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  1. Deputy: Iraq will play an important role in the abolition of US sanctions against Iran 17:21 - 21/03/2019 0 Information / special ... MP on the alliance of the conquest Hassan Salem, on Thursday, that Iraq will play an important role in ending the file of US economic sanctions imposed against the Islamic Republic of Iran, between Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, will go to Washington in the coming days in this regard. "Iraq is playing an important role in the regional and international relations and has a broad horizon in playing the role of mediator to resolve differences between the conflicting countries," Salem said in a statement. "The Iraqi government will play an important role in ending the file of US economic sanctions Imposed against Iran. " He added that "the Iraqi government has a tendency to intervene in resolving the file of sanctions against Iran because it is illogical and aim to starve the peoples," noting that "Abdul Mahdi may go in the coming days to Washington to discuss the issue of ending sanctions against Tehran." And Salem, that "the US administration has lost and failed in its brutal sanctions against Tehran that the latter do not care about and affected by." The Committee on Foreign Relations, earlier, the visit of a high-level government delegation headed by President Barham Saleh to Washington to discuss the exclusion of the Iraqi government from economic sanctions against Iran, while the government is able to reject the sanctions and the lack of commitment to them absolutely. The newspaper "Okaz" Saudi Arabia has revealed, earlier, the notification of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the US ambassador in Iraq that Baghdad can not be dispensed with Iranian gas and electricity.
  2. Baghdad Post Thursday, 21 March 2019 07:38 PM Forgetting the problems of Iraq .. Abdul Mahdi intends to go to Washington for the eyes of Iran! The deputy of the Fatah alliance Hassan Salem, expressed the intention of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to go to Washington in the coming days to discuss ending the sanctions imposed on Iran. "Iraq is playing an important role in regional and international relations and has broad horizons in playing the role of mediator to resolve disputes between rival countries," Salem said in a press statement. "The Iraqi government will play an important role in ending the US economic sanctions against Iran," he said. "The Iraqi government has an inclination to intervene in resolving the sanctions issue against Iran," Salem said. "Abdul Mahdi may go to Washington in the coming days to discuss ending these sanctions.متناسيا-مشاكل-العراق-عبد-المهدي-ينوي-التوجه-لواشنطن-لاجل-عيون-ايران
  3. Presidential President Important The Speaker of the House of Representatives condolences the families of the victims of the sinking of the ferry in Mosul and is in contact with the competent authorities to follow up the developments March 21, 2019 The head of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halboussi, on Thursday, with great attention to the incident of sinking the phrase island tourist in the city of Mosul, which killed dozens of civilian casualties, mostly women and children. His Excellency held a series of telephone contacts with the competent authorities to monitor the developments of the accident, the situation of the families of the victims and the injured, and provide all forms of support at all levels. His Excellency extended his condolences to the families of the victims of the sinking of the ferry on the tourist island of Mosul and their families. He called on God to inspire patience and tranquility and to grant them mercy and forgiveness. Media Office of the President of the House of Representatives 21 March 2019رئيس-مجلس-النواب-يعزي-ذوي-ضحايا-حادثة-غ/
  4. Scores dead as ferry sinks in Tigris River near Iraq's Mosul More than 70 people die as vessel packed with families celebrating Nowruz holiday capsizes in Tigris river. 31 minutes ago Scores of people have died after a ferry carrying families celebrating the Nowruz holiday capsized in the Tigris River near the Iraqi city of Mosul, according to officials. Major General Saad Maan, a spokesman for the interior ministry, said at least 71 people were killed in Thursday's accident. A separate source told Reuters news agency that 72 were confirmed dead. Another 55 people, including 19 children, were rescued. "I was standing near the river back when suddenly the ferry started to tilt left and right, and passengers began screaming before it capsized," Mohamed Masoud, a local civil servant, was quoted as saying by Reuters. "I saw women and children waving with their hands begging for help but no one was there to rescue them. I don't know how to swim. I couldn't help. I feel guilty. I watched people drown." Al Jazeera's Natasha Ghoneim, reporting from the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, said footage posted on social media showed "a very distressing picture" at what appeared to be a theme park. "We are seeing video of what appears to be a ferry upside down ... people jumping into the Tigris River in an attempt to rescue others. We can hear people along the banks screaming and we can see several people swimming furiously in what appears to be a rather swift current." Hussam Khalil, head of the Civil Defense in the northern Nineveh province, told The Associated Press news agency that the vessel had sunk due to a technical problem. Another security official was quoted as saying by AFP that "the boat sank because there were too many passengers on board, more than 100." Meanwhile, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi ordered an inquiry into the accident and said on Twitter that those responsible would be held accountable. Nowruz, which marks the Kurdish new year and the arrival of spring, is celebrated across territories that once made up the ancient Persian empire, stretching from the Middle East to Central Asia. The holiday is celebrated as the Persian New Year in Iran. A rescue helicopter searches for survivors at the site of the capsizing [Reuters]
  5. Death toll in Mosul toll rises to 94 The number of readings: 33 Agency of the orbit - Ninewa security source said on Thursday, up the death toll from the ferry in Mosul to 94 people. The source told the 'orbit' that 'the toll of the victims of the ferry that sank in the Tigris River in Mosul has risen to 94 people'. Earlier, semi-official sources said 85 people were killed and 20 others missing when a ferry capsized in the Tigris River near Mosul. About 60 people were rescued. Add your comment
  6. Husseini's policy : The US exemption was not made by an Iraqi request, as some believe Twilight News 2 hours ago (Reuters) - The removal of US sanctions against Iran by the United States was not at the request of the federal government in Baghdad, senior Iraqi politician Mithal al-Alusi said on Thursday. Al-Alusi told Ashqaf News that "America's exemption for Iraq to deal with Iran for an additional period, according to US reports, electric power is a major crisis in the country, especially citizens suffer from interruptions like other institutions and ministries in the summer." He added that "a report from the US side confirms the continuation of the electricity crisis without improving during the summer, and the report confirms that America stands on the Iraqi side and support in the field of electricity, despite the disclosure of corruption and punish failed governments." The Iraqi politician said that "the exemption was not an Iraqi request, as imagined by some, but through the US administration exclusively, and the appreciation of the parties." The United States extended a three-month exemption to Iraq in December, allowing it to import from Iran reliable electricity, despite US sanctions on Tehran, a State Department official said. "As this new exemption aims to help Iraq mitigate the effects of its energy shortage, we continue to discuss with our partners in Iraq the sanctions on Iran," the official said. He added that expanding production capacity and diversifying the sources of imports "will enable Iraq to strengthen its economy and development" and encourages a "united, democratic, prosperous Iraq free from the harmful influence of Iran." Washington re-imposed sanctions on Iran's energy sector in November after it pulled out of a nuclear deal signed between the superpowers and Tehran. A power shortage that often leaves homes without electricity for up to 20 hours a day is a key factor behind weeks of major protests in Iraq during the summer. To overcome this shortfall, Iraq imports up to 28 million cubic meters of natural gas from Tehran to its factories and directly buys 1,300 megawatts of Iranian electricity. This dependence is uncomfortable for the United States, which sought to curtail Tehran's influence and re-impose sanctions on Iranian financial institutions, shipping lines, the energy sector and oil products. Keywords:
  7. Baghdad Post Thursday, 21 March 2019 01:35 PM Suron: The Cabinet Cab will be decided and voted next week The coalition revealed, "Saron", on Thursday, the date of completion of the cabinet cab to vote in the House of Representatives. The MP for the coalition, Mudar Khazaal, in a statement: "is likely to witness the next week during the parliamentary session to resolve theministerial cab to vote on it." He added that "there is agreement on a section of the names of candidates for the remaining ministries," noting that there is a discrepancy on the names remaining until the resolution. Count Mسائرون-حسم-الكابينة-الوزارية-والتصويت-عليها-الأسبوع-المقبل
  8. Basra Council: We got one trillion dinars out of twenty bags of the central government 19:53 - 20/03/2019 0 Information / Special ... The Basra Provincial Council announced on Wednesday that it received one trillion of the 20 trillion dinars allocated for the dollar accumulated by the central government from 2014 to 2018, indicating that the Council has a study to implement projects suspended by international companies. "The province of Basra has funds from petrodollars accumulated from 2014 to 2018 by the central government," said the head of the oil and energy committee of the council Shaddad al-Fares. He added that "these funds are estimated at more than 20 trillion dinars did not get Basra, but one trillion," pointing out that "the Council has proposals to issue a document to determine the size of the amounts allocated to Basra accurately." He explained that "the proposal includes the start of the oil plan for reconstruction, where the use of oil reserves and give it to international companies in exchange for the implementation of strategic projects in the province."
  9. 2019/03/20 16:38 Number of readings 2044 Section: Iraq A US military officer wanted to board a military aircraft and entered Iraq BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The Iraqi Pilots Association announced on Wednesday (March 20th, 2019) the entry of a US officer wanted in Iraq to Iraq, confirming that the officer boarded a military plane without authorization."One of the officers in the US National Guard, 1st lieutenant named Joshua Philippe Yaput, who stole an armored vehicle on 5/6/2018 from a training camp in Virginia and two hours after the chase," the association said in a statement posted on its Facebook page, In the streets, the US police arrested him to be brought to justice. " "During the trial waiting period, Philip recently used his military identity to fly a military aircraft bound for Iraq without military authorization and entered Iraq by air," she said. "Lt. Gen. Josh is currently in Iraq, according to the latest US reports, without knowing his exact location." Follow the obeliskضابط-امريكي-مطلوب-قضائيا-استقل-طائرة-عسكرية-ودخل-العراق
  10. 2019/03/20 18:19 Number of readings 31 Section: Iraq Washington: We continue with our partners in Iraq to discuss the sanctions imposed on Iran BAGHDAD (Reuters) - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Wednesday (March 19, 2019) that the United States and its partners in Iraq would continue to discuss sanctions against Iran. "US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced this evening that we will continue discussions and discussions with our partners in Iraq on the US sanctions against Iran," Sky News said in an urgent news report. In a related context, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged Iraq to develop its relationship with Kuwait, pointing out that Washington calls on the Gulf states to resolve the crises and differences to achieve security and stability in the region. "The administration of President Donald Trump has extended the deadline for exempting Iraq from committing to US sanctions against Iran for another three months," a US State Department source told CNBC on Tuesday (March 18, 2019). On November 4, 2018, the United States began imposing sanctions on Iran, which is rich in oil under difficult economic conditions. The United States has lifted sanctions on Iran after reaching an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program in 2015. US sanctions include various economic, financial and industrial sectors, primarily the oil sector, which is the main source of hard currency needed by Iran. Washington has said it seeks to make Iran's oil exports zero. The new US exemption comes a week after Iranian President Hassan Rowhani visited Iraq at the head of a high-level delegation with 22 agreements and a memorandum of understanding with Baghdad. Rohani said after the visit that "no one can affect the relationship between Iran and Iraq," a reference to America. Follow the obelisk - agenciesواشنطن-نواصل-مع-شركائنا-في-العراق-مناقشة-العقوبات-المفروضة-على-إيران
  11. 2019/03/20 16:20 Number of readings 19 Section: Iraq Planning is looking with the Association of Private Banks Strengthening the role of the financial and banking sector Baghdad / Mesbah: Minister of Planning Nuri Sabah al-Dulaimi, received on Wednesday, March 20, 2019, a delegation from the Association of Iraqi Private Banks headed by Wadih Nuri al-Hanal, the president of the Association. "The Dulaimi discussed the reality of private banks in Iraq and the possible ways to enhance their work at the national level." Al-Dulaimi stressed that "the ministry is keen to activate the role of the private banking and financial sector in Iraq, and seek to enable private banks to play their developmental role through strengthening partnership with government sector banks." For his part, the delegation of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks "highlighted the objectives of the Association and its functions and its contribution to the dissemination of awareness and culture of banking among the staff of banks through seminars, meetings and workshops to improve their work," expressing their "sincere appreciation of the actions of the Minister of Planning during the meeting," stressing " Strengthening the work of the Association. Follow the obeliskالتخطيط-تبحث-مع-رابطة-المصارف-الخاصة-تعزيز-دور-القطاع-المالي-والمصرفي
  12. 2019-03-20 BY SOTALIRAQ Congress warns of US troop withdrawal from Iraq Translated by Hamid Ahmed The heads of the foreign affairs, security and military committees of Congress issued a statement on Monday warning of the consequences of the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. The Pentagon is now reviewing options to present to US President Donald Trump the US military presence in Iraq and Syria. At the same time, the Iraqi parliament is preparing to draft a bill calling for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from the country. "The United States must continue its pledge to support a sovereign and democratic Iraq," the statement said. American trainers and advisers, at the request of the Iraqi government, helped lay the groundwork for a secure and democratic Iraq, including the training of more than 89,000 Iraqi Army and National Guard brigades. The committee leaders urged President Trump's administration to continue the joint training and humanitarian work in Iraq after the liberation of the land under Dadash's control. They also called for closer coordination between international relief organizations and partners in this mission, including the United Nations, European allies and the Arab Gulf countries. "It would be wrong at this critical stage to withdraw from Iraq at a time when the country is trying to preserve its sovereignty, internal and external threats and build a thriving democracy." President Trump was seeking full withdrawal from Syria, The US administration is now talking about downsizing and maintaining a small force. The Wall Street Journal reported in a report on Sunday that the United States could keep 1,000 troops in Syria. "There is no change in the plan announced in February and we are continuing to implement President Trump's directive to reduce US forces simply because there are few troops," said Army Chief of Staff General Joseph Danford. President Trump announced in December a total withdrawal of troops from Syria. There were concerns within Congress and the Pentagon that the president would do the same with Iraq. In a meeting in Damascus on Monday between military commanders from Iran, Iraq and Syria, they called for the withdrawal of US troops from Syria. The United States maintains about 2,000 troops in Syria and 5,000 troops in Iraq. Also on Monday, US Vice President Mike Pines telephoned Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to assure him of the firmness of the partnership between the two countries. "I spoke to Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and thanked him for his strong support for the permanent partnership between the United States and the Iraqi people," US Vice President Mike Pines wrote on his official Twitter page. The United States stands with Iraq to defeat the rest of the tails, and helps the Christian and Yazidis to rebuild and recover from years of war and terror. " About: The National News websiteالكونغـرس-يحـذِّر-من-انسحـاب-القـوات/
  13. 2019-03-20 BY SOTALIRAQ The Parliamentary Law reveals the "objectives" of the Nationality Amendment Act Revealed the legal committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Tuesday, the objectives of the law to amend the Iraqi nationality, and the reason for legislation at the moment. Committee member Yahya al-Mohammadi said that "the legislation to amend the Iraqi nationality, which has a lot of goals and intentions, including the change of Iraqi identity and destruction," noting that "the law is the goal of demographic change of Iraqi society." "There is also a serious reason in this law, which is a political, we are coming to the census, this law will change the societies significantly, passing the law in its current form, a disaster and a threat to the future of Iraq and the Iraqis." IRAQالقانونية-البرلمانية-تكشف-عن-أهداف-ق/
  14. Washington's message to Iran and its follow-up on the anniversary of the fall of Baghdad .. The redeployment of American bases in Kuwait Wednesday, 20 March 2019 It is like a message that those who occupied Iraq 16 years ago and toppled the regime of Saddam Hussein in March 2003 still control the situation in the region and that Iraq will not be a strategic target for them and those who control it behind the scenes. That is the message of the United States sent by choosing the timing of the fall of the regime of Saddam and Baghdad by American forces years ago, for the current Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo to visit Kuwait, which suffered the invasion and occupation by Saddam on the same anniversary. It is worth noting that Pompeo's visit this time carries with it signs of the reaffirmation of the defense and security agreements with Kuwait for military redeployment and the deployment of advanced missile batteries in the area closest to Iran and Iraq. These steps are part of a US plan aimed at securing a comprehensive area that is expected to be targeted or endangered as the United States begins targeting US influence in Iraq and the region. After that, Pompeo will also go to Jordan to talk about creating safe areas of terrorism capable of confronting Iranian threats and threats along the borders with Iraq and Syria.رسالة-واشنطن-لإيران-واتباعها-في-ذكرى-س/
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