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  1. navira

    Go Iraq

    Ok bro(botzwana)..u got it, haha
  2. navira

    Go Iraq

    Hey bro, the news are superfantastic especially with the idinar being launched...yahoooo
  3. Pp, see the article in the other thread...qatar is launching an idinar backed by gold..this got me very excited.
  4. Wowee..iam very excited with this news n the rest of the news lately
  5. “On the other hand, iDinar concept is considered an unprecedented achievement on the ground to develop the economic COOPERATION, trade, prosperity, and wealth to the Islamic world despite of the current challenges of rapid digital economic development in particular.” I believe this cooperation involves Iraq and the rest of the Islamic world...
  6. The reason why is a wow article is because qatar is not a dinar currency country...Iraq has been having a meeting with this Islamic conference qatar launching this idinar token with gold back....why call it idinar and not iriyal(qatar currency is riyal)...this is very interesting and head scratching....I believe this is gonna boast up the dinars positive n cheers all
  7. navira

    Go Iraq

    The best day to raise the value...Let's go movement of change. Thanks bro
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