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  1. * Press statements cause lifting of the Iraqi Central Bank sales figures double within hours April 29, 2011 06:09 pm · Posted in NEWS (Iraq & World Currency) · Comments Off “Portal Iraq,” said adviser to the CBI the appearance of Mohammed Saleh high level of sales of foreign currency auction market of the Central Bank to 58 million dollars the day after he had dropped from $ 150 million Per day to 18 million in the past two days, stressing that the reason for this rapid rise was on the back of the meeting conducted by the news agency, Baghdad International, which denied the benefit of
  2. Longfellow? More like Longshot! lol
  3. I could see this going one of two ways, either one dinar will equal $0.85 or the value of one dinar will drop since all they did was rename a currency, so to speak, and not revalue that currency. So this could be good or bad. It could either mean we are rich, or it could mean we are all screwed.
  4. whew...... No. There's no such thing as ghosts. Only demons. Is your cell phone demonically possessed? Probably not. Do you need to fill your spare time with something constructive to so? yes.
  5. * Parliament Will Vote Wednesday on the First Amendment to the Law of Private Investment in Oil Filter April 26th, 2011 05:31 pm · Posted in NEWS (Iraq & World Currency) Parliamentary sources said Tuesday, the Iraqi Council of representatives will vote at its 58th to be held on Wednesday, the first amendment Bill of law on private investment in crude oil refining as well as the first reading of certain laws and the second reading of the proposed rules of procedure. The source said in an interview the cuneiform for “news”, “the House will vote at its 58th to be held, at 1.30 p.m. on Wed
  6. You shouldn't be allowed to ban anyone. You are ridiculous. Let us talk about what we want and you can go cry in your corner cause someone said something you didn't like. Go look at the other threads with hundreds of comments with posts everyone know are crap. But why don't you? Cause it points in your favor. Go get a real job.
  7. But let's remember- they have kept their people in these conditions for years now, which keeps them under their thumb, they could certainly continue to do so. Just because WE want them to RV doesn't mean that they will. The leaders don't give a rat's hind to what may happen to the Iraqi people, so long as they get their oil revenues and the people stay subdued. And they will! They couldn't even pull off a successful demonstration, that's how tight their government holds them. They hate their conditions, but they live in fear of their government. If they really cared then they would have alread
  8. Can either you or someone here explain exactly what that means?
  9. ROFL. I always enjoy reading your posts, sir. I must agree though, we have heard way too many rumors and way too many setbacks to believe any of these rumors. Of course, I hope it is true, I will gladly post my apologies for not believing it, but we will see soon!
  10. Wow! That made my night! That's great, thank you much!!!!
  11. You need to chill. He passed it on from DD and asked for no one to bash. It's ok, cause obviously you can't read, so let me help you! This section is called RUMORS. Don't know what it is? Go look it up! And he said he was simply passing information along. Oh, you don't like that? Well why don't you go take some Xanax and get off the forums, jerk.
  12. Well it always fluctuates an the ask price has been here before but what caught my eye was the bid price, as it has never been this low before,even if it is only a few numbers lower. Just hoping!
  13. This could absolutely just be smoke. We may still see our Security ministers yet. We have all seen the smoke before. Hopefully this time is nothing different. Perhaps they are trying to get us to look one way while they are somewhere else.
  14. This may be something and it may be nothing. I don't mean to get everyone too excited, but Forex has changed like I have never seen it before. I watch forex all day and night. I see the changes it makes and I always keep track of what the IQD is doing. As of 7:33 am EST, Thursday morning, the Bid rate is 1,146.3000 and the ask price is 1,189.7000. Now I know that this seems like it s nothing, however, the Bid price has never been this low before. This is honestly the first time I have seen it like this. Now I know there will be those here that say, "Yea, it fluctuates, it goes there daily!" We
  15. This news is a couple weeks old. Thanks though. This does not affect the RV.
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