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  1. navira

    Go Iraq Part 8

    Haha..should be back next week before months end...just in time for the rv, haha...cheers
  2. navira

    Go Iraq Part 8

    This thing will pop by the time I get back from vacation, haha..Will be popping champagnes by then.
  3. navira

    Go Iraq Part 8

    Brent crude oil jumps 12% after drone strikes disrupt Saudi crude production PUBLISHED 33 MIN AGOUPDATED 15 MIN AGO
  4. WASHINGTON — Former national security adviser John Bolton’s abrupt departure on Tuesday came after President Donald Trump suggested he might lift some U.S. sanctions on Iran as an incentive for Tehran to come to the negotiating table, according to a person close to Bolton. This person said Trump raised the idea of lifting sanctions during a discussion with Bolton in the Oval Office on Monday afternoon. Bolton made clear to the president that he strongly disagreed with the idea, this person said.
  5. navira

    Go Iraq Part 8

    For the issuance of coins n lower denoms...these dates have implication based on history: October 15-Jan 15
  6. navira

    Go Iraq Part 8

    Tell me about the monetary policy...and how does the economic sanctions affect the monetary policy?
  7. navira

    Go Iraq Part 8

    Iam willing to bet on ur dinar that when us lift the sanctions, the rial will go up in value...what say u?
  8. navira

    Go Iraq Part 8

    So far iam going to be right on lifting the sanctions
  9. navira

    Go Iraq Part 8

    When US lift the sanctions on Iran...we will hear the rial go up in value...n soon revalue...Iraq will follow suit...we will see
  10. navira

    Go Iraq Part 8

    The two bros are gonna rv
  11. navira

    Go Iraq Part 8

    Bye bye sanctions
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