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  1. AQI DINAR Iraqi Dinar News, Information and Facts Home WELCOME TO IRAQI DINAR CONTACT US CBI INFO & IRAQI DINAR NEWS IRAQI DINAR GURU'S IRAQI DINAR OPINIONS IRAQI DINAR POLITICS & ECONOMY UNCATEGORIZED Comments Posts Popular campaign to delete the name of the relations of the new currency Popular campaign to delete the name of the relations of the new currency October 15, 2018 – 10:25 Sumer News: Activists on social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) have launched a campaign to remove the name of the central bank’s governor, Ali Al-Allaq, from the new currencythat has been put on the market latelyand has raised widespread objections. The campaigners labeled the campaign “Bhaktak” as a “crackdown” campaign, and “delete the name of the governor” and called on citizens to participate in the campaign to delete the name of the links from the new edition of the Iraqi currency. Campaign participants also published pictures showing 1,000 dinars in coins and the names were deleted by Tullin. Others also published videos showing how to write off without affecting the value of the currency. Last Thursday, October 11, 2018, the new edition of the Iraqi currency with its various categories, named after the central bank governor Ali al-Alaq, circulated in the markets despite widespread objections. The market witnessed trading of this currency despite the popular and parliamentary objections on the name of the relationship, the new edition. The central bank announced earlier, the issuance of new editions of the Iraqi currency with different categories, with some changes to some of them and write the name of the governor of the Central Bank, which led to criticism at the level of the Iraqi street. The central bank issued a clarification stating that “the banknotes in various countries contain the signature of the issuing authority, which is the governor of the Central Bank. The central banks have always put their signatures on their portfolios in different forms. Among them are those who put the name and signature of the governor, Without a name. ”
  2. 6ly410, agree bro. CBI may will come out with lower notes this month...and hopefully with its purchasing power
  3. 6ly410, yes i did...we are going to see the light at the end of this....iam getting the champagnes chilled n ready again, bro..haha
  4. navira

    CBI News 10/09/2018

    Thanks bro. We will find out this week if Alak is permitted to have his sig on all new currencies. Anticipation is high. Whether Alak gets his sig on the new currency or not, the lower denoms will still be distributed. Cheers dvers
  5. The project to delete the zeros is to delete three zeros from the current currency with the introduction of large currencies and theintroduction of coins for the dinar parts." I believe this is what they are doing right now. Some peeps in the GOI dont like it because the CBI governors signature is all over the new notes
  6. OT, i would have to agree....but before the dedollarization, we need to see rv. Cheers dvers
  7. The lower notes are coming...Come on GOI!! Let's not make this an issue with the governor's signature on them. Let's go lower notes...let's go this week or next week's fine
  8. These new higher notes will coexist side by side (just as they said in the past) with the lower categories until they are phased out. Lower notes are coming dvers. We should expect increase in value for the iqd. Cheers

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