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  1. I have a dumb question regarding the cash sales. With the new anti corruption measures in place, could the cash sales be the banks turning in their newly deposited dinars from the citizens’ chunky money to the CBI for dollars to lend internationally? There have been a lot of articles encouraging citizens to open accounts with dinars. Could be way off base here, though.
  2. Pitcher, my apologies for my lack of manners. Thank you for your efforts bringing not just these articles, but all other info you post.
  3. This could be huge. Timing is interesting being less than a month before Khazemi goes to Washington.
  4. Thank you Ron. I know you have taken some heat lately from another poster, but know that the majority of us here appreciate what you bring and are able to digest it without falling for every word in print. Hope is a powerful and great thing. Dealing with this virus worldwide, we all could use a little hope. Thank you again.
  5. Yota is back!!!’ Good to see you back posting and hope all is well.
  6. I wish they would become better organized and have a strong leader emerge that could articulate a unified message to the GOI and media. Regardless, seeing them back in the streets is encouraging.
  7. The zzzzzz was supposed to be check mate. Sorry, the site edited it because I believe there is a guru named that.
  8. The simple answer is yes, but the focus of currency manipulation is on China because of the scale of their exports. The simple fact is that we are invested spectators in a high stakes game of chess between Iran and US. Until Iran hears “zzzzzzzzz”, this game will continue. IMO, the people of Iraq (protestors) are key. Notice when the protests were at their peak, Iran was fairly quiet and Sadr was on his heels not sure which side to take. Once the protestors calmed down, Iran starts their shenanigans and paying members of parliament to not show up and Sadr’s blue hats continued “disciplining”
  9. I was wondering why the protesters were so quiet while the GOI was pulling their shenanigans. If they were organized, they would single out the ones who didn’t show up for a vote and camp out at their houses and make their lives miserable.
  10. Solemainei was just in Iraq two days ago. If Iran goes to war with anyone, it will drag Iraq into it. We need a quick devastating strike in Tehran and it will settle down so Iraq can move forward. Iran is on their heels and shooting from the hip. With them seizing ships everyday, it’s only a matter of time before a coalition is formed to end this crap. Then the Iran people will do the rest.
  11. Ever notice how Iran stirs the pot more when progress is made and we all feel closer to our goal? It’s not an accident. If, in fact, we are getting close, I expect to see a surprise high level delegation from US to Iraq in the near future. Possibly more strikes from Israel on Iran proxies or drones as well. They are hurting and desperate. But there will reach a point of no return with Iraq and their currency reform. Are we there? We don’t know. But a lot of things are lining up for us
  12. It’s why I hardly ever post. Guess I had enough cocktails last night to feel the need. Thank you all for the greenies. The Red Baron knows what we all think about him.
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