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  1. navira

    cbi down

    Thanks bro
  2. navira

    Go Iraq

    Doing good bro
  3. navira

    Go Iraq

    Really good one bro
  4. We see the CBI down many times....nothing nothing nothing...then suddendly something
  5. Uckiller, u r correct. That is one reason why i bump this thread
  6. 6ly410, yes it is bro. There are more good news coming from CBI...Just wait n see. Hopefully it is the lower notes
  7. That dude next to the governor is already daydreaming of what he will do with his money when CBI revalues its currency, lol
  8. A project completed its study and circumstances, as confirmed by theGovernor of the Central Bank. Let's go CBI! Light up the green light and show us the rate

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