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  1. Here waiting on my flight n reading ur post lol
  2. navira

    Go Iraq Part 9

    Thanks PP..really glad u are back. I was worried about u...cheers
  3. navira

    Go Iraq Part 9

    Glad u are back n ok I will be leaving again on vacation. Flight is tomorrow...cheers
  4. These people are gonna show up on Sunday and complete the discussion of the discussion
  5. the session will DISCUSS the developments in the country and the package of government reforms and the demands of the demonstrators." The word discuss has been discuss too many times....these knuckleheads I tell you...lmao
  6. is 1iqd a share.
  7. navira

    Go Iraq Part 9

    Hey bro...rate was at 1usd= 1176iqd earlier..very erratic today bro
  8. navira

    Go Iraq Part 9

    Current price for iqd to usd---->1iqd= .00084643usd
  9. navira

    Go Iraq Part 9

    Hey bro, cheers always
  10. is serious about the reform process from the beginning of its formation and is proceeding with the implementation of its reform plans and procedures. Is serious? That means they are still thinking. Is proceeding with the implementation of its reform?...that tells me they haven't done it but is knuckleheads lol
  11. Time SATURDAY November, 02 2019 SUBSCRIBE Business And Markets November 01, 2019 19:22 Regulated Forex Market Awaiting Okay From Iran's CB Regulated Forex Market Awaiting Okay From Iran's CB ..... Head of the company that oversees the long-awaited regulated foreign exchange market says the market is ready to start functioning and is awaiting a final go-ahead by the regulator. In response to speculations that the scheme has been shelved by the Central Bank of Iran, Mahmoud Shekasteband said the groundwork is ready for launching the market. “Launching the market is on the agenda of the government and the CBI, but it is the policymaker that should decide the timing,” he was quoted as saying by IRNA. Little is known about the mechanism of the much-publicized regulated currency market, which is often touted as the government’s pivotal scheme to organize the often chaotic forex market.
  12. navira

    Go Iraq Part 9

    The Bro’s (Achmed 6ly And Hakeem Navira) Were Just Spotted On A Runaway Camel At ‘Breaking Wind’ Speed - Heading For Habboubi Square With Mardi Gras Beads ! lmao bro thug
  13. navira

    Go Iraq Part 9

    Trump n Saleh... this was probably their agreement behind their closed meeting
  14. navira

    Go Iraq Part 9

    Saleh is probably gonna take over for the main time
  15. navira

    Go Iraq Part 9

    It looks like it bro
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