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  1. Not sure why this one has not had any replies. There is a word that may not be translated correctly could make this one interesting (enterprises). Have we started the education campaign?
  2. Set up an account with Binance. Then buy BTC on Coinbase and transfer it your Binance account. From there you can buy Ripple. It’s quick and Binance has an app. That’s how I bought XRP and ADA.
  3. Classic case of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"
  4. Yes, it's embarrassing, but I find it a little encouraging Abadi is sitting next to him and Christine LaGarde.
  5. I think their accounting is off. It has to be more than that. That sounds like just Maliki's take.
  6. LGD, I'm not a pumper. Don't worry, done posting.
  7. I take this as positive. Yes, a longer wait, but it says they are ready and just waiting for the security situation to calm down. Explains why so many countries including china, Iran, etc have joined in the fight. At least the project is not dead and the article talks of strengthening the currency. Good things to come!
  8. Some day, some dinarian will write a book about this ride we have been on, and very few will believe it. Things are getting interesting.
  9. Benelli

    just saw some very disturbing news on facebook of all places

    Where's my tin foil hat?
  10. Candi, I pray for Judi. I hope her spirits are high and pain is low. Wish you all the best. Benelli
  11. That's what I was thinking. Must a golf course he hasn't played yet
  12. Benelli

    Stryker - We Are Now Down To Days And Not Months !

    Gas Can, do you have any updates from your sources that you could share? Just curious because I thought you previously mentioned hearing something. Could be wrong, but anything is appreciated.

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