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  1. Solemainei was just in Iraq two days ago. If Iran goes to war with anyone, it will drag Iraq into it. We need a quick devastating strike in Tehran and it will settle down so Iraq can move forward. Iran is on their heels and shooting from the hip. With them seizing ships everyday, it’s only a matter of time before a coalition is formed to end this crap. Then the Iran people will do the rest.
  2. This is a great thread, Thugs. Thank you.
  3. Ever notice how Iran stirs the pot more when progress is made and we all feel closer to our goal? It’s not an accident. If, in fact, we are getting close, I expect to see a surprise high level delegation from US to Iraq in the near future. Possibly more strikes from Israel on Iran proxies or drones as well. They are hurting and desperate. But there will reach a point of no return with Iraq and their currency reform. Are we there? We don’t know. But a lot of things are lining up for us
  4. It’s why I hardly ever post. Guess I had enough cocktails last night to feel the need. Thank you all for the greenies. The Red Baron knows what we all think about him.
  5. I’m in catastrophe insurance and getting a large number of adjusters prepared for the storm. I think the US will be largely spared with the exception of coastal areas experiencing storm surge. We definitely dodged the worst case scenario thank God. I pray for those in the Bahamas. That place will never look the same in our lifetime.
  6. I appreciate everything Laidback brings to this site. I agree with his articles, but understand that every country on the planet has corruption in it’s government. It’s the reason people want to run for office. The fact that they are actually identifying where the corruption is is a good start. The corrupt will always find another loophole and it will turn into a game of whack-a-mole. Once they take one high profile figure and make an example of them, the message will get out and it will slow down. It will never completely end, especially as long as we keep investing money and soldiers over there. Just my 2 cents. Think we are closer than we have ever been. Here’s to hoping. Thanks Laidback.
  7. Well, this thread has been derailed. Everyone has an opinion about Trump and I believe everyone can agree McCain was an admirable war hero. Let’s get back on track and stop with the political diatribe...
  8. I enjoyed them. Just don’t post much. Thanks Pitcher.
  9. Ron, This is the only site I visit after being in this 16 years. I appreciate you bringing other opinions over. Here’s to ending this ride “soon”. Thank you and please don’t stop what you are doing. It’s a nice supplement to the news section.
  10. Thanks Adam, Not going to ask about date or rate, but do you see shutting down VIP enrollment by the end of the year based on your info? Hope you don’t catch on to me trying to trap you into a date😂. Dont post much, but the news is getting pretty exciting. Hope all is well.
  11. Not sure why this one has not had any replies. There is a word that may not be translated correctly could make this one interesting (enterprises). Have we started the education campaign?
  12. Set up an account with Binance. Then buy BTC on Coinbase and transfer it your Binance account. From there you can buy Ripple. It’s quick and Binance has an app. That’s how I bought XRP and ADA.
  13. Yes, it's embarrassing, but I find it a little encouraging Abadi is sitting next to him and Christine LaGarde.
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