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  1. Sad but have to agree with u, NV...cheers
  2. See u guys later...haven't been posting lately...just making money off of stocks n enjoying my vacay. Cheers all...happy New Year all in advance
  3. I found frankies utube video n made comments...each time I made comments...that wife of his erased them lmao
  4. I bet this is what those f##$^^ frankie n delta found n not wanting to share lmao.
  5. That's how much money they need in relation to how much they need proportional to the budget...the higher the budget the less...vise versa
  6. What do u need to know in that graph?...other than more money needed to support their spending habit...
  7. Lol..move along guys
  8. Representatives expect Saleh to occupy the position of Prime Minister Policy 2019-12-16 | 14:38 Source: the morning 4,886 views Deputies expected that the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, would take over the prime minister’s job in addition to his primary job after the end of the constitutional period assigned to assign a certain person to take over the prime minister’s tasks without reaching solutions
  9. navira

    Go Iraq Part 9

    Saleh may be named as prime minister
  10. navira

    Go Iraq Part 9

    Trump will sign off on it this weekend
  11. navira

    Go Iraq Part 9

    China n US trade deal may have an impact....but will have to see...cheers all
  12. Yup...and that guru crackhead(Jeff) is sharing it to his people like it was written recently
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