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  1. Parliamentary Finance: Authorizing the government to add three trillion to the emergency reserve by the budget of 2019 19:50 - 20/01/2019 0 Information / special ... Parliamentary Finance Committee, announced Sunday, for the Council of Ministers to authorize theaddition of three trillion dinars to the contingency reserve of $ 200 billion in the budget of 2019, indicating that the added funds allocated for the completion of investment projects and the ration card items and other doors. "200 billion dinars have been allocated to the state in the budget of 2019, and the Council of Ministers has been given the authority to add three trillions to the emergency reserve budget," a parliamentary source told Al-Maaloumah. He added that "the added amount disbursed by 500 billion dinars to meet the shortfall in investment projects, whose completion rates range between 80 to 85% and listed within the investment projects for 2019." He explained that "is allocated an estimated amount of one trillion dinars to meet the shortfall in the allocations of the development of the regions, including the share of Kurdistan and trillion and 500 billion dinars to meet the shortfall in the provisions of compensation of employees and institutions of prisoners and martyrs and the ration card items and other doors."
  2. Change calls for "intelligence" to investigate the theft of Iraqi oil inside Turkey 22:15 - 20/01/2019 0 Information / Baghdad The deputy of the Kurdistan Change Bloc and a member of the oil and energy parliamentary committee, Ghaleb Mohammad Ali, called Sunday for the Iraqi intelligence service to investigate a video recording of scenes of the theft of Iraqi oil from the main pipeline carrier while passing through Turkish territory. "Potential parties operating under the cover of the Turkish government have punctured the pipeline passing through Turkish territory and set up a sub-pipeline through which large quantities of oil are stolen," Ali said in a statement received by al-Maaloumah. "He called on the intelligence services, in addition to the prime minister and the ministers of oil and foreign affairs, to provide them with CDs to document the operations," he said. A member of the parliamentary oil committee apologized for publishing the videotape and allowed some pictures only to preserve the confidentiality of the information, noting that "the disclosure of the recording, which shows a group of vehicles, equipment and thieves speaking in Turkish about the carrier company and the large number of stolen oil to obstruct efforts to investigate and identify those involved in this process "He said. End 25 n
  3. 2019/01/20 15:43 Number of readings 183 Section: Iraq Basra .. A protest in front of the residence of the Prime Minister BAGHDAD / Masala: A number of activists from the province of Basra, Sunday 20 January 2019, a protest in front of the Sheraton International Hotel, the expected residence of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, during his tour in Basra. The source said in an interview with the "Masala" that a group of Basra province activists gathered in front of the Sheraton International Hotel, the expected residence of Adel Abdul Mahdi, who arrived in the province, earlier in the morning. For its part, said security sources, "Abdul Mahdi went to Basra airport, to return to the capital Baghdad." Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi on Sunday visited the "R Zero" station to pump water near Basra airport as part of his tour of the province, which began Sunday morning. A statement by his media office that "the Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, during his visit to the province of Basra, the site of the station," R Zero "to clear the water," praising "the efforts of workers and their contribution to provide clean water. The statement added that "the visit focused on inspecting service projects in the province of Basra, particularly water, sewage, gas and power plants in the field of Zubair to see the achievements and obstacles facing the sectors of production, distribution and ongoing preparations to meet the growing needs of energy in the summer and to find the best solutions And respond to the demands of the necessary people of the province of Basra. " The Prime Minister briefed the Prime Minister on the problems faced by citizens in the services sector through meeting with a number of them in the areas covered by the visit, stressing that "the aim of this visit is to find solutions and ease the suffering of the people of Basra with the cooperation of all." It is noteworthy that the province of Basra, has seen the registration of tens of thousands of cases of poisoning during the past few months following the contamination of drinking water, which led to the outbreak of waves of protests. Follow the obeliskالعراق/1
  4. 2019/01/20 23:20 Number of readings 84 Section: Iraq The border guards are preparing themselves for any attempt to infiltrate a preacher after the US withdrawal from Syria BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Foreign media outlets reported on Sunday the security situation of the Iraqi border guards after the US withdrawal from Syria and the nature of the threats by entering a da'eef, while the Border Forces Command said that the withdrawal would affect the border security situation by 100% . "The American withdrawal from Syria will affect us negatively by 100 percent, but we are ready to protect the border, whether the coalition forces are present in Syrian territory or not," said Colonel Saleh al-Yaqoubi of the Iraqi border guards. "We usually have daily scenes about the security situation," he said. For several months, attempts have been made to cross Iraqi border guards patrolling the area, but over the past few weeks, the situation on the border has become increasingly blurred as the United States began to transport equipment and military supplies from eastern Syria following Trump's surprise announcement of troop withdrawals this month the past. "It is important that we maintain border security in Iraq," said US commander Col Kent Park. Border guards support US and French coalition forces stationed nearby. Meanwhile, the Popular Forces are patrolling the Iraqi border south of Qaim. According to the reports, "the border guards equipped and trained by the United States," noting that "the movements of elements of the organization is being addressed by US and French forces artillery strikes, after being monitored and reported by border guards, using cameras day and night" .. "US forces working with Iraqi forces are determined to prevent terrorists from seeking safe haven in the Iraqi desert," she said. A spokesman for US forces in Baghdad declined to comment on the impact of the withdrawal from Syria on operations near the Iraqi border, citing the objections of the defense minister's office, which did not respond to the request for comment. Follow the obelisk - agenciesحرس-الحدود-يجهز-نفسه-لأية-محاولة-اختراق-داعشية-بعد-الانسحاب-الأمريكي-من-سوريا
  5. Determining 30 days to unify customs tariffs between Baghdad and the region One of the customs points between Kirkuk and Erbil - Archive Photo: 8 minutes ago The head of the border crossings, Kadhim al-Aqabi, on Sunday, the need to subject the ports of the Kurdistan region to the authority of the federal government, noting that it was 30 days to consolidate customs tariffs between the governments of the center and the region. This came during his meeting today, January 20, 2019, a number of traders and representatives of the Coordinating Committee of the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce, according to a statement issued by the Border Ports Authority. The statement said that during the meeting, the Council of Ministers' Resolution No. (30) for the year 2019, which includes the start of work in all border ports (all provinces and Kurdistan region) was discussed according to the bodies that were unified between the federal government and the region. Agreed upon under the letter of the Ministry of Finance . " It is decided that all the administration of ports in the region shall be subject to the authority of the border ports according to the law of the Commission No. (30) for the year 2016, to be employed by employees of the Kurdistan Region with expertise and competence who work on the staff of the Ports Authority and are recycled in the ports within the region, Statement. He added that all the ports of the region must abide by the implementation of the part of the international agreements signed, as stated in the paragraphs of the resolution, the cancellation of resolution 186 of 2018 and the granting of a period of 30 days from the date of issue of this decision to enforce the customs tariff in the decision, Work at all border ports in the region under the law of the Ministry of Transport.
  6. Economy Sunday 20 January 2019 12:12 pm | Number of readings: Launch of the Arab Economic Summit in Beirut The fourth session of the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit, which is hosted by Lebanon, was launched this morning with the participation of all Arab countries except Syria, due to the fact that its membership is frozen in the League of Arab States and Libya, which declared its apology for not attending. Egypt during the summit and Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri. During the summit, Arab leaders will discuss 29 projects and items covering all issues of common interest to the Arab countries, as well as initiatives and strategies in the areas of food security, energy, poverty eradication and the protection of women. The Arab Strategy for Sustainable Energy, the Digital Economy and others. The heads of the official Arab delegations arrived in the Lebanese capital Beirut as of yesterday morning and were received at Beirut's Rafic Hariri International Airport by Lebanese President Michel Aoun, Prime Minister Saad Hariri and Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit. The summit is scheduled to begin with a public opening session in which Lebanese President Michel Aoun will announce the opening of the fourth session. The head of the delegation of Saudi Arabia will then deliver the speech to the third session of the summit, followed by a speech by the Lebanese president President of the Fourth Session of the Summit, and a speech by the Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit. In the first working session, the First Vice President of the World Bank, Mahmoud Mohieldin, will give a speech on the theme of financing for development, followed by speeches by Arab leaders. The Lebanese president will then hold a luncheon in honor of Arab leaders and heads of delegations. During which the Arab leaders will resume their speeches in addition to speeches by the representatives of the forums, followed by the third (closed) session, during which the draft agenda, the adoption of draft resolutions and the Beirut Declaration will be adopted and discussed. The Arab Economic Summit will conclude with a final closing session in which Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz will be presiding over the fifth session of the summit. The first Arab economic summit was hosted by the State of Kuwait in 2009, while Egypt hosted the second session of the Summit in Sharm el-Sheikh in 2011, while the third session was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2013. End
  7. Canada: Ready to contribute to the construction and advancement of Iraq 13:30 - 20/01/2019 0 Information / Baghdad .. Canada's Governor-General Jolie Piet said on Sunday that her country stands with the Iraqi people to achieve stability and to promote and build their cities, especially those liberated from them, expressing their government's willingness to invest and contribute to the building and development movement witnessed in Iraq. "President Barham Saleh received at the Peace Palace in Baghdad today the Governor-General of Canada, Julie Bait, and the delegation accompanying her," a statement from the Presidency said. Saleh stressed "Iraq's keenness to develop bilateral relations with the countries of the world to achieve common interests and contribute to the prosperity and construction and advancement," noting the "importance of cooperation with Canada at various levels to rebuild and rebuild the country." The president stressed the importance of the participation of Canadian companies and businessmen in investing in Iraq and benefiting from its expertise in the industrial and agricultural fields and expanding the scientific and cultural exchange and academic scholarships between the two countries. He praised Canada's contribution and active role in the international coalition in the war against terrorism. For her part, renewed Bayit "stand with the Iraqi people to achieve stability and the development and building of cities, especially liberated from them," asserting "the willingness of the Government to invest and contribute to the construction movement and the advancement of Iraq, especially in the fields of energy, oil, agriculture and industry." Ending / 25
  8. 2019/01/20 15:27 Number of readings 24 Section: Iraq The Finance Committee adds a paragraph to the general budget BAGHDAD / MESSALA: Members of the Finance Committee of the Parliament, Sunday, January 20, 2019, finalize the final draft of the budget for 2019 by next Wednesday or a day before it, while adding a paragraph on the benefits of farmers. A member of the Finance Committee, Hoshyar Abdullah, said in a statement to the obelisk that Sunday and tomorrow Monday will see the resolution of controversial articles in the public budget within the Finance Committee, especially with regard to the province of Basra and the cities destroyed by the war against Daqash, in addition to the obligations resulting from the Kurdistan region of Iraq and rights His staff. Abdullah added that the government version of the general budget did not address the entitlements of farmers, but the committee added a paragraph on the fairness of this class and the payment of their agricultural crops to the government. A member of the parliamentary finance ministry is expected to finalize the final draft of the budget, which is to be voted by next Wednesday, or at least one day before. The other member of the parliamentary finance committee, MP Shirwan Mirza, said he expected to vote on the draft federal budget law for the year 2019 during the meeting next Tuesday of the House of Representatives. Follow the obeliskاللجنة-المالية-تضيف-فقرة-إلى-الموازنة-العامة
  9. I think I should change my name to Pitifldrm
  10. $ 70 billion of Iraq 's money is abroad 17:25 - 19/01/2019 0 Publish it on Facebook Twitter on Twitter Information / special ... Legal Committee of the Parliamentary revealed on Saturday, the presence of more than $ 70 billion of Iraqi funds abroad in 2003 after fleeing officials, revealing amendments to the state's refund law for thepurpose of retrieval. "The committee is making amendments to the law on the recovery of state funds to include the fugitive officials after 2003 and the recovery of funds from them," said Salim Hmaza, a member of the legal committee. "The law can not be fully implemented during the current period until after the state tightens its muscles and strengthens its supervisory bodies." He explained that "there are more than 70 billion dollars of funds to Iraq abroad, officials fled after 2003," adding that "these funds enough for Iraq and eliminate the crisis and avoid borrowing from international banks."
  11. Parliamentary Finance: allocate 10 trillion dinars for external and internal debt by the budget of 2019 19:15 - 19/01/2019 0 Information / special ... Parliamentary Finance Committee announced Saturday, for the allocation of more than 10 trillion dinars external and internal debts of Iraq within the 2019 budget, indicating that he was raised to the emergency government 's budget to 200 billion dinars. "The Iraqi budget for 2019 includes repaying debts abroad and inside estimated at 10 trillion and 792 billion dinars," a parliamentary source said. "Among the amendments that were made, raising the amount of emergency to the government to 200 billion dinars for the disposal of emergency matters and determined by the Council of Ministers." He explained that "the budget obliged the Ministry of Planning and other ministries not to include any new projects in 2019 for the ministries that transferred their powers to them except for the strategic projects, which is determined by the ministry and within the powers of the Minister."
  12. Saturday, 19 January 2019 09:28 PM The people of Basra appeal to the US President: Save us from the sectarian popular militias The US military has called on US President Donald Trump to intervene and "eliminate" the "armed gangs" who steal the province's oil and assassinate demonstrators and activists who took part in the recent demonstrations. The text of the appeal is written in Arabic and English. "A message of distress from the people of the province of Basra to the President of the United States Trump .. We are the people of the province of Basra, we ask you to save our province of Basra armed gangs who have been stealing oil from Basra since 2003 and to this day and send it to Iran and to terrorist organizations funded by weapons. Against these gangs but repression, torture, murder and assassinations was the answer to us. We are missing the simplest means of living, such as water and electricity. We demand reform and appointments for the unemployed youth, many of them graduates and holders of higher diplomas, but the armed groups monopolize appointments for themselves and their parties and gangs. They kill anyone who speaks a word and stands against them. the province of Basra , their headquarters , a place known among Iraqis, and in recent demonstrations have fired live bullets at the demonstrators and killed many innocent unarmed young people who are demanding their right, and they assassinate civilians , activists in front of their homes and in the streets Markets. We hope that you, O President, will intervene quickly to save us from these dirty armed gangs. We know that the US military has entered Iraq and we welcome that very much because we believe that the US military has the ability to save.Basra, Iraq and the Iraqis from these corrupt gangs, we hope that you will receive this message and respond to us because you are the only hope now for all Iraqis. Thank you Mr. Chairman. Youth of Basra Governorate ". Earlier in the day, angry demonstrators burned police caravans near the local government building in the center of Basra province. Basra province witnessed almost weekly demonstrations demanding the dissolution of the Basra Council, the dismissal of the governor, submission to the judiciary and the appointment of an independent governor. Copyأهالي-البصرة-يستغيثون-بالرئيس-الأمريكي-أنقذنا-من-ميليشيات-الحشد-الشعبي-الطائفي
  13. the House of Representatives postpones consideration of two different laws and ends its session Twilight News 3 hours ago The Iraqi Council of Representatives on Saturday read three laws, two of them there is a sharp dispute between them and did not legislate since previous sessions. The Council had held earlier in the day its regular session for the first legislative year in the first legislative term of the fourth session, headed by Mohammed Halbusi and the presence of deputies from various parliamentary blocs. A parliamentary source told Ashqaf News that, at the request of the Legal Committee, it was decided to postpone the first reading of the draft law amending the fines law contained in Penal Code No. (111) for the year 1969 and other special laws No. (6) of 2008. The source added that it was also decided to postpone the first reading of the draft law of the Federal Supreme Court, and the first reading of the draft federal civil service law at the request of the Commission itself. According to the source, the Council decided after the adjournment of the meeting until next Tuesday at one o'clock. It is noteworthy that the last two laws are disputed by the parties and political parties and was unable to pass the Iraqi parliament in the previous three legislative sessions to pass them. Keywords:
  14. IraqEconomy Minister of Trade from the Arab Summit: Iraq awaits positive decisions in the economic field Saturday, January 19 0 0 Minister of Trade from the Arab Summit: Iraq awaits positive decisions in the economic field Trade Minister Mohammed al-Ani said on Saturday that the decisions of the Arab summit will have positive results on Iraq. "Iraq was presiding over a meeting in Cairo a month ago and has taken a number of decisions in several fields, which lead to interaction between the Arab countries participating," Al-Ani said at the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit in Beirut. "We hope that the decisions will affect the Arab countries and have a positive outcome on Iraq." is over . MK
  15. About the war on Iraq .. The scales published 30 thousand documents raised by Washington's secret 04:25 - 19/01/2019 FacebookTwitterMore BAGHDAD balances News published Media War College in the US military, 30 thousand documents related to the war in Iraq during 2003 and the years that followed this year to 2011. According to the media department at the College of War "was the Iraq war is the American war , the most costly since the Vietnam War, even Now, there have been some official studies to review what happened, why it happened, and what lessons should be learned. " The study reviewed the conflict from the perspective of the Earth's power and includes contributions from coalition allies, US Marines, and Special Operations forces. The narrative is presented primarily from the point of view of leaders in Baghdad, examines the interaction between operational and strategic levels, as well as creating and implementing a theater-level strategy at the tactical level. The first volume begins at the Armistice Tent at Safwan al-Joi airport in southern Iraq at the end of the "open desert" operation and briefly examines the work done by US and Iraqi forces during the interwar years. The narrative continues by examining the path to war, the successful invasion at first, and the rise of the Iraqi opposition before exploring the country's slide towards civil war. The volume concludes with a review of the decision taken by the Bush administration to increase Iraq's additional troops and to develop the "surge" behavior and results in Volume II. The study was built over a period of 4 years and relied on nearly 30,000 pages of documents that were declassified, hundreds of hours of original interviews, and thousands of hours of previously unavailable interviews, including original interviews conducted by the team of former US President George W. Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Defense Ministers Leon Panetta and Robert Gates, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, each commander of the war commander, and others. This publication represents the US military in the Iraq war, the longest-running study of the US government and the most detailed on the war in Iraq so far. To view the documents click on the following link:

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