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  1. Poverty in Iraq is expressive Budget 2020: Iraq will resort to external borrowing 2019-11-13 Monitoring Iraq Solution The budget # # Iraq for the current year drained the financial resources of the state, bringing the deficit to $ 23 billion, especially with a lot of waste and waste. While the general budget is divided between 75 percent of the total $ 112 billion, they are spent on operational activities, which are mostly monthly salaries, compared with only about 25 percent allocated for investment and reconstruction. According to the Iraqi government , the number of its employees is about 4 million, but it is estimated that the salaries are paid to between 7 and 8 million people, and the government pays pensions to about 3.7 million people annually. The military spending bill has soared in the current year to record highs, including salaries for 128,500 insurgents from sectarian militias, according to a Sky News report. As for poverty, it is also chasing about a quarter of Iraqis, more than 22 percent of the population, while unemployment is estimated at 23 percent, according to the Central Statistical Organization in Baghdad. Between 2013 and the end of last year (2018), the country reportedly lost $ 36 billion, pushing Iraq to become among the “most corrupt” countries, according to Transparency International in its 2018 report. The site "Sky News", the economist # Abdul_Rahman_Mashhadani , an analytical look at the Iraqi budget. He stressed that corruption and the appointment of «who are not experienced # in important positions, one of the most important factors of vulnerability # permeate the economy of the country». `` The planned budget deficit for 2019 was 27 trillion dinars, while it was supposed to see a surplus at the end of the year, due to high oil prices , but things did not work this way at all, as the surplus turned into a planned deficit, which in turn turned to Real deficit. He added: «This is the result of a combination of factors, # # corruption is rampant in the state, although the government has worked to reduce it, in fact increased during the past years, and that the military expenditure in the budget was more than planned, in addition to economic decisions The ill-considered has been taken ». Turning to the economist # # 2020 budget , saying that «it will be difficult for the government to be able to fill the expected deficit, and therefore it will resort to external borrowing, which increases the indebtedness of Iraq and the accumulated interest and obligations». He continued: «The problem we have (in Iraq) is not related to resources, it is available to us, what is congratulated by the mismanagement and planning, which we will not overcome unless # # jobs and positions based on professionalism and efficiency». Edit by Wissam al-Baziموازنة-2020-العراق-سيلجأ-للاقتراض-الخارج/
  2. 2019/11/14 10:32 The number of readings 137 Section: Iraq Iraq's debt amounts to 115 billion dollars and unemployment reaches 13.8% Baghdad / Obelisk: The Ministry of Planning, announced on Thursday, November 14, 2019, Iraq's debt for 2019 amounted to $ 115 billion, stressing that the government should channel loans and debts to investment development outputs, while noting that the unemployment rate in Iraq reached 13.8%. `` Iraq's debts for 2019 amounted to $ 115 billion, of which $ 43 billion was internal debt and $ 72 billion foreign debt, '' ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi said. Other countries borrowed by the former regime during its wars have no interest and can be written off, and therefore there is $ 31 billion in foreign debt with interest. He added, "These debts, whatever their size, are a burden on the current and future generations and the state should fulfill its obligations towards these debts and the benefits arising from them." For the war on ISIS, which reflected negatively on development and investment, which was considered by the Ministry of Planning in its five-year budget in order to make the most of these loans to achieve comprehensive development in Iraq. On the other hand, Hindawi said that "unemployment rates in Iraq amounted to 13.8% and therefore it must find short and long-term treatments to absorb and reduce unemployment," explaining that "the appointments that the government is talking about except all security within the movements of the owners, amounted to 57 thousand jobs They are covered financially and within the budget, while security appointments amounted to 200 thousand appointees and these will cost the budget annually funds of not less than 3 trillion dinars, except the funds allocated for the purchase of equipment for them and materiel and other things, and this category needs Iraq to achieve security as the security stability there will be stability economic" . "The government has also worked to create a private sector capable of being a partner for job creation," Hindawi said.ديون-العراق-تبلغ-115-مليار-دولار-والبطالة-تصل-إلى-138
  3. NOON BRIEFINGS 13 NOVEMBER 2019 Daily Press Briefing by the Office of the Spokesperson for the Secretary‑General **Iraq Turning to Iraq. Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, the Secretary‑General’s Special Representative for Iraq, spoke to the Iraqi Council of Representatives, and she told parliamentarians that many Iraqis are asking for a brighter future for the country to reach its full potential and for the benefit of all Iraqi citizens. She added that the Iraqi people have paid an unthinkable price to get their voices heard. Since the start of the protests on the first of October, she said, at least 319 people have been killed and around 15,000 injured. She reiterated the importance of guaranteeing fundamental rights — above all the right to life, but also the rights to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. Ms. Hennis-Plasschaert reminded the delegates that, with full respect for Iraq’s sovereignty, the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) has proposed a number of concrete steps as a way forward to confidence‑building and reform. She emphasised that now is the time to act; otherwise any momentum will be lost at a time when many, many Iraqis are demanding concrete results. Her full remarks are available.
  4. Bayrakdar: Vote to lift the immunity of current deputies gave the judiciary by issuing arrest warrants against large heads By Ali 14/11/2019 01:29 PM | Number Of Hits: 1650 Ahd News - Baghdad The vote to lift the immunity of deputies accused of corruption cases, the hands of the judiciary in taking legal action against them, and this began after the Supreme Judicial Council addressed the courts in the country to implement arrest warrants and recruiting against the defendants, especially those who enjoyed immunity. On the eve of the beginning of popular demonstrations at the beginning of last October, the Supreme Judicial Council stressed the right of peaceful demonstration and the need to respond to demands, while forming investigative bodies in the provinces where protests broke out to investigate the events that accompanied them, and in a record time a central anti-corruption court Including what he called "big issues." The Council's spokesman Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar said in a statement seen by "Al-Ahd News" on Thursday, "The Council issued a circular to all courts to implement the procedures of investigation with the deputies wanted for crimes of financial and administrative corruption without the need to approach it in order to approach the House of Representatives after the latter voted On lifting the immunity of the wanted deputies, "pointing to" emphasize the executive bodies direct implementation of arrest warrants or recruitment. " Bayrakdar added that "the Supreme Judicial Council formed in a previous step the Central Anti-Corruption Court to deal with major corruption cases and entrusted them with specialized judges and experts in these cases," pointing to "instructing them to take extraordinary measures to issue arrest warrants against the defendants within their jurisdiction and prevent Their travel and instructing the executiveThe Soul. Large heads Bayrakdar said that "the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Faiq Zidan, instructed the Central Anti-Corruption Court, also in coordination with the special investigation team in the Commission on Integrity and the Office of Financial Supervision , "Stressing" legal action against offenders. " Asked whether officials were being investigated recently, Bayrakdar said, "these measures have contributed to the accountability of accused officials who have occupied important positions, including former ministers and members of the House of Representatives. A: No He pointed to "the issuance of many arrest and recruitment orders against governors and members of the provincial council, inspectors and general managers in Baghdad and the provinces." Investigative bodies Regarding the judicial procedures in the events that accompanied the demonstrations, Bayrakdar added that "the judiciary formed investigative bodies that started their work in the governorates where the demonstrations took place," pointing to "investigating incidents of martyrdom and injury of demonstrators and security forces and attacks on the media, as well as the need to distinguish between Demonstrators and vandals who attack public property and property of citizens. " Bayrakdar called on "the plaintiffs' personal right to the martyrs and the injured and the affected media to review these bodies, each according to his province and in the case of recording previous intelligence of these incidents to the courts registered with the judicial investigative bodies according to the spatial jurisdiction of the incident to complete the investigation." Refunds In addition, an official statistic of the Supreme Judicial Council on the restoration of integrity courts in the amounts of very large after 2003 and until the beginning of last October of this year. The statistics pointed out that the total amount recovered by the courts competent to deal with integrity cases amounted to more than 752 billion and 22 million dinars and 37 thousand dollars. "The country's criminal courts have recovered more than three hundred and eighteen billion (318,051,491,663)," the survey said. With integrity in the country it recovered more than three hundred and seventy-nine billion (379,658,713,837). She confirmed that "the total amount of recoveries amounted to (752,110,700,269), in addition to funds worth the dollar of (37,702). The statistics pointed out that "the Maysan criminal court alone recorded the recovery of more than 214 billion, while the court investigated Hilla recovered more than 108 billion dinars and recovered the court of Karbala 203 billion during this period."
  5. Associated Press: Iraqi demonstrators are looking for oil money 11:13 - 14/11/2019 0 Information / translation ... swept Iraq , a wave of angry and violent protests in Baghdad and the southern provinces , where the demonstrators were chanting for the fall of a political institution say it does not give them priority in their interests. "The unrest is fueled by anger at the economy, which is flooded with oil money that has failed to provide jobs or improvements in the lives of young people, who make up the majority of those who take to the streets," the Associated Press report said. "The province, which represents the lion's share of Iraq's crude oil exports, but we are unemployed and poor, even though we see oil rights flares every day, where millions of dollars have gone," said activist Huda from Basra. The report added that "this leads to the question, oil represents approximately 85 to 90 percent of the revenues of the Iraqi state and is expected to reach the federal budget for this year about 79 billion dollars based on expected exports of 3.88 million barrels per day at $ 56 a barrel, as the Iraqi economy improved In 2019 due to higher oil production, GDP growth is expected to grow by 4.6% by the end of the year according to the World Bank. '' “But with all this, Iraqi citizens rarely see the fruits of these wealth due to financial mismanagement, inefficiency, bureaucracy and corruption, where the total unemployment rate is about 11% while 22% of the population live in poverty. ”. The report continued, “The system of political power in IraqThe quota-based system has enabled political elites to govern based on informal agreements and agreements, marginalize the role of parliament and alienate many Iraqi residents in the process. In social projects and much-needed infrastructure. ” "Last year's budget ended with a surplus of about $ 21 billion, not because we had a lot of money, but because we didn't know how to spend it the right way," said one Iraqi official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The government or international organizations spend on ministry officials to cover expenses. ” "Iraqi leaders are not yet ready to reform the system, which experts say is unsustainable because of a lack of resources and excessive dependence on volatile oil markets." Finished / 25 z
  6. Economy Thursday 14 November 2019 10:50 AM | Read Planning reveals the size of Iraq's debt during 2019 and the size of unemployment BAGHDAD / ... The Ministry of Planning announced on Thursday that Iraq's debts for 2019 amounted to $ 115 billion, stressing that the government should direct loans and debts to investment development outputs, while noting that the unemployment rate in Iraq reached 13.8%. Ministry spokesman Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi said in a press statement that `` Iraq's debts for 2019 amounted to 115 billion dollars, including 43 billion dollars of internal debt and 72 billion foreign debts, '' noting that "there are 41 billion dollars of foreign debt are debt owed to the Gulf countries and countries "The other regime borrowed from the former regime during its wars and does not have any interest and can be written off, and therefore there is $ 31 billion in foreign debt with interest." He added, "These debts, whatever their size, are a burden on the current and future generation, and the state must fulfill its obligations towards these debts and their benefits." He pointed out that "the government should direct loans and debts to investment development outputs because the loans were previously directed to fill the operational deficit or For the war on ISIS, which reflected negatively on development and investment, which was considered by the Ministry of Planning in its five-year budget in order to make the most of these loans to achieve comprehensive development in Iraq. On the other hand, Hindawi said that "unemployment rates in Iraq amounted to 13.8% and therefore it must find short and long-term treatments to absorb and reduce unemployment," explaining that "the appointments that the government is talking about except all security within the movements of the owners, amounted to 57 thousand jobs They are covered financially and within the budget, while security appointments amounted to 200 thousand appointees and these will cost the budget annually funds of not less than 3 trillion dinars, except the funds allocated for the purchase of equipment for them and materiel and other things, and this category needs Iraq to achieve security as the security stability there will be stability economic" . "The government has also worked to create a private sector capable of being a partner for job creation," Hindawi said. "There are actions and decisions taken before the demonstrations on this, which could provide a fertile investment environment."
  7. Thursday 14 November 2019 12:27 PM | Number Of Hits: 81 Parliamentary Health confirms the vote on the Health Insurance Law during today's session BAGHDAD / ... The Committee on Health and Environment, said on Thursday, that the parliament is voting today on the first law of its kind in the history of the Iraqi state, indicating that many groups have been excluded. "We congratulate the Iraqi people on the completion of the health insurance law," said Qutaiba al-Jubouri, chairman of the committee, noting that it was "the first law in the history of the Iraqi state since its establishment." "Two days ago, seven articles of the law were voted on and we will vote today on the remaining 42 articles," he said. Jubouri said that "the law when applied will raise the level of health service provided to Iraqi citizens," pointing out that "the law came in response to the demands of the demonstrators because the Ministry of Health is one of the ministries that serve the Iraqi citizen." He added that "the law will make a major transition to health and health services provided to citizens," adding that " A member of the parliamentary committee on health and environment Hassan Khalati, the intention of his committee to pass the draft health insurance law during the current legislative term "to meet the demands of the demonstrators," considering that the law will contribute to "a huge change" in the services provided to citizens.
  8. 2019/11/14 11:30 The number of readings 28 Section: Iraq Deputy: Meetings of the three presidencies clear message that the government is serious in the implementation of reforms BAGHDAD, Nov 14 (KUNA) - The current government headed by Adel Abdul-Mahdi is serious about real reforms to meet the demands of the protesters, said Haneen Qaddo, deputy of the Fatah alliance. "The current government is serious about carrying out the reforms and implementing the reform packages it launched, but it needs some time to implement," Kaddou said in an interview. He added that "some of the measures are timely and have been implemented and some of them need to legislate laws or amend a number of laws, so we must support the government in the implementation of those reforms." He pointed out that "the repeated meetings of the three presidencies send clear messages to the Iraqi street that the government is serious in the application of real and radical reforms." The meetings of the three presidencies, and talk about reform, in response to the demands of the demonstrators in Baghdad and a number of central provinces, to undertake constitutional and ministerial reforms. Follow the obeliskنائب-اجتماعات-الرئاسات-الثلاث-رسالة-واضحة-بأن-الحكومة-جادة-في-تطبيق-الاصلاحات
  9. 2019/11/14 12:23 Number of readings 44 Section: Iraq Political analyst: There is no constitutional vacuum when the three presidencies resign Baghdad / Obelisk: Legal expert, Tariq Harb, on Thursday, that there is no constitutional vacuum and no realistic forms when the resignation of the three presidencies. Harb said to the obelisk that "what has been happening since weeks of the demonstration took the nature of continuation and it is safe to provide solutions to the demonstration and try to please the demonstrators and achieve something that can be dramatic so as to transfer the current reality to another reality, it seems that the resignation of the three presidencies can be a real solution to the current reality It does not result in her resignation. " He added: "Any constitutional vacuum or real turmoil, that the resignation of the Prime Minister entails the assumption of anger his deputy this post and the resignation of the Speaker of Parliament entails the assumption of Deputy Kaabi for this position and the resignation of the President of the Republic entails the election of a new President of the Republic New ministers and ministers. " He continued, "The resignation of the prime minister constitutionally means the resignation of the government and caretaker business headed by his deputy angry as the prime minister left work until the parliament to elect a new prime minister and new ministers and the important question is whether the three presidents resign." The Obeliskمحلل-سياسي-لا-فراغ-دستوري-عند-استقالة-الرئاسات-الثلاث
  10. 2019/11/14 12:30 Number of readings 17590 Section: Iraq Followed through the obelisk Parliament sessions .. Parliament's schedule includes a vote on the proposed law on financial privileges for officials in the state Baghdad / Obelisk: Thursday 14 November 2019 The Parliament's schedule includes a vote on the proposed financial privileges law for state officials Parliament postpones its session by an hour and publishes its agenda Wednesday, November 13, 2019 Parliament directs the secretariat of the Council to address the executive bodies to accelerate the payment of peshmerga salaries Parliament finishes first reading of a proposal concerning the central bank Halbousi: Parliament is working towards the dissolution of the current election commission with all its cadres The House of Representatives sets next Thursday's session to vote to cancel the privileges of officials The Speaker of the Parliament affirms the continuation of legislation that serves the social and health reality Halbousi confirms to proceed with the enactment of several laws, including "Where do you get this?" Including integrity and graft .. Parliament votes on three important laws tomorrow session The presidency of parliament sets a date for questioning the ministers of industry and agriculture The House of Representatives suspends the leave of its members because of the "exceptional circumstances" experienced by Iraq Parliament devotes session today to discuss the United Nations proposals to get out of the crisis The arrival of the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to the House of Representativesتابع-عبر-المسلة-جلسات-البرلمان--جدول-البرلمان-يتضمن-التصويت-على-مقترح-قانون-الامتيازات-المالية-للمسؤولين-في-الدولة
  11. Iraq news Wednesday، 13 November 2019 11:44 PM Central Bank of Iraq attacked 50 times last few days The spokesman of the Commander-in-Chief of Iraqi Armed Forces, Major General Abdul Karim Khalaf, announced that the Central Bank of Iraq has been attacked by 50 groups in the past few days by unruly groups Khalaf said during a press conference that "some of the demonstrators disrupted traffic in the capital, and assaulted the security men," noting that "the central bank building alone has been attacked by 50 uncontrolled groups diagnosed by security forces." He explained, "All arrests are made only by judicial orders," noting that "violent perpetrators are very few," saying that "some of them today burned a school and thus will be the target of arrest and prosecution."
  12. Council meetings press reports installed The House of Representatives finishes reading three laws and sets a time limit for enacting important laws and questioning two ministers 13/11/2019 The 14th session of the Council of Representatives, which was held under the chairmanship of Mr. Mohammad Al Halbousi, Speaker of the Council, ended on Wednesday 13/11/2019 in the presence of 229 deputies to read and discuss three laws. To address the country's accumulated crises and to fight corruption in response to the demands of the demonstrators, setting two dates for questioning the ministers of industry and agriculture. At the outset of the session, Mr. Halbousi directed the continuation of holding the Council meetings as scheduled at 1 pm and stop granting leave to ladies and gentlemen MPs during the current legislative term of the exceptional circumstances experienced by the country. On another, the President of the Council announced the setting of a date on Saturday, 23/11, a date for the questioning of the Minister of Industry and Minerals at the request of MP Mahmoud Mulla Talal and the support of a number of deputies, in addition to setting on Thursday, 28 November, a date for the questioning of the Minister of Agriculture at the request of the same deputy, He pointed to the completion of all legal conditions related to the conduct of interrogation and sending questions and attachments to the offices of the two ministers. The Council completed reading the report and discussion of the draft law of the reconstruction and submitted by the committees of services and reconstruction and finance and monitoring and implementation of the government program and strategic planning. The interventions of ladies and gentlemen deputies on the need to legislate a law governing the processes of government contracts and the formation of a specialized department to audit contracts and government projects within the Office of Financial Supervision, and call to change the designation of the law to the Council of strategic projects and be an administrative non-executive and the Iraqi government, and demand not to withdraw powers from the Investment Authority In favor of the draft law, in addition to the law to achieve justice in the distribution of strategic projects between the provinces, and demand to re-review some of the provisions of the law as inconsistent with the Federal Service Council. In an important context, the President of the Council to continue to develop a roadmap to legislate laws that serve the social reality and contribute to the solution of the accumulated problems experienced by the country, especially laws (where you this and the Federal Court and the promotion of investment and the Council for Reconstruction and Health Insurance and the Law of the Council of Ministers, ministries, integrity and abolition Privileges of senior officials), calling on the members of the Council to discuss and maturity of laws to be submitted to vote in future sessions during the month. Mr. Halbousi explained that the House of Representatives is waiting for the government to send bills (social security, oil and gas and address the housing crisis and the general budget for 2020), expressing full readiness to legislate all laws that serve the demands of the demonstrators and address problems including the laws of elections and the High Electoral Commission, in addition to work. Towards the dissolution of the current Electoral Commission with all its cadres. The House of Representatives concluded during the meeting, which was chaired by Dr. Bashir Haddad, reading the report and discussing the draft law of partnership between the public and private sectors submitted by the committees of economy, investment and finance. The interventions of ladies and gentlemen, deputies, stressed that the purpose of the law did not address the foundations of activating the partnership between the two sectors properly, and demanding reconsideration of the provisions of the law, which gives powers to allow the region or provinces not organized by a region to invest foreign companies, especially in the field of oil and gas. In response to the interventions, the committee concerned stressed the need to legislate the law through holding workshops and calling for submitting them with observations and proposals for the maturity of the law. In its session, the Council completed the first reading of the proposed law of the Third Amendment to the Central Bank Law issued by order No. (56) of 2004 of the Coalition Provisional Authority (dissolved) submitted by the Legal Committee due to the wide scope of banking business and the need to form banking courts in the provinces and determine the types of judges working in them Member of the prosecution and activation of the criminal component of crimes arising through the application of the law and to organize the work of proceedings and determine the laws that apply in the absence of a text of the law and determine the methods and periods of appeal of judgments, decisions and orders issued by the banking courts. Regarding the general discussions, the views of ladies and gentlemen MPs stressed the importance of reviewing the anti-corruption measures and following up the performance of the governors, as well as renewing the call to pay the dues of farmers of the Kurdistan Region who handed their crops to government outlets and address the problems of employees of the contracts in the protection of oil installations, and the release of the salaries of health staff in Nineveh province And demanding a time limit to resolve the issue of reimbursement of the Kurdistan region for imports of oil exports and border ports for a fair distribution of wealth throughout Iraq, and demanding the commander in chief of the armed forces to intervene immediately to stop the Turkish bombardment on areas of Mount Sinjar and Z Iraqi army authority in all Iraqi territory. In turn, Vice President Bashir Haddad addressed the executive bodies to accelerate the procedures of payment of dues of farmers in all provinces, including the Kurdistan region, in addition to paying the salaries of Peshmerga forces, and emphasize the compensation of citizens affected by the floods. Then decide to adjourn the meeting on Thursday 14/11/2019 Information Service Iraqi Council of Representatives 11/13/2019مجلس-النواب-ينهي-قراءة-ثلاثة-قوانين-وي-2/
  13. The Constitutional Amendments Committee holds a meeting to discuss the work of the subcommittees and to conduct a community questionnaire for the proposed amendments 13/11/2019 The Constitutional Amendments Committee, chaired by MP Yusuf Mohamed, Vice-Chairman of the Committee and in the presence of its members on Wednesday 13/11/1919 held a meeting to discuss the work of the subcommittees and classification of items and constitutional amendments. During the meeting held at the headquarters of the Legal Committee, the members of the two subcommittees were nominated, the first discussing the first, second and third sections of the constitution, while the second subcommittee discusses the fourth, fifth and sixth sections of the constitution. For his part, MP Yusuf Mohammed, Vice-Chairman of the Committee on the possibility of forming four other subcommittees and the selection of four key areas of work, including the province of Baghdad in addition to Basra and two other provinces. The interventions dealt with a proposal to conduct a questionnaire for college students, including law and political science faculties and civil society organizations, to seek opinions and proposals on constitutional amendments, as well as discussing the identification of one of items 126 and 142 on which to base constitutional amendments. The Committee decided to approach the Federal Court to know its position and send its answer to resolve the adoption of one of the two constitutional articles to begin the work of the Committee legally and constitutionally. The members of the Committee stressed the importance of careful work and taking into account the changes witnessed in society since 2005 and so far and the negative and many problems that accompanied it because of some of the provisions of the Constitution, and asked to take advantage of the work of the previous committee in 2006 to invest time, especially in the light of setting a time limit to complete the amendments Constitutional within a period not exceeding four months. The meeting included the presentation of the issue of the attendance of UN experts and constitutional law professors in future meetings and to benefit from their legal expertise and proposals in completing the amendments. The participants welcomed the receipt of the requests of demonstrators and citizens regarding the constitutional amendments after they were received from the e-mail of the Committee as well as the need to receive all views and proposals by all segments of society through the website. House of Representatives Information Department 13/11/2019لجنة-التعديلات-الدستورية-تعقد-اجتماع-2/
  14. Iraq adopts electronic visa with Turkey, Egypt and Germany 15:15 - 13/11/2019 0 About / Baghad .. The Committee on Culture, Tourism and Antiquities in the House of Representatives, working on the application of the e-Visa project in order to keep pace with the global development and raise the status of the Iraqi passport in Arab and foreign countries. " Iraq needs to develop its tourism reality because it has the means to attract delegations and tourists from different countries," the committee said in a statement received on the sidelines of the hosting of Communications Minister Naim al-Rubaie and a number of specialists at the National Operations Center . For his part, the minister and members of the Joint Expert Committee reviewed the mechanisms of work of the project and the stages reached, pointing out that the first experiment will be applied with three countries, namely Turkey, Egypt and Germany, after which the experience will be generalized with other countries. Finished 25 h
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