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  1. Same economic method? Right now what I know is that the two countries are mostly concern on this virus...and one way to stop it is thru sterilization of bank notes because that is one of the biggest source to catch it
  2. A member of the Iraqi Economic Council, Ghadeer Al-Attar, called on Wednesday to start precautionary measures on the Iraqi and foreign currency to prevent the transmission of the "Corona" virus. "The People's Bank of China subjected sterilization and quarantine banknotes to fight the Corona virus, " Al-Attar said in an interview with Alsumaria News . Al-Attar indicated that "the Central Bank of Iraq and the Iraqi banks should work using ultraviolet radiation or very high temperatures to sterilize banknotes, before isolating them for a period ranging between 7 and 14 days to prevent the spread of the Corona virus through banknotes." He called "the relevant authorities to preserve the safety and health of users of cash flow in Iraq ."
  3. SUBSCRIBE Business And Markets February 19, 2020 19:58 Iranian Rial Revaluation Crosses One Hurdle
  4. Keeping an eye after the formation of the new govt...a month after. We'll have to see
  5. Nothing to do with what we are seeking for but shares(how or what mechanism they will use to increase the price(return). Each bank has a stock share.
  6. Sad but have to agree with u, NV...cheers
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