deletion of zeros from the currency," noting that "the Central Bank has reservations about this topic a little bit, and we did not we recall the central bank director did not meet with him to discuss this matter, as well as other officials in the bank. " He added that "the process of deleting the zeros need to be in-depth study, because they greatly affect the Iraqi currency and the price of the Iraqi market and on the Iraqi economy in general." He continued that "the cost associated with the process of removing the zeros and the type of currency that can be printed and displayed in the market and the process of withdrawal, all the things you need to take some time." He pointed to "the need to conduct a study regarding the deletion of zeros from the currency, by the legislative and executive branches and with the participation of specialists in the Iraqi Board of currency and the economy.
  9. 02/07/2015 15:16 Claims to delete the zeros through 2015 BAGHDAD / Obelisk: new number of experts and MPs specialists in financial and economic affairs requiring them to begin proceedings preliminary implementation of the project to delete the three zeroes from the currency this year, because of its great importance to the Iraqi economy and the currency of the local, as well as to reduce the large digital accounts burden treasurers, and facilitate Accountants work in the transfer count numbers. He says the parliamentary finance committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed, said the project to delete the three zeroes from the currency is one of the important projects and necessary that need to be implemented, what ails the Iraqi currency from inflation figures, which prompted traders and owners of capital Iltjon to the dollar in the deal instead of the dinar and this is harmful The last of the national currency. He said Mohammed, said the central bank must take initial steps to implement this major strategic project starting this year and will be applied in accordance with the stages and specific period of time, to support the national currency and the Iraqi economy. He pointed out: that the Finance Committee and the House of Representatives supporting the President of the Central Bank and his work, stressing that the Finance Committee prepared that provide all the help and advice of the Central Bank in order to ensure the success of the implementation of this project, and strengthen the Iraqi currency's strength and restore its prestige in front of the region's currencies. For its part, renewed member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Nora Albjara, claim the central bank determine the timeframe for the implementation of the project to delete the zeros from the currency, the fact that the project is one of the important projects the long-awaited years ago because of the security situation. She Albjara the committee had met with the governor of the central bank earlier and I discussed with him about the project to delete the three zeroes, noting that the central bank governor said that the project will be implemented over the next four years. She added that the ground suited the current climate and appropriate to implement the project, for the central bank to start Bouktoath preliminary implementation of the project through the promotion and printing currency and to identify and establish a mechanism for how the issuance of the new currency and old pull. The economic expert on behalf of Jamil has confirmed that the deletion of zeros from the currency is a restructuring of the coin, and to alleviate the large digital accounts burden treasurers, and alleviate the burden of accountants in counting the transfer of numbers, "but he pointed out that" this is not the time to replace the currency, and that the lack of security and economic stability in the country, but must be a mechanism to start the procedures for the initial implementation of the project. Jamil said that the project is important and necessary and must be implemented in the country while creating a conducive environment appropriate to the situation and in order to support the local currency and the national economy. The central bank has decided to implement the project to delete three zeros from the currency in early 2013, but the previous government refused to implement it and asked to wait to implement it until further notice.
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