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  1. Great article bro. As always...thanks a bunch. Cheers bro n all dvers
  2. navira

    Go Iraq

    Thanks for that article dinareffic
  3. I don't see LGD popping the cork everyday....and what is wrong with popping the cork everyday?
  4. navira

    Go Iraq

    It is time bro....cheers haha. Time to collect bro haha
  5. navira

    Go Iraq

    Haha...cheers bro
  6. navira

    Go Iraq

    Is he there to collect? Haha
  7. navira

    Go Iraq

    What in the world is our US treasury secretary doing over there at this time?
  8. navira

    Go Iraq

    Wow..this is another champagne article bro
  9. navira

    Go Iraq

    Today is a weekend....that's when great news come in cheers bro
  10. navira

    Go Iraq

    Yes it is bro haha...cheers bro n everyone. Come join us all
  11. navira

    Go Iraq

    Really great article u posted bro...cheers. Let's go FML next
  12. navira

    Go Iraq

    A security source reported on Sunday that alarm sirens sounded in the Green Zone in central Baghdad. The source said in an interview for Alsumaria News, "The alarm sirens began, this evening, in the Green Zone in central Baghdad," without giving further details.
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