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  1. The 17%, is the amount that the Iraqi constitution states that the Kurds are to receive based on their population(HCL). I've been involved in this since 2010 I'm don't believe they've ever received the full 17%. Which is what the HCL calls for.
  2. Jmo, I think we are in a really good place. Kuwait is almost paid. Sadr won. He's a nationalist. Go HCL. He shoud keep Kazemi. Keep in mind he doesn't want the US or Iran meddling in Iraqi affairs. I'm sure he's trying to find out who he can trust. The CBI is just doing their thing. Alot of politicians are out when they change to the new parliament. He's definitely not a fan of Maliki. I like where we are at going into 2022. There's your update. 🙏 🤞
  3. May God's peace find you and your family in your time of need...
  4. Back in the day, when gas was high $2 and $3 trucking companies added a fuel charge that was passed on to consumers. Good ol Biden. We've been importing oil from Iraq to the tune of 250bbls to almost 500bbls per week. Yeah good ol Biden cutting off that pipeline. At one time weren't we self reliant on oil. Just saying.
  5. Sending prayers and peace your way
  6. I believe that the hcl is supposed to be read tomorrow. If it's not postponed. It's already been read twice. 🤔 We'll see.
  7. Please don't panic. I'm sure you're going to be seeing a lot of conflicting articles. Hopefully, we are nearing the finish line. MP Hamid with the Party that supports Maliki. Just breathe.
  8. I got an email from treasury vault they're advertising $900/mil buyback.
  9. Has nothing to do with Trump. I was born there. Lived there most of life. It started years ago when the politicians passed laws to let people live in their personal cars. First and foremost, you can blame it on the weather. No place better. Secondly, the politicians. The genie is out of the bottle. People defecating on the street is REAL. The politicians will never be able to put the genie back in the bottle. I escaped in 2016.
  10. Amazon and other online retailers have contributed most to the brick and mortar store downturn. But in more than half of these instances, the stores were not well run...toy r us, sears... I'm sorry but I just have issues when articles like this only don't give all the facts. And yes, that's a lot of jobs...but if you WANT a job you'll find one
  11. I think for bookkeeping, the hcl could be done cleaner at new year. I wanna believe the oil prices have more to do with Iran. It’ll work itself out. I think crypto is the future... but no one knows how to monitor it. Much less how to keep people from manipulating it’s value. Jmho
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