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  1. Thanks Karsten! I remember those days when even Tehran was a great place to go. Those days are long gone.
  2. Hi Adam! In your opinion, do you think a global currency reset is possible at some point with the astronomical and unsustainable debt levels that nations currently have? And if this did happen, would Iraq be included? Thanks in advance.
  3. Wow I didn’t realize US citizens could actually fly to Baghdad. I saw this warning about Iraq on Wikitravel when pricing a flight to Dubai. Pretty scary! WARNING: The political situation in Iraq remains extremely unstable, even though the war was officially declared as over in December 2017. Travelling there remains extremely dangerous and strongly discouraged. All foreigners are still in danger of kidnapping, murder, and general armed violence. Although the northeast provinces which comprise Iraqi Kurdistan can be considered relativelysafe for foreigners, the margins for errors are sm
  4. I’m sure this subject has been bought up here but I just read about it. I haven’t been keeping up with current events so I apologize to the group here. This really is disheartening because of the time and $ invested here. Between the ISIS war, the pandemic and this 4th world government in Iraq I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Thank God for crypto currency because I have dwarfed my losses in Dinar with my gains in BTC, ETH and MKR. Maybe down the road this will pay off, but as of now it looks bleak. My hope is everyone here is ok financially and put in what you could lose.
  5. I pray for us all that have endured this for so long. This year has been a disaster for millions of people. This would be a miracle.
  6. Iraq is basically a country of clueless selfish hoodlums that will never get it together. Reminds my of Mexico on steroids. I have been holding many dinars for a decade. If Trump gets re-elected I will hold for 4 more years. If Biden gets elected I’m selling them all. Seems like all hope is gone, at least in this lifetime. When hope is gone, what else is there?
  7. As oil prices dive, Iraqi Kurds seek to diversify economy Arbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq Iraq's Kurdish region has for decades lived off its oil wealth, but plummeting energy prices amid the pandemic and financial mismanagement are forcing locals to return to long abandoned farms. Civil servants from the northern region's bloated public sector have gone without pay and many ar
  8. Horsesoldier your a great man! The military in this country is all I look up to, nothing else. I’m angry, but I can’t imagine your anger. I pray everyday for the guys like you and thanks to God for the men and women in uniform. I really wished this currency would revalue. But a revaluation wouldn’t come close to justify why we were ever in that hellhole in the 1st place. This ranks right there with Vietnam. WTF for????
  9. This is why IMO, this currency will never be revalued. Still hoping something happens but Iraq is being completely destroyed by corruption. This makes Mexico look like the United States and we all know how corrupt Mexico is.
  10. Hi Adam, I've been keeping up with you and also with world news specific to the region and I'm very excited! This is the 1st time I have felt this confident about this actually happening. Thanks for your work buddy!!!
  11. M Goat is so full of **** his eyes are brown. Imbecile
  13. Exactly pokerplayer! It blows my away how these low-lifes protest Trump and cheer when when their Muslim was in power.
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