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  2. Interesting, I would like it if anyone could bring me any info regarding countries like Russia, Japan, China, Usa, South Korea, Germany to name a few that invested in a country before it lopped it's currency.
  3. You can take Sonny1 out of Dinar Vets but you can't take Dinar Vets out of Sonny1
  4. Okay this is key as there was an auction in May 2011 that had 3,515 volume$. I saw this yesterday in their archives. Now this second straight low volume is way unusual. They have since changed their archive system on the cbi site, why? is anyones guess but it is not showing that May volume$ not sure why don't really care, what's happening now is the most interesting and exciting part.
  5. Wow this seems insane. Whoever you are don't wake me up. Pleeaassee!!!!
  6. No friggin way, keep dangling that RV carrot int'l world. There's no friggin way your currency is 1170/1USD with all the DFI funds plus other hidden income and monies held in banks for years some estimate up to 300 billion USD and your waving that dirty float of a currency. Show the value in that currency and maybe you'll get CHP 7 release. Release that chapter 7 and watch them pull back on the RV button, this gov't cannot be trusted too sneaky and caniving. They want to keep their citizens in poverty so they can control them. They wanted the US troops out so they can start their brainwashing dictatorship, keep them honest and don't release the hounds so they can do all the back door deals with the other countries with who knows what evil intentions.
  7. They need to be kept into Chp 7 it's the one leverage the powers that be have to force the RV. Don't go looking for Chp 7 to be released as a good sign it's not. HCL , releasing LD's simultaneous RV is what we want.
  8. baldy777 you shouldn't have any problem cashing in in Canada Adam has banks set up in every major city in Canada if you are a Vip member which I see you are.
  9. Yes If I truly believe they were going to lop my dinars I purchased I would whole heartily be on this website spending my passing days and hrs preaching to the masses that my investment is not worth and then feel good in my old age on that rocking chair on the back porch reminiscing I sure told them Yes I am broke and maybe I should have spent my time and money elsewhere but I sure told them.
  10. Maybe Adam can answer this question. If Iraq was going to lop their currency what is stopping them from doing it right now? Do they need Hcl, GOI, Security ministers in place. There's talk that a lop can still create value to their currency especially in regards to the amount of currency in circulation compared to the population. To me wanting to compete with the Arab neighbors, trade their currency internationally, trying to ween the people off the USD, inviting the world to invest, complying with WTO, WB, IMF etc. doesn't make alot of sense to lop. Delaying for the perfect window for an RV to hit the world stage makes more sense. What's your take. Thanks.
  11. And bigcity Bob knocks it out of the park. Texas wins Texas wins.
  12. I can't believe how backwards this forum is, most other forums are educating their members on what or how to protect their imminent wealth. The talk of RV is past tense, that process is already in the books just needs to be announced, any talk of a laughable lop has been banned on most forums. I'm not Adam but if this were my site anyone talking lop would get the boot.
  13. I can't figure this Okie fella out seriously why does he gets posted without fail day in and day out constant. There is something about it I just can't put my finger on it. My conclusion is that he has more power than anyone realizes. I dare this site not to post about Okie for a week. I guarantee you it cannot be done. My conclusion he is a very powerful figure in the dinar world.
  14. Ha it's funny I was just sifting by this thread and was like what over 120 replies what could be going on here. Before I was just about to click to the thread it dawned on me must be lopsters. Ahem it's over 170
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