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  1. navira

    Go Iraq Part 2

    Hope the meeting goes well for both Kurdistan n baghdad tomorrow bro
  2. navira

    Go Iraq Part 2

    Cheers bro and to all dvers...this will happen all
  3. navira

    Go Iraq Part 2

    All the good news are just building up bro...Cheers bro
  4. navira

    Go Iraq Part 2

    All bros together...let's go
  5. navira

    Go Iraq Part 2

    U just gotta love people like that...they love to hear themselves talk lol. Never gonna happen lol...Cheers bros
  6. navira

    Go Iraq Part 2

    Basically, article VIII gets rid of MCP...cheers bros
  7. navira

    Go Iraq Part 2

    Hey bro CF, article VIII prevents discriminatory currency arrangements or MCP without the approval from the IMF...this Fridays consultation is for article once the imf decides Iraq is off of article IV, they are or will be placed under article VIII?
  8. navira

    Go Iraq Part 2

    Friday is for imf consulatation...everybody in dinarland is hoping the imf will get iraq off of the article VIII .
  9. navira

    Go Iraq Part 2

    Miamiheatnic, yes...iv=article 4
  10. navira

    Go Iraq Part 2

    Happy bday scarymary
  11. navira

    Go Iraq Part 2

    Hey bros, nothing exciting to report on my end...pretty much same thing. We are waiting n on standby mode still...iam watching 24/7...Cheers bros n dvers
  12. navira

    Go Iraq Part 2

    He might be talking about where we are far as the agenda goes, I haven't seen any articles yet...I have searched thru so many articles; I found nothing...I'll wait on what he has to say tomorrow bro..Cheers
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