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  1. [bondLady] you all wanna see a good article ? A parliamentary committee: Iqbal mounting on the Iraqi dinar Written by Ammar Shaykhli published on Monday, July 22 / July 2013 03:30 Baghdad (Iraq) / Hala Khalid Analysts, economists continued low exchange rate of the U.S. dollar against the Iraqi dinar to Madon the (1200) dinars for the days to come, as the price of the weight of gold to 215 thousand dinars days after falling to 225 thousand for the weight of one. said reporter «future» «The offices of banking sale and purchase of foreign currency and the U.S. dollar saw yesterday, a slight decr
  2. A growing over population of wild pigs is a huge problem in southern states. Much like groundhogs, they destroy crops and farmlands. Not only would hunting be fun, that's a lot of bacon too...
  3. Just think of all that money lost in translation by still depending on the value of the dollar...
  4. I am always amused at the label of scam. No one is a holding a gun to anyone's head here... Rogue Knight is my real name, my real screen name...
  5. No wonder I prefer BondLady's Site!
  6. So why are people who have negative triple digits continued to be allowed to post and not kicked out of here. I have seen negs even reset for somw people on here. If enough negs have accumulated as a whiole you could save the MODS a whole lot of heart ache by actually using the system for some real good.
  7. Thank you for your interest, but I am not quite willing to do a mail transaction. Face to face will have to do for anyone wanting to buy.
  8. I have 200k dinar I would like to sell in person. I travel along the I -70 corridor for work, so I can travel a little into Wheeling, WV or as far as Washington PA. $200 cash firm. PM me for details.
  9. I couldn't agree more. I have stayed off this site for months, busy with work and travel, but I return to see the same cynical undertones still exist in certain members. It's almost a fan club of sorts to collectively bash opposing view points- and on a personal level at that. It's still high school rhetoric under collegiate facade. I don't know what happened to the days of agreeing to disagree and we can all be adults about it. Frankly, it saddens me to see this site still being run amok by those who seek no more than to have their own " Real Housewives of DinarVets" .Life is more than just
  10. [shredd] Central Bank looking mechanisms to support investment in Iraqi dinar Published on Saturday, 16 February / February 2013 13:54 | Written by: OK-AR-N | | | Views: 10 BAGHDAD / obelisk: Search Central Bank, Saturday, mechanisms to support investment in Iraqi dinars, pointing out that he was seeking to boost his tally including currency makes it controlled. The central bank governor said Abdul Basit Turki agency, following a meeting directors-general of private banks and the Iraqi civil operating in the country, for "obelisk" that "it is necessary to develop plans modern and necessary for
  11. Hell, our own COUNTRY hasn't passed a budget in the last 4 years...
  12. [shredd] tlm724 I was talking to a friend of mine a few days ago who is invested and we were talking about the different scenarios regarding long it could take to start to pip, how long to rv, how long to float and how long till we would cash out some or all of our dinar. As I was talking it through, I remembered something which is easy to forget.............the lower denoms printed from back in 03. [shredd] even though we read that the removal of the zeros may not happen until next year, that does not mean we won't see movement in the rate [shredd] also.... we know the curren
  13. Shows the bigger man Brisco. Respect +1.
  14. Actually you are in the CHAT LOGS section.
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